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  1. lindsay

    i always wanted to go there! looks gorgeous!

  2. rachel

    oh wow, i live pretty close to buffalo, and i never even knew about that restaurant! guess i’ll have to get hubby to take me there sometime ;D looks like great food!

  3. Jen@jensdaily

    I’ve been to Niagra Falls a few times, but have never even heard of that restaurant. Dang! I must have that falafal wrap!!! It looks mouthwatering delightful!!!

  4. Mom

    The protein shake looks refreshing. Love your NF pics.

  5. bitt

    you two sure make the rounds! chris and i tried a cheesy fry once at a vegan joint here and it was good. not too cheesy, just a little sog but in a good way. maybe your restaurant could cut back. i find with vegan cheese, just a little goes a long way.

  6. Hannah

    Must. Resist. Aladdin 2. Singalong. Again…. 😛

    I also now have a crazystrong urge to make curried lentils on AirFried sweet potato chips for dinner tomorrow 😉

  7. Kat M.

    i LOVE your shirt!

  8. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I haven’t been to Niagara Falls in years. It’s so beautiful, like that smoothie. I like it when they have some texture, too.

  9. Ela

    Your t-shirts are hilarious!

    Sounds like a fun trip, if discombobulating with the time differences.

    I still haven’t tried daiya cheese and still don’t think I’d like it, but sweet potato fries and curried lentils sure sounds good, and lentils and spinach go great together…

  10. rawkinmom

    We have vacationed in Niagara several times…will have to check out that restaurant!!