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  1. Dani @ Body By Nature

    I’m so happy you had a great time in Toronto! I love living here, especially as a vegan there are so many options and the community is incredible and supportive. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

  2. Noelle

    Yummy eats. Probably not a good thing to be seeing this while I am hungry.

  3. rawkinmom

    you need to write an ebook called “around the world….vegan style!!!” LOL
    I love looking at all of your restaurant eats!!

  4. veganlisa

    That’s right…come back!

  5. Jenn's Adventures

    I can’t believe how many amazing raw/vegan/vegetarian places there are! I’m so beyond jealous — they definitely need to step it up here on Maui!

  6. Katie@Real Food Katie's Way

    Oh my gosh everything looks AMAZING! I wish we had food like that here in Regina, SK!

  7. Ela

    Sounds like you had a great time–and now you’re almost caught up on your adventures! Amazing how many they’ve been…

  8. Hannah

    Oh heavens yes, avoid the ham! Always salty enough to make your tongue burn, yet strangely sweet and spongey at the same time…. *shudders*

    Also, I’m so predictable. The last spot is my pick of this post πŸ˜›

  9. (what runs) Lori

    Gah! Gah! And Gah!

    Oh my goodness. You’re the world’s Traveling Blogger eating the most INCREDIBLE foods, my dear! I’m only slightly jealous… no, I’m totally jealous. These dishes make everything else in life seem dull…

  10. Tom

    If you want to experience the city’s best you should visit SOMA Chocolatemaker, a chocolate bar located at King and Spadina. Just smelling all those flavors is a sensual experience like no other! Moreover, those chocolates are beautifully crafted and the price is pretty standard.

  11. Heather

    So nice to see that you had a great trip! Loving your Toronto adventures – I’ve eaten at most of the places you’ve visited. Am reeally looking forward to Mylk Uncookies when I return in October!

  12. Ms. Adventuress (@MsAdventuress)

    Absolutely amazing, the new vegan options now out in the world!