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  1. Edith

    You’ve come so far in such a short time! If you haven’t already, sometime you must make Cafe Gratitude’s fabulous Onion Bread. Congrats on winning the trip and the other things since graduating from 105degrees.

  2. Noelle (@singerinkitchen)

    Yo! Those desserts look delish! So sorry about your testers not coming through! 🙁 Hopefully they will catch up? Let me know if you need any help. I will try my best!

  3. Bitt

    I was concerned for you a little only having ten testers and strict time limits. It’s a fun job being a tester but unpaid so do the best with what you’ve got!

    So hope I can so to cafe gratitude someday!!

  4. Sayward Rebhal

    Wow, this is amazing luck! Congrats and I can’t WAIT to hear about the main event. Also, Cafe Gratitude is so amazing, I miss it!

  5. Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    Whoa! That brownie sundae is out of control!! Btw, did you know today is World Gratitude Day? Yep, my Ultimate Holiday iPhone app said said so, which means it must be so. Good post for the day! And….with Cafe Gratitude coming to KC, I have one more reason to visit!

  6. Hochiminh Rosario Cuevas

    The menu looks extraordinary and mouthwatering! I’m intrigued about the roasted potatoes? Did they dehydrated them? Thank you very much for sharing! 🙂

  7. Hochiminh Rosario Cuevas

    Sorry, I didn’t read first! But still, it look amazing!

  8. veganhomemade

    Everything looks super delicious! That’s awesome that you’re getting a Cafe Gratitude near you.

  9. veganlisa

    Wow! Kind Kreme looks incredible! I finally visited Cafe Gratitude for the first time three weeks ago. It has a great vibe.

    I’m so sorry to hear that you haven’t had an overwhelming response from your testers. I do hope you hear from more asap. I’m glad I got my notes to you last week – I hope the feedback has been helpful.


  10. Hannah

    One I am Grace and one I am Rapture, please. It’s only fitting, seeing as my name means grace.

  11. Mom

    Your first L.A. day sounded fun. Can’t wait to hear about your day with Brendan. I hope some of your testers still come through…

  12. vegan aphrodite

    I always love reading your posts! Everything you eat looks so delicious!
    And it makes me so happy that you are balancing both raw and cooked food! I want to be free from being all raw (which I have been in certain parts of my life, and it made me sick and sad). But I still LOVE raw fresh food, and raw desserts beats cooked every time 🙂
    Balance and trusting my body is what Im going for 🙂

  13. Michelle

    Good luck in getting your manuscript done. I hate that the testers didn’t do their job! 🙁 But, You have come so far, so I have no doubt that you will come thru with flying colors!

    Congrats on the win! I just saw your pictrue with Brendan Brazier in an email that I get from Vega….way cool!

    All your eats look fantastic! 🙂

  14. Dani @ Body By Nature

    What a great start to what I am sure was an amazing trip! The frosting on Cafe Gratitude’s strawberry shortcake looks to die for!!

    ps. if you need another tester, let me know!

  15. Ela

    Wow, Cafe G in LA and now in Kansas City?! And interesting that they’re now using coconut flour in their desserts. Good move, I think.

    LA has quite the selection of raw places. Is Au Lac still going? When I was there a few years ago, it was wonderful, and their silent Chef Ito is really someone special.

    Looking forward to hearing the rest of the trip–sorry you haven’t had joy with the taste-testers: is it too late?

  16. GirlonRaw

    Oh Amber, it makes me so sad to hear that some of your tester haven’t pulled through yet. I hope they are reading this and hop to it really soon for you. Such a shame I was in Australia during the testing time and was limited with my equipment and time, I would have relished helping you out!

    Thank you for your updates from LA. Hopefully I can convince hubs to take me to the east coast next year San Fran and LA. Been to LA before but wasn’t as half interested in the cafes/restaurants as I was the nightlife at that point in time 🙂

    Let me know if I can help with the testing, even if it is late now.

  17. Jennifer Robertson - The Robertsons of Mumbai

    The enchiladas are killing me! What was inside of them? I love savory breakfasts these days!

    And a “go Matt” with the ice cream sundae choice!

  18. Jess from Midwest Vegan

    Cafe Gratitude is coming to KC??

    YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY! That’s pretty exciting. I will be going there!

  19. Bobbie {thevegancrew}

    That’s such a bummer about your recipe testers…I know it’ll all work out fabulously anyway. So very cool that you were spotted at Cafe Gratitude like that! And speaking of Cafe Graditude, I can’t wait until the one in KC opens!

  20. Jenny

    So have you learned to love lettuce now? 🙂 I thought I remember you didn’t love it. So, I have been to LA a few times, and I’ve never even heard of some of these places! It’s always hard to fit in visits to everywhere I want to go! Can’t wait to try some of these places when I go back.