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  1. Matt

    So that smoothie was one of the most unremarkable I’ve ever tasted but the breakfast burrito was SO good!

    FYI about Babycakes. It is in a terrible location. And by terrible, I mean it is easier to find illicit drugs than open stores in that neighborhood. We went into Babycakes and they had this Disney fairy princess music pumping loudly through the small shop space. It felt a little like the scene in Labrynth where the chick was in a filthy dungeon and wakes up in a stylized version of her pristine bedroom. Weird.

    And yeah, that “burger” gave me indigestion. I haven’t had that feeling for quite some time. Proof positive that I do eat healthy now. 😉

  2. GirlonRaw

    Darling, all your food adventures make me want to beg to be your travel companion and leave the boys at home and politely ask Matt if I can take over from his role 🙂

    I, too, don’t think much of venues that don’t use high speed blenders for their smoothies especially ones with kale! I’ve had the same experience where I’ve thought I was a smoothie snob as well.

  3. GirlonRaw

    And LOVE Matt’s comment re illicit drugs above, haha.

  4. Cait @ Cait hates Cake

    I went to a cooking demo at Native Foods last weekend, which was a great time! They veganized Paula Deen recipes – no small feat 😉 I need to try that Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger!!

  5. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Yum! I actually like mushroom gravies beter than the real stuff. That plate of biscuits swimming in it looks amazing.

  6. bitt

    sometimes even places with high speed blenders still make the smoothies chunky. they don’t blend long enough. inexperienced staff.

    i haven’t had much luck with eating babycakes the day after. i am told they must be eaten the day of or they don’t taste as great. my last one i waited a day and it wasnt so great.

  7. veganhomemade

    I don’t care if it’s a gut bomb, that burger looks amazing! The healthy stuff looks good to, but…yeah…vegan bacon cheeseburger with fried pickles will steal my heart every time!

  8. Jenny

    I’m definitely more of a breakfast burrito person vs. comfort food person. I would have ordered the burrito, and my husband would have ordered your meal. I’m super excited that there is now a Native Foods in Chicago since I go there more frequently. We always leave Disneyland for a couple of hours and get lunch at Native Foods, then head back. I never order bowls, but that one you got looks amazing! I agree with Bitt above about babycakes. Everything was really dry when I went there in NYC. And I SO wanted to like it.

  9. Christine

    I’ll be in LA next week and I already had these places on my “to try” list, guess I’ll have some idea of what to order now!

  10. Hannah

    You’re so cruel. So cruel to me. I was mostly coping with this, breathing through the bangs for mangosteen and pickle chips, but then that parfait. CRUEL.

  11. Ela

    I think it’s great that you’re trying out the ‘self-showcasing.’ I definitely think that when we try on acting a certain way, it’s easier to have it come naturally with time–just practice.

    Those are some decadent-looking meals. Just incredible that all those vegan/gf friendly places are in one area!

    I’m surprised at the idea that a vegan restau. wouldn’t have a high-speed blender. Hope you gave them feedback about it, they need to know.

  12. rachel

    wow all that looks so amazing. that moroccan earth bowl especially!

  13. rawkinmom

    I think you must be one of the luckiest girls on the planet!!! All that amazing food, a great trip, a book deal….wow….

  14. (what runs) Lori

    That Rockin’ Moroccan Earth Bowl looks INCREDIBLE.

    Eel River makes the BEST beer. Never tried that one but the rest are excellent.
    And like always, all the food you tried looks great! Matt’s burrito and burger look awesome.

    I heart California with all the wonderful vegan/veg places to eat at. 🙂 Too bad I’m way too far away to get to them! Babycakes is on my list of place to one day visit. 🙂

  15. Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

    yum yum yum – everything looks incredible! Well maybe not the deep fried tortillas! haha..

    Malibu is so gorgeous! I’m going to check out the photo shoot photos now!!

  16. The Quirky Kitchen

    this post has made me want to go to LA even more now! Great eats – that breakfast burrito looks fab!

  17. fooddrinklife

    Beautiful photos. Can’t wait to see your cookbook!

  18. Johnna M. Gale

    Chef Tanya from Native Foods Cafe works her butt off. She has some videos on youtube, and a blog. Check out their website. They only just opened the Chicago location this summer. I really loved it when I went, but we went to the O.C. location.
    Note on BabyCakes: The location is not ideal, but I loved the feel and the atmosphere, especially with the Bakers Window. Remember, property in LA isn’t cheap. And it’s hard to find a prime location. But for those who are Gluten Free, and haven’t had a decent cupcake in a year or two, a trip to Babycakes was totally worth it!

  19. actorsdiet

    they’re opening another baby cakes down the street from me! my wallet’s in trouble!

  20. Sarahfae - Addicted to Veggies

    That beer is from one of my local Breweries. What a small world!
    Thanks for coming by AtV – I’m exciting to have made a new friend. 🙂