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  1. Emily Catherine (@emilycatherine)

    I’m confused–does the Cupcake Construction Company have anything vegan? I haven’t been there yet but assumed not. I know Christopher Elbow chocolates all have dairy; only their bar chocolates are vegan. Oh, and the British store is not part of Au Marche; it’s a separate store called Brit’s. They just buddied up to move into that awesome building when it was redone ten (or so) years ago.

  2. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Now that is a cupcake flavor I’ve never heard of before, sounds awesome. Looks like a cute town with lots of interesting places to go.

  3. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Those chocolates and that cupcake look so good πŸ™‚

  4. bitt

    I hate to be a buzzkill but mofoers are asked to only post vegan items during mofo. I think it’s a real privilege to be included in the mofo blogroll and I only hope that everyone respects this one small rule that they ask. Thanks!

  5. Andrea

    Thanks for the photo tour of Lawrence. The downtown reminds me of one of my favorite towns in Wyoming β€” Sheridan.

  6. Jenny

    I didn’t know Lawrence, Kansas was so cute.

  7. Hannah

    “Marshmallow and peanut butter frosting, toffee crumbs, and graham cracker”… yep, that’s pretty much a flavour of cupcake I’ll never see here. πŸ™

  8. Hillary

    It’s unfortunate that people prefer to get caught up in their self-imposed rules and regulations, rather than embrace the spirit of another individual’s quest. Where I come from, that’s called a power trip, but it’s not my place to judge. This little blogroll lost more than you did when you graciously stepped down.

    1. Katie

      Hilary, as someone involved in the VeganMoFo team, I am sorry if people were mean to Amber, but one of our few rules is that people who aren’t vegan only post vegan items if they want to participate. I think it makes sense that people who are reading a collection of blogs for a vegan event expect them to be vegan. It’s not a judgement against anyone, I know quite a few vegans who regularly read non-vegan food blogs for inspiration, but not everyone does.

      That said, we ask that people email us to let us know about these things, not send the bloggers themselves mean emails. If people are politely pointing out our rule, that’s one thing, and that’s what we would do ourselves.

  9. Calvin

    Ugh, I hate the fact you have to withdraw based on a few negative comments. I guess it’s the danger of the blogging world. I check this site pretty much everyday and your recipes/posts are VERY unique and entertaining. I hope you reconsider. Vegan Mofo is going to be much, much, much worse off without you being a part of it.

  10. Tanya Alekseeva

    You are very very cool my friend! I love that you are an ‘Almost’ and loud and proud about it! We can all do with an ‘almost something’ around here. And if it makes you feel any better, I don’t think any of the above comments were very negative at all and the fact that people took time to post a comment to your blog already shows they care about their life, about you and about having a voice. Its all good stuff, keep up your good stuff!!