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  1. Emily Segal

    SO gorgeous! Wow, good job!

  2. A Tablespoon of Liz

    These look so amazing! I’m literally drooling just at the photos!

  3. Kelly Peloza

    Those looks so wonderful!

    1. Kelly Peloza

      I mean, those LOOK so wonderful! I’ve been hearing a lot about raw chocolates lately and I’m intrigued to try it out.

  4. YourVeganGirlfriend

    Buhhh this is even better than any reeces cup vegan or not! YUMMMOOOOOO in my tummoooooo

  5. rachel

    ooh yum! you should sell those ;D

  6. Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    Dude. THESE ARE AMAZING!!!! Seriously. Stuff like this could make me go raw … okay, at least for a little while until the chocolate ran out. 😛

  7. Priscilla

    Rock on beautiful talented Amber! Love ya! xo

    1. Priscilla

      Hope you don’t mind, but I shared this on my FB page with full kudos’ to you! I think they look so darn beautiful and I bet they taste amazing. Love your food and love you lady! xo

  8. Blanka

    Looks divine – now on my list ‘to try soon’! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Megan @ The Detoxinista

    Those look amazing!! I love chocolate + raspberry. In fact, just the raspberry cream would probably make me happy. 😉

  10. Mikaela

    These look fantastic. Have to make! Thanks 🙂

  11. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    That bright pink color really pops. Hayden and I’ll have to make these for a girlie girl treat.

  12. Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

    These sound as incredible as I expected! mmmm

  13. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Those are gorgeous! And the texture looks so smooth and creamy. This is one of the most beautiful and scrumptious looking things you’ve ever made, can’t wait to make some for myself!

  14. Noelle (@singerinkitchen)

    Wow I would love one of these right now!

  15. Malli

    Such brilliant colors on your candy….. would love to take a bite of this incredibly good chocolat!!

  16. Jane

    These look yummy. I am so going to make these with my little girls for our halloween treats. Yay for healthy chocolate!

  17. JorDanna

    Nom, nom, nom!!! So very beautiful ♥

  18. Hillary

    How pretty! Granted, I wouldn’t go for the raspberry center, but I see no reason why I couldn’t sub in strawberries or cherries….or, heck pretty much any fruit I see fit! Blueberry lavender comes to mind….oh, my imagination. I need a job.

  19. Debbie

    Wow, those are making my mouth water. They look delicious AND beautiful!

  20. Abe

    can you mail some to me? … they look good.

  21. ellen

    Looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!! 😀

  22. Ela

    Yum! Chocolate and raspberry is such a great combination. So beautiful too. I’ve been thinking about making some chocolates again–it’s a disincentive, though, to think that I really shouldn’t eat choc, have gotten pretty clear that it’s not worth how it makes me feel…

  23. LightOnMyFeet

    It’s like a healthified Reese’s gone raspberry! 🙂

  24. Bobbie {thevegancrew}

    I think you always need to spend the wee hours of the morning in the kitch if this is the kind of goodness you come up with. Raspberry is Erik’s favorite, and he loves it even more with chocolate. I’ll definitely be making these! Yum 🙂

  25. Esther

    Maybe I missed it? But how many does the recipe make? 🙂

  26. Rachel

    yes please! bookmarking this and making it ASAP! i was thinking earlier about how i needed a baking project for the weekend. these little babies seem perfect to make then take to the library for study fuel.

  27. lactosefreelizzie

    those look SOOOOO good! i cant believe they r raw!

  28. Sonia

    You are such a natural with chocolates…this makes me hungry. Looks so delicious. Thank you for being so creative.

  29. rawkinmom

    These look amazing….great recipe!!!!!

  30. Hannah

    Oh so tempting! Though it would be very naughty of me to splurge on cacao butter when I still have 95% of the jar of coconut oil I got for Christmas…

  31. rachelsmusicalkitchen

    MmmmMM! Talk about midnight craving? 😉 I will have to try these some time…

  32. Elisa Haggarty

    i just made these and WOW is all i can say 🙂 great recipe, I like that its easy and yet delicious! I used a few dashes of chipotle in the raspberry sauce and some cinnamon in the chocolate sauce… 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  33. serenityinthestorm

    Yum! These look delicious! I’ve been talking about making a bunch of different vegan truffles for holiday presents this winter. I might just have to try these out ahead of time they look so good!

  34. Jenny

    ordering some cacao butter asap! thanks for losing sleep to benefit us all!

  35. Jen@foodfamilyfitness

    Wow. The more I read about raw desserts, the more I crave them!!!!

  36. Matt

    They were d-lish! Looking forward to eating more soon. (hint!)

  37. Sarahfae - Addicted to Veggies

    Eeee! I can’t wait to make these!

  38. vegan aphrodite

    Oh oh oh! These are so BEAUTIFUL!! And they came at the perfect time! Im on a huge home made raw chocolate-kick right now, and Im SO making this ASAP!!!

  39. Vegan Bakerista

    What a beautiful post, Amber!! These look just sooo awesomely yummy!

  40. Heather

    Yummmmmy Amber… I’ll take 1000 please 🙂

  41. sasha@blyssfulhealth

    Hi Amber,

    These look delish. I will be making these. Maybe this weekend. I just have enough cacao butter for another batch. You can never make enough chocolate. Love the raspberry idea.

  42. Lisa

    ok..just got done making these!!! oh my GOODNESS!!!! replaced the cacao butter with coconut oil as you suggested, as well the coconut butter for the cashews…sooooo awesome!!! I even did a couple filled with just almond butter!! YUMMMMM!! thank you!!!!

  43. Anastasia @Healthy Mama Info

    These chocolates look heavenly! I can’t believe that this gorgeous deep shade of pink can be achieved with natural products: thank you for the idea.
    I will make a raw raspberry cake for my little girl’s next birthday.

  44. Tanya Alekseeva

    Amber your Rasp Cream Choc candies looks seriously dangerously insanely good!!!

  45. skinnyfatgirls

    These look absolutely amazing! My only problem is that I don’t have some of the ingredients on hand. Hmmmmm, these may be transformed into peanut butter cups tonight and then I can try the real deal when I get my hands on some raspberries…

  46. Melissa Madera

    Hi, I just saw this and really really want to make these, but my sister is allergic to cashews and all other nuts. Is there a substitute for the cashews? Would peanuts work? I would prefer something other than peanuts though. She is not allergic to peanuts since they are legumes.

    Thanks so much! I love your website and all the recipes.


  47. Monica Soto

    How did I not see this one!? Those look so awesome. The colors are crazy!

  48. Raw Chef Debra

    Wow, they look beautiful. And totally yummy! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  49. oaklounge4

    Oh my gosh, I need to try these!!!!! They look absolutely beautiful!

  50. Christie Norris

    I shared this on my health-coaching blog! SO GOOD! I only wish I had a Vitamix… my cheapy always has a hard time with those dates.

  51. Michelle Edvardsen (@CoocoMichelle)

    I just made some of these. One word; Delicious <3
    Thank you

  52. Amanda

    I love this idea – we’re dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free in our household. Thanks for the tips on subbing white beans or coconut.

  53. nouna

    Coconut butter instead of cashews? What a delighful and cheapest substitute!

  54. nouna

    Well, I was thinking about making my own coconut butter, really cashews are too expensive, even if I’d like to give them a try in sauces…
    Here coconut,hazelnuts and almonds are not too pricey.
    Pacanes, Macadamia nuts, Brasil nuts and Walnuts are expensive.

  55. nouna

    HMM, I won’t tell cheap 😉
    the cheapest are the peanuts but I prefer not to use them because of the saturated fats they contains

  56. Pamie Forte

    I am on a 30 day juice fast right now, but I can assure you one of my reward treats will be this divine looking recipe. So eye-appealing with the festive colors that says, “One will certainly not be enough” Thank you! My anticipation of these tempting treats make my journey even more festive. *-)

  57. Ricki

    Not only beautiful and healthy, but WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT TO GRATE COCOA BUTTER before melting it?!! Brilliant. Love, love the color of these! :0

  58. Marie-Guy

    Just made those for the four men in my life (my husband and 3 sons). It will be their Valentine’s Day treat.
    Licked the bowls mixing the chocolate and the raspberry mousse and just couldn’t stop until they were clean.
    Wow!! I think Louis, Tomas, Jacob and Lucas will just loooooooooove these raw candies.
    Thank you for sharing!

  59. Marie-Guy

    mmm… just checked on my candies and I think I will have a hard time taking them out of the moulds. I used a tin for tiny muffins. Do you have a trick?

  60. Marie-Guy

    Oh no! This was so stupid of me. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this.

  61. The Peace Patch

    Gorgeously deliciously brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing it! I featured it today on my blog!

  62. Rebecca

    Hi Amber,

    My girls and I made this recipe, and the filling was all you promised it would be — absolutely delicious! At the request of my middle foodie daughter (age 12), we are planning to make the filling as a stand-alone dessert, a kind of mousse, maybe with cacao nibs on top for a little crunch.

    I have a question, if I may, about the chocolate coating. I wanted to make that according to directions, but when I went to purchase the cacao butter, I found it to be $25 / .5 pound! Ouch! So I decided to just use some chocolate I had at home, melted and poured into the paper liners as though I were making peanut butter cups. Put chocolate on the bottom, froze; raspberry filling in the middle, froze; more melted chocolate on the top, froze. Looked great, but when we went to eat, the chocolate was pretty hard and and the filling was slipping and sliding off the chocolate. (We had to eat them like Or****s, which I can’t eat anymore because of being GF now.) Obviously, we didn’t follow your recipe for the coating, and I guess the chocolate has things in it that make it brittle when frozen rather than creamy, as well as oils that made the filling want to slide off in a patty. Not that all this wasn’t tasty! Anyway my question is this. Is there a way to make these successfully with a variation on the raw chocolate coating in someway that it would be affordable? Can we use a different kind of coating that would be less brittle and slippery than the chocolate we used?

    Thanks very much. And by the way, our library just tracked down a copy of your Practically Raw book for me. I have it here in front of me, and it looks wonderful! I truly appreciate your practical approach for those of us who live in blended families: that is, in our case, a blend of omnivore / vegetarian / high raw. It’s a challenge to have a sit-down meal, to say the least.

    Sorry so long. Your availability is much appreciated, and it is so tempting to write long stories about our food interests.

    Have a great day,

  63. Jennifer

    I made these for my kiddos for Easter & they were a hit BIG time. Thank you!!

  64. Elizabeth

    These look great I cannot wait to try. Do you think I could substitute coconut
    Butter or coconut out for coca butter?

  65. charlotte


    can i use macadamia nuts instead of cashews?

    Im allergic to cashews so i need a replacement =)

  66. Bonnie

    Can NOT wait to make these little beauties but I have one question before I do. Reading the comments I saw you advised someone to freeze each layer before moving to the next. It doesn’t say that in the directions so please clarify. Thanks:)

  67. Amanda

    hey when you say “cashews – soaked for 2-4 hours” does this just mean soaked in water?
    Looking forward to trying this 🙂