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  1. Aprilrawfoodpassion

    I love raw chocoalte! I think I have had this brand before.

  2. lactosefreelizzie

    ohmygosh that looks fantastic!
    i love chocolate and pumpkin together–so this sounds great! 🙂

  3. Ela

    I love your side-by-side comparison–that’s the kind of thing I do too. And pumpkin mousse is totally a good vehicle for it. So cool that you get to share a discount from Love St!

    I’m curious now whether the darker cacao was also more “potent”–tastebuds wise, I’m a true dark cacao lover, but adrenals and otherways-wise, I really need to steer clear. But I wonder whether a lighter one would be ‘safer’ for those special occasions… Mind-boggling, how many varieties of cacao there are now available…

  4. Malin

    That Raw Choclate bar looks amazing!!

  5. Hannah

    Ohmygoshthat’sme!!!!! Squee! *waves* Teehee! Oh how I long for better quality raw chocolates here! Although I really should retry the Loving Earth ones here that I tried way, way before I even really knew what the raw lifestyle was.

    Love the look of the mousse, gorgeous lady!

    P.S. Talisman, talisman!

  6. Noelle (@singerinkitchen)

    YEP! I love your comparison of the cacao. That mousse looks really delicious.I have one avocado staring at me….Thanks for the review!

  7. Kelly @ Foodie Fiasco

    I don’t think I’ve ever had raw chocolate! I love your blog but have never commented before.

    I am an “almost vegan” too, so I love being able to relate! 😉

  8. hihorosie

    uh, yummy!