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  1. bitt

    those look so good! i thought i had an allergic reaction to apricot kernels once because i got a rash just seconds after I had one. turned out it wasn’t that but i have read mixed things about how many we are supposed to eat. some raw foodists told me not to eat the kernel without eating the fruit.

    thanks for all the adaptions. i am out of cacao and carob though. need to get on that!

  2. Travis

    Looks delicious! Will be making ASAP!!

  3. Ela

    Getting exciting with the book!
    I love anything almondy like that–whenever I have apricots, I save the kernels.

    Sounds super-delicious.
    Btw, how do you get the nutrition info for your recipes? Do you just enter the whole batch into fitday or something and then divide?

  4. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I honestly had no idea you could eat apricot kernals. What an unusual and uncommon nut butter. The truffles you made with it look so soft and dreamy!

  5. (what runs) Lori

    Oh my! These sounds amazing, look amazing, and now I need to try apricot kernel butter. I’ve seen apricot kernel in recipes before and tried them inside of a raw bar but never seen or used it. YUM!

    Yay on your book!!!!!! So exciting!

  6. Rachel

    Made these tonight with half sunbutter and half peanut butter. So yummy! They almost remind me of fudge. 🙂

  7. Char @ www.charskitchen.ca

    Congrats on your cookbook!

    And these cookies look so delicious. I love the texture of raw cookies 🙂

  8. Hannah

    Knowing how little free time you have to yourself these days, I’m so proud of you for doing what was right for you on Thanksgiving and letting yourself have an actual holiday. Truly. xo

    I remember seeing apricot kernels for the first time in Charlottesville in 2007, but I chickened out of buying them because of the toxicity thing. I know I’d love these with another (available) nut butter though! Yay another use for coconut flour!

  9. Deannana

    I had no idea you could eat apricot kernels. Live and learn, eh? Of course, I’ve never eaten a fresh apricot either. Some day I should probably rectify that situation….

    These look delicious, regardless of what seed/nut butter you use.

  10. veganhomemade

    I tried an apricot kernel once! If I remember correctly, it tasted kind of like an almond. Apricot kernel butter sounds delicious, and combining it with cocoa was a great idea.

  11. naturallyhealthyandgorgeous

    Apricot kernels are so good for you! They are supposed to be anti-carcinogenic!

  12. Heather

    These look super duper yummm!!! And your eggnog cupcakes?! WOW Amber!

  13. hihorosie

    I never even knew, or thought to consider, an apricot kernel as edible/healthy/useable. And B17? Who knew?!

  14. Mrs L Ellis

    Hi Amber,I want to ask you: is coconut flour or any flour absolutely neccessary for this recipe?i just don’t like the idea of ingesting raw flour?Would that be clogging for my belly? (ha-ha joking)
    Greetings from Russia btw.They DO look delicious.We have something literally very similar called Kartoshka-pirozhnoye.XXXXX

  15. GetSkinnyGoVegan

    I think the “Bitter” Apricot Kernels are the ones used for the “C”. So the “good” tasting ones may not work. But VERY cool that there is Kernel Butter & that you made dessert from it!! Have just been reading about them now (had heard about them for years but never knew they were so easy to buy, even on amazon!).