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  1. simplynutritiouskateate

    I LOVE the coconut milk nog its sooo delish!!

  2. simplynutritiouskateate


  3. Kris

    FAB giveaway!!!!!! Boooo to the US only 🙁 Us canadians are gonna miss your giveaways…sniff…sniff!!

    You rock dollface!

  4. Anna

    I want to get into the holiday spirit with the nog!

  5. Gail for So Delicious Dairy Free

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying our new Greek-style yogurt and holiday beverages, Amber! Thank you for the delicious review and giveaway! Your cupcakes look amazing, and I wish I could take a bite out of one right now!

  6. Anna

    I already subscribe to your RSS feed!

  7. Roxana GreenGirl {A little bit of everything}

    I love the coconut nog and the cultured coconut milk!

  8. Danielle

    As much as I love the nog and greek yogurt, I have yet to try the mint chocolate drink so I’d have to go with that one!

  9. Danielle

    Following both on Facebook (A Vegan Food Snob)

  10. Danielle

    Following both oh Twitter (@AVeganFoodSnob)

  11. Danielle

    Already a subscriber :o)

  12. candi

    Just signed up for your email updates! Already tweeted! Already follow & like the “assigned” accounts and I will definitey hunt down the Greek yogurt when I win!

  13. Roxana GreenGirl {A little bit of everything}

    like Almost vegan and So delicious on Facebook

  14. Tanya

    Well, I’d use it for the Greek yoghurt, but they don’t have here yet….LOVE the ice creams, both Purely Decadent and the coconut milk ones (anything with chocolate!).

  15. Roxana GreenGirl {A little bit of everything}

    Following you and So delicious on twitter

  16. Tanya

    I like AV and So Delicious on FB (as Eating Kale page).

  17. Tanya

    I follow you and SD on Twitter (@eatingkale)

  18. Tanya
  19. Tanya

    I follow you in Google Reader.

  20. rachel

    i buy their original coconut milk every week. and i love their nog!!!

  21. rachel

    i like you and so delicious on fb

  22. rachel

    i’ve subscribed to almost vegan by email 🙂

  23. Lisa Anderson

    i HAVE to try the Mint Chocolate Coconut milk!

  24. Eugenie

    I would get Mint Chocolate Coconut Milk and Coconut Almond Chip frozen dessert.

  25. Lisa Anderson

    I like your page and So Delicious on Facebook!

  26. Debbie

    I’m addicted to their coconut milk already, but I’d really like to try the greek-style yogurts! And I absolutely need more of the nog and choc-mint 🙂

  27. Eugenie
  28. Lisa Anderson

    I subscribed to your blog! 🙂

  29. Hillary

    #1. I’m very interested in the coconut Greek yogurt!

  30. Roxana GreenGirl {A little bit of everything}
  31. Howell

    I want to try the nog.

  32. Hillary

    #2. Done!

  33. Hillary

    #3. Done!

  34. Hillary

    #4. . Done!

  35. Hillary

    #5. Been done for a long time 😉

  36. Howell
  37. Lisa Anderson

    Following both on Twitter!!

  38. Lisa Anderson

    I tweeted the message!

  39. Michelle

    I love their nog!

  40. Michelle

    I like u and so delicious on twitter

  41. Michelle

    I like u and so delicious ob facebook

  42. Adrea

    I would get the coconut milk and yogurt!

  43. Laura

    I would try the coconut nog

  44. Adrea

    I subscribe to your blog with google reader! 🙂

  45. Michelle

    I retweeted the contest!

  46. Jill

    My absolute Fave is the So Delicious ice cream…when I can get it before my kids (or hubby). i have not yet tried the So Delicious Nog…but want to very much so!!
    I liked you both on FB, I followed you both on Twitter and I also tweeted your message!!!
    I plan on subscribing in a minute… 🙂 Love, Love, Love So Delicious!!

  47. Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    Well, I would say I’d get the Greek yogurt, but the WF here doesn’t sell it yet. Sadface. But I’d probably try the kefir because it’s the only So Delicious product I’ve yet to try (besides the Greek yogurt, of course!).

  48. Sarah

    I would buy the coconut nog and no sugar added ice cream pints! YUM!!

  49. Sarah

    I just liked So Delicious on Facebook (I already “like” you!).

  50. Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    I’m already following you and So Delicious on FB!

  51. Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    And I’m already following you both on the Twitter!!

  52. Sarah

    I am now following you on Twitter.

  53. Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    Just tweeted!!

  54. Shanna

    Definitely would choose the holiday beverages (nog and mint chocolate). Following both you and SoDelicious on Facebook/Twitter and tweeter your message!

  55. Karen

    I love the coconut flavored yogurt and would try the mint chocolate milk. Almost got that last week and now I wish I would have!

  56. Jess Aryn Berghoff

    Liked both on facebook! =]

  57. Karen

    I’m already a fan of Almost Vegan AND SoDelicious on Facebook. 🙂

  58. Jess Aryn Berghoff

    Following both accounts on Twitter!!!!! xD

  59. Sarah

    I just subscribed through Google Reader.

  60. Jess Aryn Berghoff

    Tweeted the message!

    One of my friends back home saw it and told me he’s excited to enter now too. =]

    Happy Holidays Everybody! I love December <3

  61. Connie

    I’d love to try their greek yogurt. It’s the only thing I haven’t tried. I was thrilled to find the nogg and the chocolate in the stores last week

  62. Jess Aryn Berghoff

    Was already subscribed to your blog with my home personal email. Just subscribed now with my school email also. Your blog is just so darling and inspires me to cook atleast once a week =]

  63. Jeffrey

    Following both on FB!

  64. Jeffrey

    And I would def. use them on the yogurts – they’re my favorite snack!

  65. Margaret

    I have liked you and So Delicious on Facebook! Now to go do some cooking. 🙂

  66. deedifonzo

    I would buy the Coconut Milk ICE CREAM. Its my fave when I don’t have time to my make my own at home! Soooo creamy!

    I completed 1,2,3 & 5! 😀 Looking forward to reading your stuff. Looks like a great blog!

  67. Jenn's Adventures

    If I could I would get all their products!! The ones w/out soy anyway:)

  68. Jenn's Adventures

    I already like you AND so delicious on fb:)

  69. Jenn's Adventures

    I follow you AND so delicious on twitter!! You can follow me @JennsAdventures

  70. Jenn's Adventures

    I tweeted the giveaway!!

  71. Jenn's Adventures

    I follow your bloggity blog!!

  72. A Tablespoon of Liz

    I would get the mint chocolate coconut milk… I am a sucker for hot coco, and adding mint makes it so festive!

  73. A Tablespoon of Liz

    Aaaannnd I tweeted it!

  74. Lisa

    Liked Almost Vegan & So Delicious.

  75. Heather McClees

    I’m a HUGE SO Delicious fan!:) My favorite products is the Sugar-Free Vanilla flavored Coconut milk- YUM:)

  76. Heather McClees

    Just liked you on Facebook and I already “liked” So Delicious:)

  77. Heather McClees

    Following you on Twitter and So Delicious!

  78. Heather McClees

    Just tweeted your message and subscribed to your newsletter!

  79. Marlo

    The coconut milk (any flavor, but particularly the nog this time of year) gets consumed in extreme quantities in this house. LOL So I’d be sent packing if I didn’t say I’d choose the milk. 🙂

  80. Marlo

    I like Almost Vegan and So Delicious on Facebook.

  81. Marlo

    I follow Almost Vegan and So Delicious on Twitter.

  82. Mikaela Johansson (@mickis)

    I would totally get the Mint Chocolate Milk and some Greek Yogurt. Will make my stomach happy and put my mind in the holiday spirit 🙂 And maybe the Egg Nog too, because it’s hubby’s favorite.

    Liked on FB, followed on Twitter, Tweeted and subscribed to blog via Google Reader.

  83. Marlo

    I tweeted the giveaway message.

  84. Marlo

    I subscribed to your blog via email.

  85. Cheryl Perlmutter

    Mint Chocolate coconut milk

  86. Cheryl Perlmutter

    I liked Almost Vegan on Facebook AND SoDelicious on Facebook

  87. Cheryl Perlmutter

    I follow Almost Vegan on Twitter and SoDelicious on Twitter

  88. Beccaa

    I would get coconut milk chocolate peanut butter ice cream and the mint chocolate milk!

  89. Becca

    I’m following you and SoDelicious on Twitter

  90. Becca

    I subscribe to your RSS feed

  91. Vicki

    Coconut milk egg nog…sounds delicious!!!

  92. melanie

    Do you know if they will be getting the nog in Canada before Christmas??? Please say yes!!ha!!

  93. colourfulpalatedotcom


  94. colourfulpalatedotcom

    I would get more coconut milk…I’m such a fan of it!

  95. Sarah (appifanie)

    I really want to try the greek yogurt! I live in a town devoid of fun vegan products and the only place that sells them is super overpriced so a coupon = totally awesome. 🙂

  96. Esther

    I SO want to try their nog! 🙂

  97. Esther

    I tweeted. 🙂 (@ABCVegan)

    1. Esther

      And followed on Twitter. 🙂

  98. Esther

    Aaaand I already follow you on Google Reader. Ok no more numberous comments. 🙂

  99. Amanda Cox (@CoxHomestead)

    The coconut nog is crazy delicious. I’ll have to make some cupcakes. That’s a great idea.

    I’d try the Greek yogurt it it becomes available here.

    Oh, I also follow you on Twitter, like So Delicious on FB, and subscribe to your blog by email. 🙂

  100. Simone

    Thanks for the chance, Amber! I went to the website and found that they have many products I would like to try such as the raspberry Greek yogurt. But how can anyone pass up the chance to try a hibiscus sorbet!!! I would also get the eggnog because I am a sucker for eggnog but won’t buy the dairy ones anymore.
    So that’s it: Hibiscus Sorbet & Eggnog 🙂

  101. Michelle {The Lively Kitchen}

    I buy the So Delicious products often. I bought the Chocolate Mint coc milk on Monday. It makes a great smoothie!

  102. Michelle {The Lively Kitchen}

    I already like you on FB.

  103. veganhomemade

    Fantastic, I can’t wait to see what all the giveaways are! If I win, I would buy the greek style yogurt for sure, if I can find it anywhere. Failing that, the regular chocolate yogurt.

  104. bitt

    Ooh we just worked our way through some of that nog. I would have loved to have made some of it into cupcakes. Next time! That would be product #1.

    I would have to use another one on some coconut ice cream! Maybe the GF cookie dough.

    Great giveaway.

  105. veganhomemade

    I follow you both on Facebook.

  106. veganhomemade

    …and now I follow you both on Twitter!

  107. bitt

    like you both on FB

  108. bitt

    follow you both on twitter @cherrycobbler

  109. bitt

    email subscriber!

  110. PurpleLarkspur (@PurpleLarkspur)

    I would love to try the coconut milk icecream!

  111. PurpleLarkspur (@PurpleLarkspur)

    I follow Almost Vegan on Twitter AND SoDelicious on Twitter. I am @purplelarkspur
    larkspurpurple (at) gmail.com

  112. PurpleLarkspur (@PurpleLarkspur)
  113. hihorosie

    how funny — i had just pinned Annie’s recipe other day wondering how it would be made with coconut nog. Now, I’ll definitely have to try!

    Anyway, for entry 1, I want to try their choco-mint. I have yet to try it!

  114. hihorosie

    like you both on fb (heidi r…)

  115. hihorosie

    follow you both on twitter (@hihorosie)

  116. hihorosie
  117. hihorosie

    and I’m a subscriber already. 🙂

  118. Stacy

    I am a subscriber

  119. Rebecca

    ice cream, duuuuuh! 🙂

  120. Rebecca

    I liked Almost Vegan & Sodelicious on facebook already!

  121. Rebecca

    I’m following Almost Vegan & SoDelicious on twitter!

  122. Rebecca

    I tweeted! @rebeccaablock

  123. Rebecca

    I’m subscribed to your blog via google reader! 🙂

  124. ayns719

    The link for the recipe isn’t working. The cupcakes look delish and I would love to know the recipe!

  125. Kim

    Just subscribed to you blog, long time reader:)

  126. Kim

    I already follow Almost Vegan and So Delicious on Facebook!

  127. Kim

    I have got to get my hands on that new yogurt, the nog is great! So glad to have a coconut option.

  128. Nyah

    LIKED you guys on FB and I really LIKE you guys!!! =)

  129. Gayle P

    I love the vanilla creamer so a coupon for that would be rad!

  130. Gayle P

    I liked you both on FB!!

  131. Gayle P

    I follow you both on Twitter @MonkeyThreads

  132. Gayle P

    I tweeted!!

  133. Lisa

    I liked you on Facebook and So Delicious!

  134. Lisa

    I would LOVE to try the mint chocolate coconut milk!!! In a mug with some homemade marshmallows! YUM!

  135. Lisa

    I already subscribe to your posts! love your blog!

  136. Nancycurl

    I will definitely get the nog!!!

  137. Melissa

    I like you both on FB.

  138. Melissa

    I follow you both on twitter.

  139. Melissa

    I am already an email subscriber.

  140. Melissa

    I tweeted 🙂

  141. Melissa

    I would love to try the coconut yogurt & really want to make coconut nog cupcakes like you did! Those look so yummy!

  142. Christina Hass

    I would get the Coconut milk ice cream in green tea and the chocolate greek yogurt.

  143. Nancycurl

    I liked Almost Vegan On Facebook

  144. Christina Hass

    I “like” Almost Vegan and So Delicious on Facebook.

  145. Erin

    If I got the coupons, I’d try the Nog and Mint Chocolate flavored Coconut Milk. Holidays are a time to splurge a little, right?

  146. Christina Hass

    I’m following Almost Vegan and So Delicious on twitter.

  147. Tobe

    I love all the coconut milk products. My 2 year old is a faithful daily “so delicious ” coconut milk drinker. Would love to try the milk chocolate drink

  148. Peggy Kinman

    Definitely Eggnog!!! 🙂

  149. Maria

    I follow So Delicious on FB already, liked u and I would buy their yogurt (daughter loves them) and the eggnog, I don’t care for regular eggnog , but coconut is So Delicious!

  150. Christina Hass

    I just subscribed to your blog!

  151. Natasha

    I would definately get the new Greek Style yogurt to try!

  152. Natasha

    I “like” Almost Vegan and So Delicious on Facebook.

  153. Angela

    I would definitely go for the mango sorbet!

  154. elyse

    i would try their greek yogurt and coffee creamer!

  155. elyse

    i follow you on twitter!

  156. tahinitoo

    I subscribed to your blog via email.

  157. tahinitoo

    I liked So Delicious and your page on FB.

  158. tahinitoo

    I would try the Greek yogurt if I won some coupons!

  159. Hannah (BitterSweet)

    How exciting! I’m still dying to try the chocolate greek yogurt… The one time I was able to find and buy it, that was when the power went out due to the October snow storm, and we lost everything in the fridge. It was covered in mold by the time I got to it. 🙁

  160. beckafly

    I would LOVE to try the coconut milk nog!

  161. beckafly

    Like you and So Delicious on FB already 🙂

  162. beckafly

    Following you and So Delicious on twitter

  163. angie

    i’m a google reader subscriber!

  164. angie

    tough to choose but i think that coconut nog sounds fabulous!

  165. beckafly

    I’m subscribed to you through email

  166. beckafly

    I tweeted the giveaway

  167. Nancy

    I would buy the coconut ice cream (the chocolate chip mint is my favorite) and the nog.

  168. Nancy

    I am subscribed to your blog by email.

  169. Nancy

    I like Almost Vegan and So Delicious on Face book.

  170. Nancy

    I follow both on twitter.

  171. jossette

    I’d definately get the vanilla So Delicious ice-cream substitute for my special needs GFCF child & maybe try the nog.

  172. Susan Chan

    I’m excited to try the eggnog!

  173. kimkreidlerphotography

    Of course I totally dig Almost Vegan already and I “liked” So Delicious on FB!

  174. Amara Miller (@AmaraBMiller)

    Tweeted 🙂

  175. Arune

    Im already subscribed:)

  176. Kim Kreidler

    I would have to try the sugar-free chocolate fudge bar mini’s! I do miss ice cream and would HAVE to get the fudge bars with my coupon!

  177. Peggy

    I would love to try the So Delicious® Coconut Milk Creamer!

  178. L.T. Ciaccio (@LTCiaccio)

    I love the coconut nog, and my husband loves the chocolate mint. They’re both delicious.

  179. Alena M

    I fell in love with their Greek Yogurt! Can’t wait to get my hands on more!

  180. Mike

    I’d love to try the greek yogurt

  181. Mike

    i’ve liked (for a while!) Almost Vegan and So Delicious

  182. Mike

    i subscribed to your email

  183. maddie

    liked both facebook pages

  184. maddie

    i would most want a coupon for blueberry greek So Delicous yogurt

  185. Tamara

    I already am a fan but I’d love to try the Coconut Nog. It disappeared from my store.

  186. maddie

    following both on twitter

  187. maddie

    Subscribed to RSS feed on my mac

  188. Hannah

    Shut yo’ face.

  189. Heather Gilman

    I “Liked” Almost Vegan on Facebook AND SoDelicious on Facebook. 🙂

    I have tried the soy ice cream and it is wonderful but I would love to try the coconut milk mint chocolate ice cream and the holiday nog!



  190. Jade

    “Like”d you on FB. Huge fan of your blog! Can’t wait to get your cookbook!

  191. Arlene

    I would use the coupons for more of the Nog…it is yum!

  192. Angela

    Just ”liked” so delicious on facebook. Already ”liked” you early November.

  193. Angela

    I’m already an email subscriber.

  194. Meredith

    I must try the Coconut milk nog!

  195. shannomarie (rawdorable)

    Wow. There are a lot of comments here. Hayden and I love their coconut ice cream. We can split a whole pint between the two of us (especially the one with the cherries). I had no idea they made a fudge-covered bar, too.

  196. shannomarie (rawdorable)

    I’m not on Facebook, but I already follow you and SoDelicious on Twitter.

  197. shannomarie (rawdorable)
  198. shannomarie (rawdorable)

    I also signed up to receive your e-mails 🙂

  199. Jenny

    We LOVE the fudge minis, and I can’t wait to try the greek yogurt – but we don’t have it around here yet.

  200. Jenny

    I like you both on facebook.

  201. Jenny

    You’re in my google reader. And I don’t have twitter so that’s all I’ve got for ya. 🙂

  202. Jennifer

    I like So Delicious on Facebook.

  203. Diane

    I would get the ice cream and try the greek yogurt!

  204. Hungarin Gyspy Byk

    I “liked” SO Delicious on FB, but idk where to look for all their products. I did stumble across the choc pprmint holiday drink and it is fab!

  205. Jennifer

    I could not decide on one item so I would use my coupons on any of the coconut based products. I love them all.

  206. Hungarin Gyspy Byk

    Found the products, was looking on wrong website. I see many I would like to try, but where I live it is very limited. I see the ice creams, and the sugar free one for my mom. I’d love to try to yogurts too. The coffee creamer might be good to try as well.

  207. Diane

    Already like you on facebook.

  208. Hungarin Gyspy Byk

    You are now liked on fb 🙂

  209. Diane

    Already an RSS follower.

  210. Hungarin Gyspy Byk

    Just signed up for email! Thanks.

  211. kelly yvonne

    I would love to try the coconut milk nog!

  212. kelly yvonne

    like you both on facebook

  213. kelly yvonne

    follow you both on twitter, too.

  214. kelly yvonne


  215. kelly yvonne

    i subscribe via google reader

  216. Ana

    I would get the coconut milk ice cream!

  217. Ana

    I like both you and so delicious on facebook!!
    Ana Cardia

  218. Cee

    I definitely walk to try the coconut greek yogurts, as well as the nog, but I’m also curious about the sugar free pint of Butter Pecan. That’s making my stomach growl!

  219. Ana

    I already follow you and turtle mountain on twitter!

  220. Cee

    I follow Almost Vegan on Twitter and SoDelicious on Twitter
    CeeVegNashville is my twitter name

  221. Cee

    I subscribed to your updates via email.

  222. Cee
  223. Lizzie

    Definitely would be getting some of the nog, and the praline pecan Purely Decadent sounds tasty!

  224. Lizzie

    Just tweeted the giveaway.

  225. Lizzie

    Like you both on Facebook. 🙂

  226. Lizzie

    Also following you both on Twitter.

  227. Lizzie

    And, finally, just subscribed to your blog in my Google Reader!

  228. Suzy Heller

    I am following you and SoDelicious on FB and I would love to try the Grek-style Yogurt with the coupons you are giving away 🙂 Well, at least my son would love to try it (but I’m sure he would give me a little bite). We have already gone through several Nogs and love all of their products. Has any one found the Greek-style Yogurt in the stores yet?

  229. Ann Salzer

    Just “liked” on facebook: Almost Vegan and SoDelicious

  230. Ann Salzer

    Totally enjoy using the Coconut products. The coconut ice cream and the milk. MMMMMMMMMM Good! (and good for you)

  231. Kelly Garbato

    #1 – Coconut milk nog, most definitely!

  232. Kelly Garbato

    #4 – I also tweeted about the giveaway @theppp!

  233. Ashley

    I would definitely buy some ice cream…probably chocolate chip cookie dough!! 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway

  234. Ashley

    I like both of you on FB!

  235. Ashley

    I follow you both on twitter

  236. Ashley

    I subscribe!

  237. Ashley

    I tweeted!

  238. Meredith

    I like almost vegan and so delicious on facebook!

  239. Carrie

    I’d definitely like to try the blueberry yogurt – I used to LOVE blueberry yogurt!

  240. Carrie

    Also, I follow your rss feed

  241. Ela

    The chocolate mint milk, the nog and the greek yogurts really call my name!

  242. Ela

    I tweeted!

  243. Ela

    I already like you on fb; I like So Delicious on fb

  244. Ela

    I already follow you on fb; I follow So Delicious on fb

  245. Ela

    I’m a subscriber.

  246. Cindy B

    I especially love SoDelicious’ chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and since I’m pregnant that’s probably what I would spend all of the coupons on 😉 Thanks for the great giveaway.

  247. Ashley

    I followed you and So Delicous on Facebook and twitter!

  248. Ashley

    I tweeted the giveaway 🙂

    Also I’m obsessed with the mint chocolate milk, went through 3 cartons in a week — I’m a little ashamed of that lmao

  249. Jess at Midwest Vegan

    Haha. I’m at the end of the list here… but I totally WANT some of that vegan yogurt!! I just can’t allow myself to pay $2.69 a container for it at HyVee! Lol.

    And yes, I would love to make my own eggnog cupcakes!

  250. roseviolet69

    What would I get with a coupon? That’s a toughie. I dearly love their Turtle Trails frozen dessert, but I think I’d go for their Egg Nog (it’s by far the best I’ve had!).

  251. roseviolet69

    I like both you and So Delicious on FB.

  252. roseviolet69

    I now follow both you and So Delicious on Twitter

  253. roseviolet69
  254. roseviolet69

    I just subscribed by RSS

  255. Aerin

    I would get the new greek style yogurt!

  256. moonsword

    I’d love to try So Delicious Butter Pecan and Vanilla Bean (Made with Coconut Milk, No Sugar Added). Thanks!

  257. Allyson

    I would use the coupons to buy some of the soy nog and some of the yogurts. I haven’t seen So Delicious yogurts in large chain stores. I hope they start carrying them soon.

  258. Allyson

    I have already liked Almost Vegan and So Delicious. But in reality I love both!!

  259. Allyson

    I am signed up for your blog!

  260. Dawn

    What a fun giveaway. I love their products. I would use my free voucher to try the eggnog. Yum. I already like Almost Vegan FB pag and just now liked So Delicsious page. Not a tweeter. Subscribed to your blog newsletters. So I believe that’s 4 out of 5. Fingers crossed, especially since there is only 2 minutes left.