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  4. Cristina Archila

    Hi Amber… I like you on FB and I like you more in person. My favorite raw food dish is LIVE GARDEN PAELLA which has been developed to perfection after one year of playing with that recipe… lol, love C

  5. Hillary

    My favorite craft is knitting 🙂

  6. Hillary

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    And of course I’m subscribed to the emails here!

  9. lindsay

    i know i can’t win this but just wanted to say this is a very cool giveaway series. You are so giving!

  10. Veggie V! @ Veggie V's Vegan Adventure

    I remember making radish roses with my mom at the holidays. So much fun! And delicious. Who doesn’t love eating works of art?!

  11. Veggie V! @ Veggie V's Vegan Adventure

    I tweeted your give-a-way 🙂

  12. Veggie V! @ Veggie V's Vegan Adventure

    I posted your give-a-way on my personal FB page and my blog’s page.

  13. Genna P

    My favorite craft activity is making small sculptures of my friends pets out of Sculpey polymer clay. It’s fun for me to recreate my friends cherished animals and it gives them a little token of their pet forever!

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  17. Beth Hauser

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  18. stacy

    Homemade almond milk is my fave raw food

  19. Hannah (BitterSweet)

    What a cute idea, I’ve always been intrigued by fruit and vegetable carving! I just have no skill or patience for it, but I would totally be charmed if I got an edible bouquet like that as a gift.

  20. moonsword

    Just gorgeous…and so is her website! ohgoodgolly I want a plate of everything please!
    The best raw dish I ever had was raw lasagna. Thanks for the giveaway and links!

  21. Megan

    My fav raw food are larabars

  22. Megan

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  23. Celina

    My fav raw food dish is spiralized zucchini noodles and nooch cheese sauce!

  24. Celina

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  25. KTBuns of Vegan Noms

    Omigosh I would love to learn how to make those veggie flowers! I think that would be my fave raw dish, lol.

  26. Tamara

    My favorite raw dish is date rolls with almonds. I just bought a giant pack from BJs. I hadn’t seen a veggie arrangement before, that its gorgeous.I have helped my sister make a homemade fruit arrangement, much cheaper.

  27. Nicole

    This is a fantastic idea for parties or anything. I love that it combines raw food and art. I’m a raw pastry chef. My favorite creation is my chocolate raspberry cheesecake. I’m an artist too. I like to make sugar flowers for cakes, and I love photography. 🙂

  28. Barbara Howard

    My favorite raw dish is (there are so many) Horiatiki Salad

  29. Barbara Howard

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  32. zuzubeat

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  33. zuzubeat

    My favorite raw food is dehydrated kale chips. Brad’s makes them yummy nacho flavored. I still can’t get it quite right at home, but I come pretty close to the vampire garlic flavor.

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  36. MizzB

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  38. MizzB

    My favorite raw food dishes are seasonable for the most part, depending on what’s available locally. Right now it’s satsumas and blood oranges that are in season and showing up at local framers markets. In summer, it’s sungold tomatoes, grown in my backyard garden.
    My favorite dehydrated dish is the Bar-B-Q crisps from Matthew Kenney’s EVERYDAY RAW.

  39. Meredith

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  40. Meredith

    My favorite craft activity at the moment is crocheting

  41. Linda

    Linda from Raw Bliss here. I do like your web!!
    The bouquets look BEAUTIFUL!!….WOW!!!


  42. Michelle {The Lively Kitchen}

    Hmm, favorite raw food is probably something really simple like an apple. Otherwise I’d go with fresh almond milk.

  43. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    You know I love making raw vegan cupcakes <3

  44. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I’m not on Facebook, but I follow you on Twitter. I think this comment is just going to make it by the deadline.

  45. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I already subscribed to your blog, but I didn’t tweet, as the deadline is right now.