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  1. Sara

    My favorite and go-to meal is tofu/veggie stir fry. I just throw in whatever veggies I have on hand with firm tofu and add ginger-sesame seasoning.I like both of you on facebook, follow both of you on Twitter, and subscribe to your blog.

  2. StacyN

    My favorite tofu dish is Tofu Scramble burritos yum

  3. StacyN

    I am subscribes to your blog by email

  4. Donna Connelley

    Hi Amber and Happy Holidays!
    I have used Mori-Nu Tofu for so long to make the most fabulous quiche ever!

  5. Chasity Grome

    My favorite dish with tofu is actually from a restuarant. It’s called Protein 2000 from Veggie Heaven in Austin, Texas. It reminds me a lot of sesame chicken from take-out Chinese. I should learn to make it myself, I’m sure it’s not that hard!

  6. Chasity Grome

    I am a happy subscriber of your blog 🙂

  7. Chasity Grome

    I “like” Almost Vegan, Mori-Nu and the FB post on Facebook

  8. WendySue

    I have quite a few tofu faves – but one of my go-tos is tofu scramble with crumbled tofu, onions, mushrooms, garlic, tumeric, curry pdr, wilted spinach. Quick, easy & yummy. Had it for dinner last night!

  9. WendySue

    I follow you both via twitter @wendysuemcd

  10. WendySue

    I like you both on facebook.

  11. WendySue

    I’m already a happy subscriber. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Mary

    My favorite dish to make with Tofu is Lasagna! I use it to make the ricotta cheese!

  13. karen ferguson

    My favorites are teriyaki tofu stir-fry, but I’m also loving the barbeque tofu pizza with carmalized onions

  14. rachel

    a tofu scramble with lots of veggies is my fave way to eat tofu 🙂

  15. hungryvegantraveler

    I like my tofu fried in a stir-fry or whipped into a pie.

  16. rachel

    i like you and mori-nu on fb

  17. karen ferguson

    I “Liked” both on facebook and liked both about the giveaway on you pages

  18. rachel

    i subscribe to your blog by email

  19. Mary

    I like you both on Facebook!

  20. hungryvegantraveler

    I like Almost Vegan and Mori-Nu on FB

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    I liked your giveaway post on FB

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    I already subscribe to your blog 🙂

  23. karen ferguson

    signed up for your e-mails!!!

  24. Mary

    I like you both on twitter!

  25. Mary

    I tweeted!!

  26. Kate Feathers

    I love to stir-fry Mori Nu tofu with all kinds of veggies! I also love to melt some dark chocolate and whip it with Mori Nu for a creamy dessert.

  27. Mary

    I subscribe to your blog!

  28. Becca

    Sesame tofu!

  29. Becca

    I follow you both on Twitter

  30. Kate Feathers

    I like Almost Vegan’s FB page, Mori Nu’s FB page and both of your posts about this giveaway!

  31. krismas Vera

    Never tried tofu but its on my list of top 5 things I want to try

  32. Becca

    I’m a subscriber

  33. krismas Vera

    I follow you on Facebook

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    I just subscribed to your blog

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    I shared a link on facebook

  36. darcy767

    Chinese style stir-fry is a natural go-to. In the summer, I like to chop it up and use it in salads too.

  37. laceythevegan

    My favorite thing to do with silken tofu is make smoothies and pies, closely followed by stir frys.

  38. laceythevegan

    I tweeted. (@kuntrageous)

  39. Kate Feathers

    I follow you and Mori Nu on Twitter!

  40. laceythevegan

    I’ve had you in my google reader subscription for ages 🙂

  41. Kate Feathers

    I tweeted, I entered to win a free @morinut0fu variety pack from @AlmostVeganChef ! #Giveaway here: http://wp.me/pYLdq-Yc.

  42. laceythevegan

    I follow you and MoriNu on twitter (@kuntrageous)

  43. krismas Vera

    I shared on Twitter

  44. laceythevegan

    I like both your blog and MoriNu on Facebook as well.

  45. Kate Feathers

    I now subscribe to your blog. Thank you!

  46. Lizzie

    I love tofu, and have a ton of awesome recipes that I use it in. I like the silken Mori-Nu in my key lime cheezecake, as one example. 🙂

  47. Lizzie

    Like you both on Facebook.

  48. Lizzie

    Liked your post about this blog entry, too!

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    Just tweeted the giveaway.

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    I subscribe to your blog in my Google Reader. 🙂

  52. Kelley Hooker

    I’ve liked Almost Vegan AND Mori-Nu on FB. I also liked your FB post about the giveaway.

  53. Kelley Hooker

    Subscribed to your blog by email

  54. Anna

    I love tofu any which way!

  55. Hannah (BitterSweet)

    Mori-Nu is so awesome, there is just nothing better for vegan cheesecakes and silky smoothies!

  56. Hannah (BitterSweet)

    And I’m still subscribed via Google Reader. 🙂

  57. Anna

    And I already follow your blog via email.

  58. moonsword

    FatFree Vegan Kitchen’s Grilled Tofu with Blueberry-Peach Salsa is my current favorite…thanks!

  59. veganhomemade

    I love Mori-Nu! My favorite use is a silken tofu-based cheesy sauce that was one of the first vegan recipes I made ever.

  60. veganhomemade

    I like you both on Facebook.

  61. veganhomemade

    And follow you both on twitter.

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    …and subscribe to your rss feed!

  63. veganleggs80

    I’ve liked both the Almost Vegan FB and the Mori-Nu 😀 What I like most is this give-away!!! Thank you!

  64. Julee

    I Liked you both on Facebook!

  65. Kathy Vera

    My favorite tofu dish at the moment is tofu scramble.

  66. Julee

    Love Mori-Ru tofu! I just had it today for breakfast in a Tofu Scramble with lots of Veggies!

  67. gargupie

    STeamed silky tofu with sliced green scallion and soy sauce.

  68. Kristin

    Eggless omelettes! And I like you both!!!

  69. Melissa

    I like spicy sriracha tofu! I also like you on fb!

  70. Hillary

    My favorite is a Thai stir fry with mushrooms, basil, and crispy tofu. Yum!

  71. Hillary

    #2. Done!

  72. Hillary

    Facebook post is “liked” 🙂

  73. Hillary

    #3. Done!

  74. Hillary

    #4 is tweeted.

  75. Hillary

    #5 is, as always, done!

  76. Linda Anderson

    I, Linda, have completed the following:
    1) Comment below telling me your favorite dish to make (or eat) with tofu.

    2) “Like” Almost Vegan on Facebook AND Mori-Nu on Facebook and comment below confirming you’ve done so. (Bonus: “like” my FB post about the giveaway.)

    3) Follow Almost Vegan on Twitter AND Mori-Nu on Twitter and comment below confirming you’ve done so.

    4) Tweet the following message and comment below confirming you’ve done so:

    I entered to win a free @morinut0fu variety pack from @AlmostVeganChef ! #Giveaway here: http://wp.me/pYLdq-Yc

    5) Subscribe to my blog by email (at the top of the right-hand sidebar), RSS feed, or Google reader and comment below confirming you’ve done so (or already are a subscriber).

    My FAVORITE dish to use Mori-Nu Tofu is this:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150401643419504.364198.783904503&type=3 (Sunday morning Mori-Nu Tofu Benedict with Vegan Hollandaise Sauce)

  77. Jenny

    I’m still a tofu fan! Do I have to pick one thing? Tofu scrambler, pumpkin pie, lasagna, cheesecake…

  78. Jenny

    I like you on facebook, and I’m going over to like them now!

  79. Jenny

    I’m a subscriber!

  80. Tara Rich

    I liked Almost Vegan and Mori-Nu Tofu on Facebook :):)

  81. Carmee Ross

    Following you on facebook!:)

  82. Holly

    My favorite dish with tofu is mabodofu.

  83. Holly

    I subscribe to Almost Vegan via email updates.

  84. Rebecca

    Just plain tofu baked with bragg’s liquid aminos + all-purpose seasoning + sea salt –> tastes like french fries!

  85. Rebecca

    I’m subscribed to your blog via google reader! 🙂

  86. Rebecca

    I tweeted about this giveaway! @rebeccaablock

  87. Rebecca

    I like Almost Vegan and Mori-Nu Tofu on facebook!

  88. Rebecca

    I’m following Almost Vegan and Mori-Nu Tofu on twitter! @rebeccaablock

  89. Jess from Midwest Vegan

    Pick me! Lol.

    I just made Mac n’ Cheez with some from Blissful Vegan with some Mori-Nu yesterday. I love that stuff. I would also like to do some baking!

  90. Summer

    I love my silken tofu for mousses/pudding, but also to put in miso soup.

  91. Summer

    Liked Almost Vegan and Mori nu on FB!

  92. josee

    Would love to try Mori-nu Tofu

  93. maddie

    like both of the facebook pages

  94. maddie

    follow both on twitter

  95. maddie

    i like fried tofu with peanut dipping sauce… yum

  96. maddie

    subscirbed to the blog by email

  97. Heather B.

    I love marinating tofu and then baking it… It’s a fabulous easy dinner when you pair it with some nice brown rice and a green vegetable (like broccoli). Silken tofu is so great to use when you want a creamy dessert… great stuff!

  98. Heather B.

    I “Liked” you on Facebook!

    1. Heather B.

      Whoops, I also meant to say that I liked Mori-Nu on Facebook, too!

  99. Heather B.

    I also liked your Facebook post about the giveaway!

  100. Gayle P

    I love scrambled tofu.

  101. Carrie

    Definitely tofu omlettes!

  102. Carrie

    And I follow your rss feed. 🙂

  103. zuzubeat

    I like steamed veggies and tofu with garlic sauce!

  104. zuzubeat

    I “Like” Almost Vegan on Facebook AND Mori-Nu on Facebook.

  105. zuzubeat

    I follow Almost Vegan on Twitter AND Mori-Nu on Twitter

  106. zuzubeat

    I’ve subscribed to the blog via email. (How else do you think I was reminded to do this??)

  107. zuzubeat

    I tweeted.

  108. HC

    Hi, I love making lasagna with tofu! I also use it for the fillings in my enchiladas! You can marinade it in just about anything to sub for dinner: meaty tacos, slab of BBQ baked “steaks”, etc. Yum!

  109. Emily E

    I love making Tofu Brownies with Mori-Nu! I also like both your page and theirs on facebook. Thanks for all the awesome contests!

  110. Kris

    Vegan tamagoyaki with the silken lite!

  111. June

    I love tofu. In fact, my senior year project was about tofu puff. I love stir fry tofu dish. I especially love hand made tofu which I can get from Korean market. They are rich in flavor.

  112. Megan

    i tweeted the comment 🙂

  113. Megan

    i just love asian stir-fry with tofu! :):):)

  114. Aerin

    My favorite way to use tofu is to make a tofu scramble. Yum– don’t even miss eggs!!!

  115. Elena Ebinger

    I love making the “meat” for taco salad using tofu, lots and lots of nutritional yeast, and homemade taco seasoning. Just made it again last night and it was delicious!

  116. Elena Ebinger

    I like Almost Vegan and Mori-Nu Tofu on facebook.

  117. Angela

    I like using tofu in lasagna.

  118. Angela

    I liked mori nu & you on fb.

  119. Angela

    I follow you & mori nu on twitter.

  120. Angela

    I liked your mori nu giveaway post.

  121. Angela

    I subscribe to your blog.

  122. Angela

    I tweeted the mori nu giveaway mssg.

  123. Audrey

    I love to use this kind of tofu as a secret ingredient in thickening vegan puddings and custards.

  124. Audrey

    I like you and Mori-Nu on FB.

  125. Audrey

    I follow both of you on Twitter.

  126. Janine Carpenter

    I have liked both Almost Vegan and Mori-N Tofu

  127. laura chumah

    My favorite dish is the panko crust fried tofu with dipping sauce!

  128. Kristen Peck

    My favorite tofu dish is made at the Biggest Loser Resort (Fitness Ridge) in Malibu – VANILLA PIE! They are the reason I discovered Mori-Nu! The pie was AMAZING, vegan, and guilt-free! MMMMMM MMMMMM

  129. Kristen Peck

    I have LIKED both Mori-Nu and Almost Vegan on Facebook!

  130. laura chumah

    Also did #3 and #4!

  131. Mary Lang

    I liked both pages on facebook!

  132. Mary Lang

    My favorite thing to make with tofu is vegan cheesecake!

  133. Kelly

    My favourite tofu dish is VeganDad’s Udon Noodles with Sesame Crusted Tofu.

  134. Kelly

    I “liked” Mori-Nu Tofu on FB. (I already like you on FB)

  135. Kelly

    I’m following you and Mori-Nu on Twitter (@kellycrochets)

  136. Kelly

    I tweeted your giveaway (@kellycrochets)

  137. Kelly

    I’m now subscribed to your blog!

  138. Urban Vegan

    I love Mori-Nu in my Tira Mi Su from “The Urban Vegan. Also in pumpkin pie and for creamy salad dressings.
    Bonus: liked MoriNu on FB. Already like you, luv. xo

  139. Danielle

    I love tofu in frittatas and quiches but also have a new found love for mori-nu silken in miso soup.

  140. Danielle

    Like both on Facebook (and your post)

  141. Danielle

    Following both on twitter

  142. Danielle

    Already a subscriber

  143. Michael G

    My favorite tofu dish is the first dish I ever made using tofu that I bought at an Asian market. Vegetable Curry. The recipe called for chicken, so in place of meat, I fried the tofu in artificial chicken flavor and put that in the curry. It was awesome!

  144. Maria

    Tofu & veggie stir fry!

  145. Maria

    Subscribed to RSS feed

  146. Jana

    Tofu scramble!

  147. Stephanie

    So hard to choose one favorite. Probably lasagna in which tofu subs for ricotta and sometimes shredded cheese.. Yay versatility 🙂

  148. Carolina Ruiz

    Hi my tweeter name is Skystar101, I tweeted about the offer today 🙂 Thanks for making this available to your fans. Good luck to everyone & happy holidays!

  149. Deb

    I love making tofu chocolate pudding–just add cocoa, stevia, tofu and blend! So easy, so delicious.

  150. Jill R

    I love pad thai with tofu!

  151. Jill R

    I like both on fb!

  152. Jill R

    I liked your fb post.

  153. Jill R

    I follow you.

  154. kathy

    I liked you on facebook, now I’m going to do it on twitter also. I’m new to this way of eating and slowly trying to get my family turned on to it.. I do the meals so… they really have no choice.a little at a time..

  155. Robin Bascara

    Happy to have found this site! I “liked” you on FB and also subscribed by giving you my email address.