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  1. hmcclees

    This looks amazing! I’m going to try this tonight!:) Thanks for sharing! I’m on a broccoli kick myself right now:) Thanks again!


  2. singerskitchen

    YUM!! I am the only one who likes curry in my home though. 🙁

  3. Caitlin

    omigosh, amber, i LOVE cauliflower. LOVE. and roasted cauliflower holds a special place in my heart <3 i need to make your version. it looks absolutely scrumptious and i bet anything that i'll eat the entire head of roasted cauliflower in one sitting. but it wouldn't be the first time 😉

  4. britnyw

    Can you recommend a good curry? I don’t have many options at my local grocery store, but I have seen McCormick. Right now I have a cheap Badia curry that I am sure would not do this recipe justice at all.

  5. Em (@Pureglow16)

    cauliflower is AMAZING! 🙂 we have a cauliflower soup made that i will eat sometime today! i love curry too! i make curried quinoa with zucchini squash and onion and broccoli alot. . . . its so good and warm!

  6. foodfeud

    I love cauliflower too and am always happy when other people profess similar sentiments. It is much maligned, needlessly! It is so fun to eat, and like popcorn almost when roasted.

  7. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I haven’t had cauliflower in a very long time. It’s definitely my favorite vegetable to eat raw with a creamy dip. Must try it this way!

  8. kfaivre

    I’ve always loved roasted cauliflower. I will definitely try it with the curry powder. It’s good to know that I have company when it comes to scarfing down a whole head of cauliflower!

  9. Jon

    Sounds great. I like to stir fry cauliflower with potatoes and peas, with some onion and garlic too, in coconut, using turmeric and curry spice. Very filling, tasty and sensual!!! I start with all raw veggies, so it does take about 40 minutes. This recipe of yours will be my next cooking adventure! Love the simplicity.

  10. Melissa

    Oh my gosh, that’s crazy: I used to “hate” cauliflower too, and now I would fight you for Cauliflower’s hand in marriage!

    I’ve also had this awesome curry-roasted cauliflower before, but I made it with olive oil. I’ll have to try it with coconut oil, sounds amazing!

  11. Free-Easy-Vegan-Recipes.com

    I used to hate cauliflower too! But now I am learning to love it… I will try your recipe, sounds great! Thx.

    1. Melissa

      If you haven’t already, you should try this: shred cauliflower or put it in a food processor. I use it raw, or cooked with vegetables, soy sauce or peanut butter, and sesame seed oil, depending on the flavor I want, to make a really tasty carb-conscious stir fry.

  12. Kris

    I’m embarrassed how easy tthis is, so i shall run for new curry powder and make a big batch! One of my fave things is curried sprouted sunflower seeds. Curry, yum.

  13. Nardis

    I thought I was the only one that hated cauliflower… umm I haven’t had it since I was a lil girl and never liked the taste/smell of it…I will have to conquer my fear to it and EAT IT RAW babe!

  14. Erica @Mori-Nu

    Love cauliflower — and roasted or mashed is the best! Can’t wait to try this recipe. 🙂

  15. Carolyn

    I have some beautiful cauliflower just waiting to be prepared this way! I made a green thia curry last night with quiena (sp?), zucchini, squash, onions, and stuffed it in baby bells. Delish!!!

  16. Terry

    Well, I’m quite partial to anything curry related! Thanks for sharing!! : )

  17. Matt

    I draw the line with you cuddling with a head of cauliflower in bed. I’m mostly man enough to not be jealous of your very public affair.


  18. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Pretty cauli from a pretty chef. Looks great 🙂

  19. Megan @ The Detoxinista

    I absolutely LOVE curry and cauliflower, too… so why haven’t I tried them together before?? I’ll be trying this asap! 😀

  20. Debbie

    Lovely. I’ll definitely try this (and I already love cauliflower).

  21. Stacy @bklynstacy

    I love love love curried roasted cauliflower almost as much as you do! Thank you for trying to inspire others to see why we are right! Cheers!

  22. Aimee

    Made this for dinner tonight – so delicious! Need to go get more cauliflower :).

  23. (what runs) Lori

    Um, wow. This looks AMAZING. I knew I bought that cauliflower yesterday for a reason! 😉

  24. Ela

    You’re preaching to the choir here!
    I love cauliflower, even feel a little guilty that i love it more than broccoli, which is supposedly more nutritious… And curry–absolutely! I don’t think there’s a single way I don’t like cauliflower, although after years 100% raw, I was floored by how much I love it cooked!

  25. Hannah

    Oh yes, I love roasted cauliflower! Particularly with chilli flakes added before roasting and nooch sprinkled on afterwards. I’m even thinking my buffet upon arrival could be roasted cauliflower instead of mini cheesecakes 😉

  26. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    OMG. I make that, too. Sometimes I also add carrots and chickpeas. So good. Anything with curry powder and coconut oil is yum!

  27. callie

    I love how much you love cauliflower 😉 I’m not a big fan of raw cauliflower (unless I’m just snacking on it – no mash whatsoever) But cooked – Well, I’m rather addicted as well!

  28. bitt

    Thanks for sharing one of your staple recipes with us! I love an Indian flavored roasted cauliflower too. I’m not so big into it raw, mostly for digestive reasons. With the coconut oil, wow I bet that takes it over the top.

  29. Ali @ whatalididnext

    I have to admit I have not had cauliflower in a long long time (Bad childhood memories), but i think I am almost ready to give it a go. I also struggle with Brussel sprouts – any hints?

  30. Brett


  31. The Healthy Apple

    I have been on such a cauliflower kick lately…I love it! That and Brussels Sprouts have been in my daily eats…
    Great recipe.
    Happy New Year!

  32. Kris

    Oh my god, I love cauliflower too….its a serious ish over here, but to be honest it costs an arm and a leg here! LIke $7 a head. YEA!

    Sooooo I get it sometimes, but I would eat it daily if I could 😉 I’m a huge roaster…come to mama….YUM!!


  33. Trish

    Roasted cauli is like heaven to me! I also make it curried…and often! I mix a blend of good curry powder and really good garam masala, and then toss in olive oil, sprinkle on the fresh cracked black and kosher salt…and roast away! My husband will eat his dinner while I nosh on a heaping bowl full of brown rice and curried cauli!

  34. Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

    Somebody pinned this and made me drool!!
    I’ve made something similar and it’s sooo good – thank you for the reminder!

  35. Faye@RawLawyer

    I can’t wait to try this super simple recipe! 🙂

  36. Karen

    I made this yesterday and it was amazing – can’t wait to make it again 🙂

    I will be in your neck of the woods in March – what is your favorite place to eat that I can take my friends to (who are not vegan) that they will love too?

  37. skinnysimplerecipes

    I tried your recipe and loved the mix of curry and coconut oil. I also made them with soy sauce. And my last inspiration was roasted cauliflower with moroccan spices (lemon, turmeric, ginger and garlic powder). give it a try, you’ll love it.

  38. http://skinnysimplerecipes.blogspot.com

    Ohh I forgot…I also tried cauliflower with Lemon Pepper seasonning mix and some olive oil. Very nice!!!

  39. krimkus

    I roast cauliflower all the time with Mexican seasoning, but would never have thought to use curry. Can’t wait to give this a try!

  40. Autumn

    just so happens i have all of these ingredients in my fridge right now! Totally making this in the morning!

  41. Autumn

    Got a little busy and didnt make this until just tjis morning. So they marinated a bit looonger. DUDE! Seriously, had to pry my hands off them. They never even made it of the roasting pan. Damn near ate the whole head. I added cayenne & black pepper and some tumeric. O.m.g. delish!

  42. Michele Weiss

    Wish I could pin your recipes!