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  1. Dawn

    Yes miss amber….
    Is there anyway that you could give any nutritional info with that health smoothie???? Like which ingredient provides what??? And why this smoothie is a great pre- workout drink??? It sounds really yummy!!! I just am curious

  2. Dawn

    Thank you so much… That is really helpful and informative…

  3. Bliss Doubt

    You picked the right time to ask what’s the best thing I’ve eaten recently. Sunflower seed butter, which I can’t stop talking about, and I’d not yet had my black eyed peas for the new year, so I made a big batch of curried black eyes over the weekend, with carrots and onions. What can I say? My own curried black eyed peas were the best thing I’ve eaten in three weeks. I managed to ruin the brown rice I was going to serve them on, but it didn’t matter. They were that good unaccompanied.

  4. Megan @ The Detoxinista

    The best thing I’ve eaten lately? That’s a tough one after my cooking class!! I think the Ginger-Yam pudding we made was probably the BEST thing ever. I’m going to try recreating it tonight!

    P.S. I’m so jealous every time you talk about Waldo pizza. I miss it!!!

  5. pure2rawtwins

    love malty flavored drinks- love carob too 😉
    best thing we ate recently was a new remake of our raw brownie, so good.

  6. southernpurplevegana

    What was the best thing I have eaten lately? That is a very hard question to answer simply because I got to try some amazing vegan restaurants over the weekend. I would have to say the best thing would be the Chiplote black bean tamales from Radical Eats.

  7. Hannah

    You loved getting stuffed with Italian sausage? Yeah, that sounds about right. 😉 (It’s been too long between ball jokes, m’dear. I’m suffering over here.)

    Love the photo of you and Matt behind the Rabbit Food cookbook!

  8. chocolatetrufflestv

    awesome recipe
    thanks for sharing the information.

  9. (what runs) Lori

    YOU are just too cute for words. Oooh I am spellbound by the chocolatey gaze…

    🙂 Made my day.

  10. Ela

    Carob maca coconut smoothie sound so good! Love that combination–I’d probably have thrown in some greens for me… Unfortunately, bananas and I still aren’t getting along. I have about half of one in a smoothie about once a week and usually end up burping it all afternoon. I used to practically live on bananas…

    That VItamix swirl is serious food porn, but you had me with the white chocolate truffle! I want one now, and my appetite and food interest have been seriously zero. I’m definitely plotting my next white choc experiment.

    Best thing I ate lately? Either the carrot cake, or just plain carrots, or, I’ve been loving grapefruit lately!