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  1. Jenn's Adventures

    WOW!!! I am loving all your eats so far — can’t wait to see more!! Enjoy every bite:)

  2. The Holy Kale (@TheHolyKale)

    Fabulous Trip! I love that you weren’t too shy to go back and eat twice! I LOVE doing that… stick to what works, and considering that they make a breakfast bowl with a base of Coconut Meat, I would TOTALLY go back also. I will have to look this place up the next time im in SF

    BTW: How were those RED walnuts?? Never seen those b4. Nature is awesome!

  3. (what runs) Lori

    Don’t you LOVE The Plant?! Pricey but good! I love that place. As well as the Ferry Building’s Farmers Market- it’s just so big! And they have raw food booths. 🙂

    Yayayayayayaya! So excited….

  4. hungryvegantraveler

    You’re in my dream city! <3

    Those walnuts are GORGEOUS! <— What a Vegan thing to say!

  5. indialeigh

    hey, I am in SF too, over from the UK. So much to experience. There has been so much to try and do I’ve not found any time to blog about them all yet.

    Maybe we will bump into each other…that would be fun. Have a great time. x

  6. Jaime

    Everything looks AMAZING! Keep posting pictures for us 😉

  7. Aparna

    Man, I am totally visiting The Plant next time I’m in SF! Everything looks super-amazing! 🙂

  8. dandyapples

    Thank you so much for this and all of your other bay area food posts! I live here and am always looking out for new veg places to try.

  9. Megan @ The Detoxinista

    Of course you’re in San Fran when I’m in Kansas! Sounds like you’re having an awesome trip, though. So much delicious food!!

  10. Simone

    Hey, Amber, my son, Ryan, and I just got home late last night from San Antonio, TX. We stopped for a vegan dinner in Tuscon on our way home yesterday. Any chance of you heading to Southern Ca, before going home?
    By the way, our local Temecula farmers’ market has local unpasteurized organic almonds and the red walnuts also! Anytime you really want some, I can send them to you 🙂 It really is an amazing market, so when you are in So. Cal. perhaps you might want to come visit on a Saturday.

  11. Maria Kranker

    It all looks SOOO GOOOD!! Wow, wish I was in S.F…
    I am heading to OKC soon; wont be able to go to S.F unfortunately, but will have a few days in L.A. Hope there will be some delicious raw/ vegan places in that part of California too:-)
    Enjoy your trip – and please keep posting those mouth watering pictures!

  12. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I love the idea of that breakfast porridge with coconut. I’ll have to try that one at home too. What an interesting kombucha flavor, I’m thinking of starting to brew my own but I won’t be making anything that fancy!

  13. Ana Zaharia @ BraveLilJuicer.tumblr.com

    Awesome food adventures Amber! I live in SF and I frequent the Plant and the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market too 🙂 In fact I was probably there when you were there haha.

  14. bitt

    nearly had to ban myself from reading this because i was so jealous of the awesome food.

  15. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Love your travel posts. I hope to get out to the west coast one day. Everything looks so yummy. I want some of those walnuts.

  16. veganhomemade

    The Plant breakfast bowl looks SO GOOD! I’ve only ever been to their locations at Pier 3 and SFO, so it’s cool to see the inside of the downtown location. Also, I was going to recommend the Ferry Building Farmers Market if you’d never been…if you think the Tuesday market is impressive, check out the Saturday one – it’s massive!

  17. Matt

    It should be noted that neither of us had any idea what we would find at the Ferry Market. I just suggested we go for a walk and I was curious about what that building was since I’d seen it before. So by some stroke of luck we went there on a day when they had the outdoor farmer’s market going. Turns out Matt has some good ideas sometimes. 😉

    But I must give credit to Amber for introducing me to another awesome eatery, The Plant. The pic of my breakfast is making me very hungry right about now…