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  1. bitt

    Mmm yum this looks so good. I wonder if I could figure out how to get it to stick with just stevia and maybe some chia or something. I miss granola.

    I listened to your talk with Coach Cher, made me want to read your book even more. Off to check on the wedding update…

  2. Marsha

    You don’t realize HOW TIMELY this is!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been trying granola recipes for the last couple of wks. And even looked online for a chocolate one and didn’t find what I thought I wanted..

    This is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. dinutrition

    This looks delicious. I love buckwheat!

  4. Lauren

    This granola looks delish! I will add it to the list of the recipes from your new cookbook that I can’t wait to try. I just got my copy last week and have to say that I LOVE the variety of recipes you included and I SO appreciate that you give so many substitution options that are listed right there on the page.

  5. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    That looks wonderful. I love the flavor and texture of buckwheat.

  6. Noelle (@singerinkitchen)

    Hmmm I have some groats staring at me. I should try this. YUM!

  7. Jenny

    I’ve been keeping up with you on facebook – and your wedding posts. Your wedding venue looks really cool.

  8. indialeigh

    Hey, looking delish! I am definately going to try this. Would be superb as a topping to a creamy dessert. Question.. is the flavour when baked comparable to the dehydrated version? I’m on the brink of buying a dehydrator but keep being put off at the cost of it but this may be my ‘tipping point’. Though, seriously when I think of kale I’m rushing to Google and typing Excalibur. Oh, that leads onto another ? is 9 tray better and is the timer worth the extra $ or £ in my case? Thanks Amber x

  9. Lauren S

    amber, tell me will a dehydrator change my life? Thanks for the blog comment. This grawnola sounds great, I think people like some of the throwntogether recipes. After all, that’s what we all end up doing much of the time, right?

  10. elamonster

    Darn it–wp ate my comment again! I don’t know why that keeps happening. I was just saying how lovely it looked, and sad that buckwheat doesn’t work for me, but I can do it with amaranth if I can motivate myself!

    1. elamonster

      Wow, that was complicated! I had to get a wp account just to comment! Had that problem last time I tried to comment on your blog, and a couple days ago had same problem trying to comment on someone else’s. Hopefully all better now, but that’s a total new one on me!

  11. Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian

    This looks delicious!
    I am the way with recipes. I always just throw stuff together so it’s tough for me to post recipes. 🙂

  12. Hannah

    Ah, I was so annoyed on the weekend because I’d loaded up your interview all ready to listen to on Sunday night when making dinner, and then the stupid laptop I’m borrowing from dad crashed! So I’ll have to wait until next weekend to listen, as I don’t have enough internet at my place.

    All that aside, this looks to be the perfect reason to finally try buckwheat. Have you actually made it in the oven yet, or is that more a guideline for timing?

    P.S. There is no substitute for maple syrup. Fact.

  13. Faye@RawLawyer.com

    I made this recipe last night – FABULOUS! Thanks!

  14. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Wow! Your wedding is only 6 months away. Time certainly flies. I was terrible about wedding planning when I was engaged. I didn’t think about the planning until one day I realized we hadn’t even set a date. Then, when we did pick the date, based on when my minister was available, we planned our wedding in a matter of months. My sister actually planned hers in only 8 weeks. It’s a lot less stress in the long run.

    I don’t know what to tell you about that food situation. I was lucky that we turned my wedding into a big family gathering. Some friends and family volunteered to do the food and we kept it buffet style. Obviously, my wedding was very relaxed. I got married in my parents’ backyard and had the reception there, too. Thank goodness it was a gorgeous day.

    I wish the same for you, too. I just know your wedding will be beautiful 🙂

  15. glowkitchen

    I’ve dappled with the nyc raw food scene for years but havent even touched buckwheat. this makes it more doable! thanks for the recipe.

  16. Kimberly

    Thanks, Amber! I tried this last night, but unfortunately do not have a dehydrator. I had to cook mine longer than the 30 minutes in the oven. I finally ended up turning off the oven and leaving it for a few hours, which worked fine. I haven’t tried it with almond milk yet, but it is tasty just as a snack.

  17. rawkinmom

    I make this recipe too except I don’t use coconut I use almond butter!!! 🙂

  18. Malin @ veganparade.tumblr.com

    Aaaah, grawnola! I just made a batch of it this week as well :)) Your ingredient list is a little bit shorter than mine though…but oh, love the sound of yours! Dessert for breakfast is the best!