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  1. Hilda Quintanilla

    Yup! :-0(
    I posted the link to the doctor’s website onto our convo on facebook.

  2. Britny

    It’s inspirational how upbeat you are in spite of the limitations of your condition! I think it is amazing that you have taken something that many people would perceive as completely negative, and turned it into a way to help others. You are amazing, Amber!

  3. Angela

    I don’t have the same health issues as you but for one month I won’t eat the things you can’t have. Hang in there, Amber!!

  4. fitnessoversixty

    No reply necessary, Amber, but I just had to smile as I read your post; I knew you would turn this into a mission and benefit your followers! Purpose is life’s greatest motivator.

    My husband was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called poly myalgia and after steroids and 40 pounds, I changed his diet and he has recovered. However, I am not progressing as well as he with my overall health and thyroid disease may be the difference. I think some of the fruits, grains and raw veggies I prepare for him, are wrong for me. I look forward to your recipes!

    I wish you good health, above all,


  5. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    Well, the diet doesn’t sound exciting, lol, but at least you will able to i.d. later on which foods are triggering your imbalance which makes meal planning a whole lot easier down the line. I’m happy you have found a doc that is focusing on restoring your balance NATURALLY through supplementation and dietary change and NOT through loads of synthetic prescriptions that will only make your life a living hell later on. I was also lucky to find a doc who worked this way and also worked with an herbalist, but many do not get so lucky and don’t even realize there are other options. I did something very similar diet-wise, but taylored more to my sensitive blood type as my doc and herbalist were both advocates of eating for blood type/genetics. It worked well in determining what triggered my body and what kept me sane and in balance. I also learned I was hypersensitive to energies, both from electronics AND coming from people, so I had to drastically adjust my lifestyle. No more sleeping with the cell phone near my bed–I literally would drain the battery overnight. My body would suck it up and it would mess me up for weeks. And I had to avoid stressful situations.Even just being in the ROOM where an argument had taken place would stress me out, and I didn’t even have to know who was there or what was said. Left a job…and then two more. I also learned that the athletics I’d been doing my entire life and strenuous gym workouts were HURTING me, not helping. High impact workouts can actually cause an overproduction of cortisol in the body…not such a good thing for women, especially those with weak thyroid function (and genetically we were not origianlly hunters, so the excess cortisol in our bodies was not needed). So I switched to things like hiking, yoga and martial arts, and of course guided meditation which helped tremendously. But again, every single body is different and requires different things. That’s what makes something as sensitive as hormone balance and dealing with auto-immune situations so tricky. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment. It sounds like you are on the right track to regaining balance. I hate to use the word ‘healing’ because that implies that there is something ‘wrong’ with the body, and that can have negative effects on subconscious thinking, which is actually what is in charge of CONSCIOUS thinking. Crazy gray matter we have in our heads. 🙂
    I kind of had a feeling that your experience would guide you to creating your business and work a little more specific for others who are going through the same thing. It’s great you can be a voice for others, and sometimes it takes our own experiences, even when they are kind of shitty, to get us going on our true paths.

  6. Linda

    sounds very much like the anti-inflammatory diet, Is it? and does the one your on make the thyroid work better, if metabolism is a bit low, but not low enough for med. Thanks

  7. Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    Wow! No soy products or seitan!! 🙁 At least you’re already a pretty healthy eater with a focus on raw foods. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be too hard for you. Good luck, lady! I hope this works!

    Also, kudos for staying vegan through this. I’m sure some people would make an excuse to work animal products back in for protein. But you are staying strong!

  8. Kendra

    Hi Amber, thank you so much for this posting! I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing the supplements your taking for time being… the one for your G.I. tract, stomach and immune system and the powerful probiotic?

  9. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    When I first visited a naturopath about 8 years or so ago to try to get a handle on my food allergies/sensitivities and after doing tons of legwork, I did an ALCAT test (bloodtest that tests for allegen response but using the IgG pathway, not IgE or IgA like most standard tesrts) anyway…based on that test I too did a food elimination/reduction “diet”, everything from soy sauce to nightshades to certain fruits were better or worse than others..it was all a bit overwhelming and I wasnt perfect but between that, the strong probiotics, and the h pylori stuff, we sound like we have/had a very similar protocol.

    Thanks for being so open about this all!

  10. Linda

    Positive thoughts, are essential in healing. Don’t say I will get healthy, say I am healthy. This, I was taught by my physical therapist when I was using a walker/wheelchair, on oxygen and so weak I could not take care of myself, or my apartment. With strong positive thoughts, notes to self & posted and the blood type diet, I am no longer have these problems or needs. Now I am focusing on reaching my weight goal, eating healthier quality foods, and being able to do what I want to do. I have lost 140+lbs, already.

  11. hollyeatsinfrance

    No tomatoes? I’d die. Seriously. Not a day goes by without a tomato in my life.

    I’d love an artichoke recipe. 🙂

  12. elamonster

    Awesome, and congrats on turning this into a positive thing both for you and the wider community.

    Interesting diet. I’m glad that it’ll be easy to focus on what you _can_ eat–a lot of yummy things are allowed in there. I’m gearing up to do a protein powders post fairly soon and am curious about a couple of those that you mentioned and I don’t know of.

    Having a hard time these last couple days, but looking forward to our next conversation!

    Thanks again for sharing.

  13. kathleen

    I’m extremely interested to know what kind of physician you are seeing. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s over 30 years ago. I was never offered anything but the usual thyroid tests and thyroid meds such as levothyroxin and cytomel. I asked my doctor once to refer me to an endcrinologist and she just said that she could oversee my thyroid as my primary care physician . I now have a PPO plan and the option to see who I want and still have some insurance coverage. I have another chronic illness too but in my opinion the Hashimoto’s has never been dealt with properly… Over the years I have felt worse and worse and I’m certain that I am dealing with a lot of inflammation and have been for quite some time. Congratulations on your new diet. I do not eat animal foods either but the plan you are goint to follow eliminates most of the food that I eat. I’m not sure I could give up my homemade almond milk. I’m not sure how to read your response to this comment. My email is pyywakit@comcast.net Thanks, Kathleen

  14. bitt

    Thanks for posting this Amber, I hope it gives you some answers. Eliminating certain foods can be so rough but if you start to feel better, you won’t want them back! So glad chocolate is still on the list! 🙂 Too bad about no raw kale, so no raw kale chips, but I guess cooked kale chips are a possibility.

    You are so lucky you can have some fruits and some fermented foods, I had to go off all that and it was hard.

    I am most curious about your breakfasts, I do a lot of chia pudding with coconut milk (homemade) or nutmilk. Have you figured out a recipe you like? Maybe that flaxmilk I see in the store. That part would be hard for me. If you get something you like, please share at some point because people have asked me for no nut chia pudding ideas too.

    I hope the coaching works out for you. So many people need help in this area and from someone who is reasonable and not dogmatic (i.e. some coaches might tell everyone to go on a water fast) like you. It’s a great service you can provide. Good luck with it.

  15. cheezyk

    Mate, I thought I was going to find it hard when I was looking down the barrel of giving up coffee due to a suspected heart condition!

    There’s certainly something to be said about such definite guidelines though, rather than just a ‘try it and see how you respond’ type of approach. Best wishes with it all, I for one am definitely looking forward to seeing what recipes you come up with – there’s still some pretty tasty foods in there.

  16. Pam

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m looking forward to your recipes!

  17. AikoVenus

    Its great to see that you’re thriving with this diet and that you’re adjusting to it to heal yourself. ^^ I know of a few people with the same diagnosis so it really hits close to home. As for your recipes – I’d just like to see you come up with whatever springs into your head, I know you’ll do just fantastic! ^^

  18. lienamongtrees

    I’m actually quite impressed by your doctor and how much he/she is willing to invest in your eating plan to regain your health. I have met plenty of doctors who only know how to treat symptoms (with drugs) and who don’t even think about nutrients and foods and what they can do to your body positively and negatively. One even bluntly told me that there are dieticians for that… So I am really pleased that you have one who is willing to work with you all the way through. And mad props for sharing the story of recovery with the world too! Keep inspiring!

  19. Hannah

    Proud of you babe xo

  20. Caitlin

    wow! i can’t wait to see what you come up with! i’m particularly interested in dinner-type recipes/meals. am i right in thinking the only protein you’ll be able to eat is seeds and protein powder?

  21. Desi

    Hey Amber! It sounds like we have such similar health issues… And my diet is pretty much EXACTLY like yours except I can eat nuts. I’m really curious: why is it that you’re not supposed to eat nuts? Do you know? Thanks! You’re awesome p.s. 🙂

  22. Sara

    Hi Amber! I also wondered why you are unable to eat nuts, grains and beans, but I did see the answer above. Does this also apply to non-gluten grains? I am very surprised, but have also read that soaking them overnight can help you digest. What makes these three groups troublesome?

  23. Dudette

    First of all, it is just absolutely wonderful that you finally got some diagnosis and answers to your questions. I know how difficult it is going from doctor to doctor, without answers, and being told that ‘oh, this is normal’ or ‘well, sorry, we have no idea, you just have to live with it’. As shocking the results may be, I am sure it is still somewhat of a relief of having some answers without being told that you are crazy, and this is nothing.
    Secondly, I’ve been meaning to post here for a while, but I am not even sure what to say. I can’t even express how inspirational it is the way you handle this issue, how brave you are for tackling it full-force with a smile. I realize it is a blog, and I am sure you do have moments when you feel less positive, but that’s beside the point. The fact that you are able turn all this into positive and hopeful healing, trying to tackle the new dietary needs with creativity, willing to share this and motivate others through the process – that is just awesome! Reading your positive “I can” posts makes me feel like “if she can, I can too”. Though we have different health issues, it is your inspiring attitude that I want to thank you for.
    Good luck with all the changes and challenges!

  24. Lizzy

    How has this helped you, do you feel different? Have you been put on synthroid and if you were to go off this diet would your tsh t3 and t4 levels change? Also, what kind of teas can you have? I’v just been diagnosed with this and i don’t really know where to start I thnk its causing a lot of weird health problems.

  25. debbie

    Hi Amber,
    i actually have a very similar condition and have also been working with a practitioner who follows the kharrazian protocol. are you responding well to the cytomel? unfortunately, it was not right for me and had a bunch of adverse reactions, so i had to stop. the elimination diet is really so great and has made a tremendous difference, now just need to find the right dose of cytomel or a replacement.

  26. Ada

    I have a few suggestions for you. I can’t eat tomatoes either because of my GERD and I found these tomoato free alternatives of Marina and Ketchup:

    (use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock for this) NO tomato Marina:

    NO-Tomato ketchup:

    and if you’re missing soy sauce:

    This lady has a blog where she talk about her kids going through a very restrictive diet because they’re allergic to so many things.

  27. shawn

    I just found your site and I an so excited! I have struggled with low thyroid most of my life and I have had 2 bouts with polyarteritis nodosa, an auto immune disease that is treated similar to cancer. About 2 years ago I made up my mind that I would research and learn how to get healthy and off the meds naturally. I am also tinkering with the idea of going gluten free. I can’t wait to see your auto immune and thyroid friendly recipes!!! Thank you for getting this out for us to see and benifit from! Prayers for continued health!!!

  28. Snaedis

    I also just found this site and wow it’s amazing! I was wondering why you are allowed to eat protein made out of rice and quinoa when you are not allowed to eat any grains ?

  29. Snaedis

    Ahh okay that makes sense 🙂 I now visit your blog every day, keep up the good work!
    I’m looking forward to seeing more Hashimoto’s friendly recipes 🙂

  30. Snaedis

    You should check out this blog and especially this article:


    It’s about foods that are cross reactive to gluten, that is the body thinks you are eating gluten (when you are not) and reacts the same way !! Really helped me and I seem to be super sensitive to many foods that are in fact gluten free.

    Rice is listed as one of the cross reactive foods so I e-mailed the doctor who wrote the article asking her if Rice Protein could be problematic…This is what she said:

    “Remember that when it comes to food reactions it is the protein portion of the food that is problematic, not the carbohydrate nor fat portion. Therefore if you were having a cross reactivity issue with rice the protein powder you describe would be a problem.”

    Just wanted to share this with you 🙂

  31. Andrea

    thank you for your blog..i’ve also hashimoto…i’m a 32 guy and i was very sad for this. i’m trying to think that i’ll find a girl like me for living together but i think it’s not easy because before i’ll have to live well with myself.

  32. Kerry

    Amber Shea, curioius how you are doing with your thyroid meds. Are you still on Cytomel?Do you feel better being gluten free?

  33. Dee

    Hello Amber,
    I too suffer from Hashimoto’s and I am also vegan. When I googled Vegan, Hashimoto’s your website came up (thankfully) and I was able to read your story. I checked out Dr. K’s book from our local library and have read through it once, but I plan to read it again. I’m about to begin the elimination diet so that I can determine the foods that are giving me trouble. Upon reading comments on Dr. K’s website, I was so sad to read that he refuses to work with Vegans. Also, there are so many comments from people with autoimmune disease on Dr. K’s website who have reverted from Veganism back to eating meat and dairy. I am so confused. Is there no way to feel any better without eating meat? Beans were a large source of protein for me previously, but I am eliminating them for now and have added protein powder. Any help, advice, or encouragement that you can provide would be great.

  34. jill merrall

    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s when I was 19. I am 40 now and am just discovering all of this information I’ve never known or been told about before. My doctor only treats my hypothyroidism and we never discuss anything else. I’ve begun my own search as I feel frustrated with my inability to keep weight off even with thyroid medication. I’m shocked to see the list of things that you cannot eat contain most of the things I do eat! I’ve been a vegetarian since I was eight years old (not vegan) so I live on legumes and quinoa! I’m looking forward to bringing these issues up at my next doctor’s appointment. Please keep the recipes coming…looking forward to trying some of this out!

  35. Alexa

    Are you based in the US or the UK? I have also read everything I could get my hands on. I have cut gluten and soy and keep alcohol, sugar and caffeine to a minimum but I would still like to go through my diet with a medical professional to see if there is anything else I could do.
    I am UK-based, also vegetarian (vegan phases) and have always been slim. I run and exercise whenever I have the energy and I am thankful that my weight gain has been minor (2-3kgs) so I am not looking for a diet but the healthiest way forward.
    I would appreciate any recommendations.

  36. Carrie

    Hi, I read you are now eating other stuff since you don’t seem to have problems with them. Did the autoimmune diet help you in any kind with your thyroid issues?

  37. Elle

    Hi Amber,

    Thanks for your post & continuing to answer people’s comments. I was just diagnosed with Hashimoto’s last week but have been experiencing extreme fatigue for the past year & migraines & weight gain for about 2 years. I keep taking the weight off with cleanses but I have to stay on top of it. I’m too tired to exercise. I have been a vegetarian for about 12 years. I am feeling so sick though, I am willing to eat anything to get better. I read the Dr Kharrazian diet recommendations & was about to try that but then found your original post where you modified it to be vegan so thought I might be able to do that, but noticed that yours included some foods that were on the avoid list. But then in the comments I see that it didn’t help you. I know we are all different so it my help me. I guess my question is, if I am willing to stop being a vegetarian until my gut is healed, do you think that is worth trying? What is the reason your diet allowed foods not on the list, like seeds & cacao etc? thanks.

  38. Elle

    Thanks. I’m hoping I can do this but I read that regular doctors who take insurance don’t do this & that a lot of the Dr K trained doctors sake for $7,000 – $9,000 up front.

  39. Christina

    I too have Hashimoto’s and gut issues. How are you doing by the way? May I ask who you were/are consulting with for the Hashi’s? Always looking for someone knowledgeable… Thank you! Going to check out your book next! 🙂

  40. Jessyca

    Hi Amber,

    I have Hoshimotos and have been on an anti-inflammatory diet. I was told several times I needed to stop my Vegan diet and begin eating meat to regulate my thyroid. With soy being eliminated from my diet and tomatoes it’s hard to know what to eat. What are you doing?

  41. Jessyca

    Dear Amber,

    I too became healthier with the addition of 1/2 and 1/2 and butter. My hair, scalp, skin and hair dramatically improved. I don’t care so much for eggs but I having trouble adding in eggs and meat after also being Vegan. Ultimately, I guess we have to do what our body needs and it’s okay.

  42. Michelle

    How are you feeling now…just got diagnosed and feeling hopeful but the precession for me has been SLOW!! Sick of the inflammation and feeling like I’m sinking all the time!

  43. Bianca

    Can you walk us through a full day overview of what you eat every 1-2 hours? I have similar food restrictions as yourself including Hashimoto’s and Celiac and find it hard to eat so many times a day.

  44. Disa

    Hi! I’m curious how long you had to stay on this diet before you could introduce other foods like eggs and nuts? 🙂

    Best regards,

  45. Janine

    Hello Amber 🙂

    I just stumbled over your post today and found it very interesting.
    In April I went to my GP (from the UK) and my blood levels (THS) were not good, in May we did another test with the following results:

    Anti-TPO Antibodies: 1146 U/ml (opposed to 0.00 – 150.00 U/ml)
    Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs: 1077 U/ml (opposed to 0.00 – 150.00 U/ml)
    THS: 11.88 mlU/L (opposed to 0.27-4.20 mlU/L)
    Serum free T4: 14.2 pmol/L (opposed to 10.00-23.00 pmol/L)

    and my GP told me that from the looks of it my body is already fighting against my thyroid and an underactive thyroid is obvious. he has not put me on any medication and has not recommended anything e.g. special diet etc. – she advise that we will do another blood test in October and see if it improved or not.

    Quite frankly: I do not want to wait that long as it freaks me out a bit (I wish I already had your lovely, positive attitude), but I want to change as much as I can from my side diet-wise as I truly believe it can make a difference and reduce the antibodies.

    What is your opinion? I am completely new to this and overwhelmed with this situation, but seeing that other people dealn with it gives me hope that it can be more or less ‘controlled’.

    I can also see that this post is from some time ago – how do you feel today?! Are you back on certain foods? I am currenlty trying to cut out sugar, white flour, grains, soya, alcohol – but feel like such an amateur as there are so many hidden ingredients in food.

  46. Paula Brown

    Hi I have suffered so much from the Autoimmune diseases such as Hypothyroid, sjogrens abd raynauds with host of other problems. I am willing to try anything to feel better at this time. I want to purchase your cookbook. My biggest challenge is I work for a orthopaedic physician and I need easy snack ideas on the days were seeing patents. I hope this will work and my other question is what type of exercises do you do. I have problems with high impact at times but able to walk, cycle, zumba at times and weight lifting. Do you have any suggestions. I need HELP I just want to feel better…