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  1. Noelle (@singerinkitchen)

    I need to make this ASAP! What a lovely spread. I would just dip strawberries in that butter. YUM!

  2. Yvette Brooks

    I love this recipe AND blog entry.

    I usually do an un cream cheese cake out of cashews AND THIS looks like it is going to be my replacement. I can do your recipe for un cream cheese cake in almond crumb crust.

    Thank you for posting <3 <3 <3

  3. hungryvegantraveler

    My goodness, that’s pretty!

  4. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Wow, that looks good! I love your little aside about the difference between fats as expressed through other languages. I never realized just how much our language could influence common incorrect beliefs about fat. Neat stuff.

  5. Dudette

    Fantastic idea! I have a fear that I would be eating it right out of the jar with a spatula as well….

  6. Britny

    That would be a great sub for cream cheese on a bagel! Yum!

  7. Roseann

    Wow…. I can’t wait to try this. Thanks sooo much for sharing !!!

  8. dandyapples

    This looks so good, can’t wait to try 🙂 I think it would also be good as a spread for a “dessert pizza”.

    Also, I just noticed this blog post on hypothyroidism at 23andMe, which is a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company. I thought you might be interested: http://spittoon.23andme.com/2012/04/13/no-hype-over-hypothyroidism/

    Looks like scientists are at least making some progress in untangling the genetics of these autoimmune diseases!

  9. veggieamore

    Wow! Does that look delightful. I might try it with blueberries, since they’re in season by me. Then I’ll have to drizzle it over the top of a big bowl of berries…mmmm…

  10. Char Star (@chars_kitchen)

    Hi Amber! I’ve gotten so behind on a lot of blogs, and didn’t realize all that you were going through. I read back through your other posts, and I’m in shock. I’m so sorry that you’re going through so much, but I find it so admirable that you’re willing to share your story and talk about it with others. That takes bravery. I have no doubt you’ll be able to manage well with the guidance of your doctor, and the healthy meal plan you have set out for yourself. Strawberry Coconut Butter? Yes, please! 🙂

    take care!! xoxo

  11. Megan

    Oh my gosh, this looks so delicious. I would eat it straight off the spatula, too!

    And I’m so glad you mentioned your linguist perspective on the English use of the word “fat.” I wish we had separate terms like they do in Spanish! Perhaps that would make people fear the dietary type less, becuase I absolutely agree that fat doesn’t make you fat!

  12. Tara

    Hi Amber!
    I really enjoyed this post. I can’t wait to try the strawberry coconut butter! I bet it would be awesome on your banana bread squares, which I have fallen in love with. Good luck with your new diet and your beautiful new apartment. Thank you for sharing this recipe and all of the info with it!

  13. elamonster

    Oh Amber, this sounds so incredibly delicious! I think it would be divine rolled up in romaine leaves too!

    I _love_ your talk about why it’s such a healing combo too, and really appreciate your language lesson about fat/adiposity–you are so right! I have to say, though, I did gain weight two years ago when I was eating _a lot_ of coconut oil (tho’ not as much as my ND wanted me to eat)–but perhaps I should also confess that at the time I had lost too much weight and theoretically “needed” to gain weight, so maybe it wasn’t the coconut oil’s ‘fault.’ This is coconut butter, not straight oil, too, so kinda different with the fiber in there.

    One question—why do you prefer NuNaturals stevia?Just curious–I like to use pure stevia with nothing added, and I thought NuNaturals added some sort of ‘natural flavoring’ or maltodextrin.


  14. Heather

    There’s a very strong possibility (like 100%) that I will be making this over the weekend! YUM! Thank you for the recipe!

  15. veganhomemade

    Sounds absolutely delicious! On a side note, I finally ordered your book a few days ago and am excited to pore over it, hopefully this weekend!

  16. Kelli

    Amber, you are so gracious in sharing so much info! I have the ingredients to make this… now to just get off work to get home. 🙂

  17. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    Oh, this looks heavenly. My body isn’t a fan of the coconut oi/butter (my damn seisitive blood type…I’m one of the ‘weirdos’ whose risks actually outweigh benefits when it comes to coconut fat and things like raw butter, both of which do amazing things for other people’s bodies)…although I do love the taste. But I bet a few Tbsp. of this wouldn’t be so bad, especially with the straberries blended in. That would be scrumptious on a g-free, vegan baked goodie when you can get back to eating them!

  18. Em (@Pureglow16)

    this is so amazing!!! you rock girl 🙂 i respect you so much for sharing your hashimotos story with us. I am also verrrrrry sorry you are having to go through that. I know how it is to juggle having a ‘fun looking’ blog when your health doesn’t feel too fun itself… also not wanting people to think what your eating is causing it! I actually suspect i could have some thyroid issues; but my levels were in the ‘normal range.’ although im not sure i can trust those tests completely. anyways… this is definitely a go-to recipe when im off my anti candida no sugar diet! it looks so yummy; and i love how you talked about coconut oil being good for the thyroid and digestive system. So true!

  19. Caitlin @ The Vegan Chickpea

    this justs looks so darn good. i imagine myself making this and then just eating it by the spoonful.

    and raw graham crackers sound perfect with this! you are a raw genius 😉

  20. bitt

    yum amber! this recipe is right up my alley. i need to make homemade coconut butter, one of these days with my own dehdyrated coconut. coconut butter is so good to me that I hardly could even think of a way to improve it and you did! i just thought of something for those who can’t eat strawberry, some vanilla bean or strawberry extract (all natural of course) would be awesome. i have been into those lately when i can’t do fruit.

  21. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Gosh, this looks amazing! The pictures make me think of creamy softserve strawberry frozen yoghurt, but this would be even better!

  22. Hannah

    Swoony-mcswoonerston! Must admit, I’m not the hugest fan of strawberries but my mind is whirling with possibilities. Fuyu persimmon coconut butter! Fig persimmon butter! Kiwi mango coconut butter! With cacao nibs!

    All from the spoon. No other way. (I just finished scraping the last of the White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter jar with my finger. ‘Cause I’m classy like that.)

  23. hollyeatsinfrance

    Wow this looks so good. I’m going to try and find coconut butter next time I go to the store, otherwise I’ll just make it on my own.

  24. Marie-Guy Maynard

    I really want to try this, but I don’t have any stevia. What could I replace it with?

  25. Heather

    Looks delish! Love coconut butter – great idea to add the berries.

  26. Stefanie

    That looks dangerously good. 🙂

  27. Tracy

    Looks amazing! I just got a hand me down Vitamix and have been wanting try my hand at coconut butter- I think I will be making this version!

  28. Amber

    Hi Amber,

    This looks so divine. And I do, in fact, have a ton of coconut butter on hand. I’ll have to try this one for sure! I’m all about easy, and this looks super easy…and super delicious! Just can’t go wrong with that combo! 🙂


  29. Megan Brianna

    I’m glad that you love it and it’s good for your body too! What a great combo! I wish it looked good to me… Maybe I should just try it and I’ll like it. Isn’t that what my mama told me? 🙂

  30. thesusan1

    Hi Amber. I’m thinking of you today and can relate to gaining weight when you don’t want to (I’m on insulin). I really think our food is poisoned with some nasty stuff. Hard to know what triggers what. Anyway I wish you the best and hope some rest will get you right as rain my dear!

  31. thesusan1

    So this was incredible but I had some trouble making the coconut butter in my Vitamix due to the dryness of the unsweetened almost powdery flakes. So I added some flavored “Hint” brand water-watermelon flavor. The result is a bit thinner but I literally had to just step away from the mixer as I ate so much if the holy stuff! Also, on the coconut subject-they say that cultures that eat coconut have less belly fat-if you look at those cultures around the world that eat a normal diet and eat a lot of coconuts it seems true but who knows.

  32. thesusan1

    Oh and to me it tasted like Strawberry Shortcake when I ate it on a piece of Toasted Bread. Heaven! Thanks for sharing!!!

  33. Tame

    Reblogged this on T&J and commented:
    this recipe looks so good, I just had to add it to my blog 🙂 and she’s LOCAL!! Meaning in Missouri!! SQUEE 😀

  34. my sleepy kitchen

    Thanks for all the info on coconut oil and healthy fats – I knew that coconut was good for you, but not the specifics. My family has a history of underactive thyroids, and I also have trouble with digestion, so looks like I need to make this ASAP! Thanks for the tip on how to make coconut oil in a food processor as well.

  35. hihorosie

    Oh. My. Why didn’t I think of that?! Looks awesome. I’d stick my whole face in it.

  36. tessadomesticdiva

    my oh my! i love coconut butter, and with stawberries? yes please! i bet mango would be outstanding too…so making this, thank you! pinned

  37. Carol Ann

    Oh I want to eat it now! Mango sounds great as well. have to wait until tomorrow, as I have to shop.

  38. Jessy (squeezetheday)

    O yum, I haven’t thought of adding fruit to homemade nut butters! But I assume this would change how long they can keep? Homemade coconut butter lasts pretty long in our house, so I’m afraid if I added strawberries it would go bad too soon.

  39. brogg

    have just made this strawberry coconut butter, sort of. i ground up shredded coconut in the food processor forever, it didn’t get quite as smooth as a jar of purchased coconut butter but delicious nonetheless, i threw in maybe 10 strawberries and really resisted the urge to put too much stevia in – maybe just 4 drops of this vanilla stevia i have. wow, yummy. my sweet tooth and the newly discovered h.pylori in my gut are screaming for three times as many strawberries or oh, raspberries, and way way more stevia 😉 HOWEVER i have been very interested in reading about your food plan for your body – i have had something similar recommended, as i have some health struggles myself, i had a mashed sweet potato salad last night with dandelion greens, a bit of sliced apple and lightly sweetened with stevia coconut butter drizzled all over and coconut oil in the mashed sweets – it was GOOD.

  40. (what runs) Lori


    Can I eat it with a spoon…? From the jar…?

    At your house?!

  41. Xina Lynn

    With several autoimmune diseases of my own, including Hashi’s, I am always thrilled to find another vegan thyroid chef out there — although I am so sorry to see your all-too-familiar tale of illness and diagnosis. I was sick for 10 years before they figured out what it was and I sympathize with the horror of it all and with the dissonance between “living and promoting a super healthy lifestyle” and “then suddenly being pretty damn sick” when you’re only in your 20s. Anyway, this treat looks fantastic! I have to disagree about the salt selection though. I always use iodized salt b/c iodine is essential to thyroid function and so very hard to get into the diet without iodized salt. And with the possible impaired absorption due to all the autoimmune inflammation, it’s another thing among so many that we have to worry we’re not getting enough of. I only found your blog a few weeks ago but I love what you’re doing and wish you all the best in dealing with this. You’re not alone!

  42. Pixie

    This made my mouth water and my stomach growl! I definitely am going to have to try it out.
    I am horrified at the $$ you are having to pay for organic berries! I am so blessed with Kroger. I regularly buy org. strawberries for about 30 cents more than conventional – and this past week got them for $2 a pound. I hear this over and over from friends around the country that don’t have a Kroger near by. Sometimes the organic stuff is CHEAPER than the conventional ~ go figure!

  43. LisaRenee Ciancio Fogarty

    where do you find coconut butter? I have only seen coconut oil? I love this recipe… still want to buy your book.. I have a lot of questions for you.. about going vegan, your platform before the book? and chef… Do you have a facebook page?

  44. Tiffany

    Maybe you can help me… I made my own coconut butter. It was butter-like for about a day and then it hardened like a rock!!! Of course, it’s in a glass jar now and I can’t figure out how to get it out!!! But I was wondering if you’ve ever had that problem or if you know why that would happen? I want it out so I can put strawberries in it! This recipe looks awesome!!! 🙂

  45. Jacquelynn

    I can’t wait to try this! I am fairly new to the vitamix, but do you have any tips on getting all of the butter out of the blender? Thanks!

  46. Wendy

    I personally have the answer to the Vitamix problem. My husband. He used to be a fisherman before he was vegan. He is used to doing time consuming tedious things–he has transformed that from unknotting fishing lines to cleaning out our Vitamix.

    Yes, I can well imagine consuming this straight off the spatula. Makes perfect sense to me. 🙂

  47. maria (@maria39997712)

    hey there, I’m going to make that recipe. I like the jar and label. Did you make the label? If so how? What kind of jar is that and where do you get them?


    1. Dana

      Hi Maria, this is obviously way after the fact and I’m sure I’m taking a chance that you’ll even get this…and by now, you’ve probably found what you were looking for, but just in case you haven’t…the jar is a “quilted” mason jar. Ball glass makes them (there may be others). You can find them either on line at Amazon at a great price (just search for quilted jars and they will pop up). Also, if you have an Ace Hardware near you, they also carry them. I love the quilted as well. 🙂

  48. Vegan2Raw

    I’m new to the raw food thing & I don’t really know how to go about making or preparing raw dishes I’d like to eat. After seeing your photos & the creative ways you’ve prepared raw dishes it seems possible for me to exist on a mostly raw diet & have it be a pleasurable experience. I’m grateful that you take the time to do what you love & share it with the rest of us so we can enjoy it too. :))

  49. Michele

    Oh my gosh, this sounds DELICIOUS!!!! I tried raw coconut butter for the first time last week, but I could definitely see myself blending it with fruit + dipping graham cracker pieces in. I came up with a fun recipe, for chocolate coconut butter candies – all raw ingredients. Its not sugar free, but it only has a minimal amount of sugar. Check it out!


    short girl, long island

  50. bebopsbaby

    OMG ive been madly pinning all your recipes and just laughed to myself cos there is no way i can pin them all. They are already all here for me, there are just too many i want to try!! Excited 😀

  51. Dana

    Hi Amber ~ Just curious if you have any idea as to how long this Strawberry Coconut butter will keep in the frige? If you mention it anywhere or someone asked the same q, I must have missed it. But yah, I made it and have a small jar left (believe it or not). I sort of forgot it was in there. I know, how could I, right? It’s probably a good two weeks old by now, if not longer (oh boy). I fear it is no good since fresh strawberries ARE an ingredient. If so, what a horrible waste (boo whoo!). Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks so much.

  52. Tess

    This looks amazing! Strawberries mold so quickly in my fridge…but I can see as soon as the mold starts to sprout. How long does this keep? I’d be concerned when the strawberries start to go, I wouldn’t be able to see in the pinkness of the butter.

  53. Amanda

    Hi Amber! I have been making your recipes and loving them! I just tried this recipe but for some reason I put the coconut unsweetened shreds in my vitamix and it was 5 minutes and still not creamy just the same shreds. Did I do something wrong?

  54. Meg

    Do you think it would work to can this in order for it to keep a bit longer? Has anyone tried that with this? Thanks! 🙂

  55. Rennie

    Is that fresh shredded coconut or dried?

  56. Rebecca Sorenson

    I loved this!! So delicious!

  57. Gwen Lawton

    Had a little trouble making the coconut butter….all I had was sweetened coconut, not sure if that was part of it. But, I kept at it, it never did look like your picture…but I added the strawberries and OH MY WORD…..wonderful! This is definitely going to be a staple in my home…and I love making homemade gifts, this is going to be one….going to try the unsweetened coconut and see how that works

  58. Ann

    I do not seem to be able to get the coconut to the”butter” stage. Help.

  59. Beverly

    This is my new favorite dessert, and I didn’t even bother with stevia! I used 20 raspberries and added a tablespoon or so of coconut butter just because it seemed right. And oh, it must have been, because this is just amazing.

  60. Kendy

    Do you think the strawberry coconut butter could be frozen?

  61. Sandra

    Hi Amber, Just discovered your site. I want to turn this into a fudge and dip in white chocolate. What adjustments should I make? Or should I use a jarred fruit spread?

    Thank you

  62. deb

    So…..my understanding is maltodextrin is a sugar. And not good for you. So why would NuNaturals add it to their stevia?? And call it sugar-free