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  1. Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    So sorry to hear about Shanna!! That’s so sad. Cancer is just fucking evil. She sounds like a lovely soul (especially because she loved Tori!!).

    As for the food log, it doesn’t sound so bad. Lots of smoothies, but that’s okay because smoothies are delicious. I must try your strawberry coconut butter, for real-real.

  2. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    I’m really sorry to hear about your friend. It’s like something’s in the water, it seems like everyone I know has lost someone special recently. I’m glad she had a chance to make an impression on your life.

    You seem to be finding plenty of delicious things to eat even with so many restrictions right now. I love snacking all day like that rather than clearly defined meals anyway, you get to taste so many more different things that way.

  3. elamonster

    So sorry about your friend. The fact you never met in person underscores for me the poignancy of the fact that it’s possible to get really close, and really miss, people who are friends via the internet. Agree with the previous commenter–so many deaths recently, so many people moving.

    I could live on smoothies, except occasionally I want to chew something–for which lettuce/celery/carrots are perfect!

    I’m curious whether Matt’s eating any of the same things as you atm or if he’s hitting the freezer burgers stash, or traveling. You know Phil and I eat almost completely differently–unless I make a salad (and even then usually a dressing I wouldn’t touch on the side), we’re basically eating two completely different meals.

    Glad you’re getting such good nourishment and really, some variety!
    Hope you’re feeling good on it.

  4. Kerri Di Costantino

    yes please! so funny I am obsessed with the roasted cauliflower thing now too! we eat very similar, as we have very similar diagnosis!

  5. Sara

    Very interesting!Just curious why you are eating so often and consuming so much protein? I am currently trying to follow food combining. Have you ever tried it and any thoughts on it?

  6. Laura

    I just read your post and learned about Shanna’s passing. Shanna and I used to converse with each other after we discovered each other’s blogs. I very much enjoyed hearing from her and reading her comments on my blog and it was a treat to get private emails from her. I am so saddened to hear about her passing. Her blog was inspirational to me when I was first diagnosed with cancer back in March ’10. I have been thinking a lot about her lately, she had sent me a letter in the mail a month or so ago and since my recent move I failed to get it. I hope it is not lost forever in the land of the USPS. I am so saddened by this news. Cancer Can Suck It!

  7. bitt

    So sorry for your loss. I have heard of too many lately. It’s sad when someone is so young. Glad you were an inspiration to her.

    Interesting about the diet, it was good to see how it played out in terms of what you DO eat instead of the no this, no that thing. Good thing coconut butter is ok! I try to get in a tablespoon a day too. is there a reason for spacing it like that? blood sugar?

    More interestingly to me is also the emotional and detox part of this. For me, getting rid of certain foods always gives me a period of mourning the loss of certain foods. Did you experience any of that? I know you said you had some detox symptoms too. It’s hard as we have a lot of emotional attachment to food.

  8. Tara

    Hi Amber,
    Just wanted to say that I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend ; ( Also, I like this post, as I am curious about your diet and how it works for you. Hope u r feeling yourself again soon!!

  9. Hannah

    Sending you such love. It seems like that cancer fucker has been skulking around too many of us right now; I seem to be hearing of another person being taken too young far, far too often. All hugs and support, and I know the agony of someone being taken before your plans to meet eventuated. When I got back from UVA and switched majors from English to Sociology, I necessarily had to stop working one-on-one with the English academic I’d spent the first two years of my degree with. He was an incredible man, and kept talking of catching up over coffee, and yet I felt so guilty about “abandoning” him that I never quite got around to it. At the beginning of my Honours year, he felt unwell during a lecture, went back to his office, where he had a stroke and was gone.

    I still have one of his books that he lent me, and I’ll never give it away. xoxo

  10. Kelli

    That breaks my heart. Sounds like cancer took another wonderful person well before her time. Thank you for posting a snapshot of your current menu. You are way more creative with such a limited menu than I am with having a ton of choices. Thank you for the inspiration. Hugs to you and Shanna’s family~~

  11. fitnessoversixty

    Thank you for your gentle reminder that each person in a community is real and how we interact with each other does matter; Shanna was a beautiful young woman.

    I hope you are feeling better! I am not surprised at all that you have engagements, didn’t I tell you that would happen?! Although your knowledge and experience are what attracts people, it is the essence of you that make them glad they met you.

    Now, to FOOD! I am digging into some of these recipes today and see what fits in our diets, everything looks so good, I want it all!

    Happy creating,

  12. fitnessoversixty

    Reblogged this on fitnessoversixty and commented:
    Amber Shea is a fasinating, authentic young woman whose recipes and nutritional expertise are exceptional. I bought her cookbook and am thrilled to have it and be a part of her BLOG community. Perhaps you will enjoy as well!

  13. Cat

    I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Amber. It’s sad how often we are reminded how short and fragile life can be!

    Thanks for sharing this peak into your very private world. I hope your current regimen is helping! I’ve always been a “grazer” as well and I try to eat every ~2 hrs to keep my blood sugar stable (I don’t have any diagnosed condition, but I certainly feel better when I’m doing that). I understand how difficult it can be to maintain a “regular” life when you’re breaking all the time for snacks!

    Stay strong… Deep breaths! Much love!

  14. Kristel Hayes (@KristelMesh)

    Wow, Amber…your dedication to Shanna is so touching. Deep stuff, especially knowing how much you meant to each other without ever having met face to face.

    Good job on the food regimen!

  15. Susan

    So sorry to hear about your friend Amber. It just doesn’t make sense, so many people are getting cancer, it’s scary.

    On a brighter note, thanks for writing the best book ever. I love it and my skin is glowing, my eyes are sparkling since using your recipes. I feel wonderful, so many friends have commented that I’m glowing at the moment. Thank you!

  16. An Unrefined Vegan

    Amber, I’m so sorry to read this about your friend, Shanna. No way around it, she was too young to die. Unfortunately cancer seems to have become a permanent part of my life via family members and well, I’d be happy never to see or hear the word again. The specter of it is one reason I went vegan.

    Maybe it’s the voyeur in me, but it’s very interesting to see your menu for each day. I’m constantly tinkering with my diet – adding more raw, more green smoothies and less grains. Anyway…thanks for sharing.

  17. knitalittlekitty

    Amber, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend Shanna. I’m a new reader and I love the positive perspective and environment you maintain here. It is certainly inspirational.

    This post was really neat to read, thanks for sharing. It’s great that your doctors are embracing your dietary philosophy and encouraging you to maintain who you and what you stand for as you heal. I imagine that that is comforting.

    I wanted to pop in and let you know that recently ordered and received your cookbook in the mail and I love it! I made six recipes out of it just yesterday. They literally take no time at all (using a dehydrator is interesting!), and everything turns out delicious. Thanks for putting it out there and for helping to make raw food accessible, practical, and super delicious. I plan to go 75/25% raw (I’m already mostly vegan) and can’t wait to see where the journey leads!

  18. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    So, so sorry to hear about your friend. 🙁 She’s my age, and that’s such a young age to leave. And I believe every single life has a purpose, and some leave earlier than others if for no other reason than to teach the rest of us to love a little more deeply and to appreciate things just a little bit more than we did yesterday.
    On a happier note, your diet doesn’t look so bad. Of course I’d be dying to add in some nuts or eggs and a little seafood by now. But I go days at a time where I’m eating almost nothing except fruits and veggies. Somtimes it’s what my body requires. I could eat roasted cauliflower all day, every day.

  19. Joe Rakowski

    Hello Amber. I’m very interested in what has been going on as of late?
    I am an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor with a dear friend who has been suffering from Hypo but only recently found out that she did indeed have Hashimoto’s and the Doc’s just decided to label her Hypo despite knowing that she has had the disease for about 10yrs.
    I’m developing a strict routine and food choices for her as well as herbal supplements to boost the Immune system and metabolism.
    I was wondering why your doc cut out almost all nuts and legumes?
    Does your doctor have a site or anything explaining this?
    Thank you!
    Hope you are doing VERY well!!!

  20. Jeannine

    Sorry to hear about your friend, my condolences. Thank you for posting this, sometimes it’s difficult to make a meal plan from a list of can’t and can have’s. This helps a lot! Though I can’t imagine eating 5 cups steamed broccoli, blech.. I can’t stomach it. Where do you get your coconut aminos? I will be in the US next weekend and hoping to find some while I’m there.

  21. Chris

    Hi! When you make green smoothies, do you first cook your greens that produce goitrogens? I am trying to understand how to make green smoothies/juices with hypothyroid issues.


  22. Bella

    I am so happy to have found your blog, and that you have shared your tribulations with this anti inflammatory diet. I had to do this diet a few years back and I am feeling sick again. I know I have to get on it again as I have led myself back to some bad food habits that are making me sick. Reading your list for one, has more than the list I was given including seeds, cacao powder, super foods, sweeteners you listed, sweet potatoes, and rice protein powder! What about mushrooms? was that allowed for you? I am thinking your doctor is very up to date and that is why these certain foods are found to be ok. You may have thought this was a limited list, but to me this is definitely expanded! I am excited about doing this now. Do you believe the unsweetened almond or coconut milk in tetrapaks are ok? And after reading that you eat THIS in one day, I am excited once again to try your menu! It is so different than what I usually eat, which is cooked meat/veggie combos. I’m going to read on and hope to find your end conclusions to doing this diet. I hope you have positive things to say and wish you the best.