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  1. Noelle (@singerinkitchen)

    FEEL better Amber! SO sorry you are having to feel that way.

  2. tamikkob

    I am so in love with this recipe. It’s perfect because it has just 5 ingredients and all you have to do is mix and eat. I may have to eat some before they go in the fridge but I think some might make it there. This should give the protein boost and nutrition that I need to make it through those times when I feel like I’m starving and don’t want to spend a whole lot of time making something. I sympathize with your situation because I don’t have my health under control and you can see it when you look at me. I feel like crap all the time. I hope you find the right med’s and the right balance asap. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  3. Co

    My new favourite word “craptastic”…I am also having one of those weeks. I hope you feel better, keep up the good work.

  4. Kristel Hayes (@KristelMesh)

    Aw man…I’m so glad you had enough energy to make these little treats! They look delish. I’m putting vanilla protein powder on my shopping list this week & will definitely be giving them a try. Thanks, as always, for sharing. Sending healing & happy vibes your way!

  5. Kim Gordon

    Amber – I hope everything worked to kill off the ‘bad guys’ – yikes! Thanks for continuing to post stuff at all. These cake balls look AWESOME – got to try these for my girls. Thinking of you…

  6. sarah@thesweetlife

    This is amazing! I have all this soy protein powder left over from when I was pregnant with nothing to do with it. Cake Batter Balls it is! Thanks.

  7. Rachelle

    Just left a review on Amazon!

  8. Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    Ah, I just wanna give you a big ole hug! And I don’t even like hugs! 🙂 I hope you start feeling better soon. I know being bloated has to be the worst (I think that would be even worse that physically feeling bad …). I’m sure, though, that this thing will turn around soon. I just know it! Also, those cake balls look amazing! I really must track down some coconut flour.

  9. Carlin

    Have you tried these with the chocolate sun warrior powder yet Amber? Sure they would be good too ! And by the way, I”m in med school now, so we will have a MK alum in the medical world to help heal all the (high) raw vegans in need of someone in medicine who understands them:) sending blessings, ox Carlin

  10. Amber

    Hi Amber,

    These are simply divine. You are so cleaver. These would be such a fantastic snack for my kiddos! perfect afternoon pick-me-up. 🙂

    Hope you’re doing well.


  11. elamonster

    Amber–let’s talk soon! I’m sorry you’re having a rough time with the meds–it all sounds like healing to me, though. I hope you can ignore the waterbloat. Herxheimer/die-off reaction maybe too? Here’s to good tenants in your apartment building of self! (speaking of, I have a poem to send you on those lines).

    I just got some sunwarrior pea protein–liking it so far. I keep promising a protein powder blog post, and think I’ll do it within the week. That’s a lovely little recipe you got there. I bet it works with 2-3 tbs of coconut butter instead of the coconut flour+oil too. And so versatile–you could add all kinds of flavors to customize–vanilla, mint, all the medicine flower flavors…

    Looking forward to talking–let me know when might work.

  12. Rita

    owwww, wouldn’t those be good to spoon down and use for strawberry shortcake! Tks for the recipe!!!

  13. Peggy

    Can’t wait to try these, I need a sweet! Feel better 🙂

  14. Heather

    Oh no! Sorry to hear that you’re feeling crappy right now 🙁 Sending happy positive vibes to feel wonderful again! The cake balls sound yummy – great high protein snack. Still waiting for my copy of Practically Raw to arrive – stoked for it!!! 😀

  15. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    So sorry to hear you’re having a particularly bad week. I love this simple little recipe, a few ingredients for a quick sweet snack fix.

  16. Nicki @ ChenaRaw

    Yum! I am trying these first thing when I get home.

  17. Christine

    Hope you feel better soon – and know that even though you don’t like sending out posts about feeling crappy, your “friends” want to know how you’re doing, and that’s what this community is all about! If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t ask. So that being said, thanks for posting a recipe even when you don’t feel well. I also added another review for your book, I love it!

  18. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    Amber, you are so clever. I’d have never thought to make little cake batter balls out of protein powder! I almost want to run out get some of the protein you are using just to make these. The texture looks amazing, like the flour-containing cookie dough balls.
    So sorry about your shitty week. Def sounds like you are experiencing MAJOR die-off symptoms from the bacteria. I have never experienced it that way, but I know my husband got very gassy and crampy when he went on a probiotic for the first time. And with the high count that you had…that’s what it sounds like. You poochy belly sounds like it’s probably just bloat from die-off and water weight. (I’m guessing that’s where your 10 lbs. came from…or the thyroid might be going a little crazy temporarily as it tries to balance back out.) You WILL feel worse before you feel better. There are a few lucky ones who do not go through such a severe detox, but I’ve not met many. It was this way with me, even on the Chinese herbs and the homeopathics. It was 2 weeks of hell, the third week got a little better–but in all honesty in 6 weeks I felt better than I’d felt in years. That may not be your experience…every body is different. And remember–you took a rather aggressive approach to this. The meds and probiotics and super strict diet…you are getting this from all angles at once, and that usually leads to a quick and furious detox.
    Remember to say kind things to yourself first thing in the morning, even if you aren’t digging how you look right now. Where the mind goes, the body will follow.

  19. Tara

    Sorry to hear that you’re feeling awful! It WILL get better!!! I don’t have your condition but I DO know what it feels like to feel like your body is out of control. It’s the loneliest feeling in the world. My thoughts are with you. Thank you for the amazing cake batter recipe. I love thar they’re super-healthy!

  20. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Have you ever had these?

    They are Chunks of Energy and for the life of me, I have been wanting to recreate an at-home version. The add-in’s are irrelevant, it’s the base of the “dough” that I am trying to nail and it either gets too crumbly with protein powder, too sweet if I add more agave, too blah if I use too much coconut powder. Soy powder/flour does exist, different that soy protein powder, but it’s a hard to source item. Anyhooo…I need to make these and then compare to my beloved Chunks. 🙂

  21. Hannah

    *hugs hugs hugs* It’s simply no fun when you’re in the low part of “it gets worse before it gets better”, but it WILL get better. I wish I could give you a baby kangaroo to cuddle when you feel like crying xoxoxo

    P.S. Yay! I’ve gone off smoothies lately and so my Sunwarrior has been sitting abandoned in the pantry. Will try this as soon as I restock my coconut flour 🙂

  22. Jes

    You know, I actually went straight home yesterday and made these, but using the cacao/hemp/maca protein powder I had on hand and some cacao nibs 😀

  23. bitt

    I can so relate. I get bad bloat too like a pregnant lady, the nausea too. All the bad symptoms of being pregnant but no baby. I know a few people said the bloat could be die-off. I have had some of that too. I am curious the meds you are taking, I certain antibiotics can even cause candida and you probably don’t want that on top of your current situation. (Only mentioning it because it came up when I googled H pylori drugs and it’s one I’ve taken and researched–I’m basically on all the drugs for that even though I don’t have an ulcer) I know you got tested for candida but the tests are notoriously innaccurate. I hate the whole idea of getting worse before you get better too but it’s just how it has to go sometimes. Hard to think of it getting better in the midst of it all. Sometimes all it takes is a little glimpse of feeling better, hope you get that soon even if it’s just fleeting, it helps boost morale.

    The cake balls look so good. I am not the hugest fan of the sunwarrior flavor by itself, but I like the idea of this. I may have to add some cacao in there to further mask it. Or try another protein powder. The stevia in the sunwarrior is too strong for me.

  24. Tanya Zepeda

    Awwww my poor girl! I’m so sorry! Hubby has had tummy issues forever! H. Pylori was a problem for a while too. I almost don’t feel bad for him because he REFUSES to eat healthy foods (HATES my ‘fake’ food) so he suffers the consequences. But you, you poor angel, I’m so sorry you have to go through all of this! Praying for better health!!! Maybe papaya could be in an upcoming recipe? I hear they’re great for digestion!

  25. thegorillaexperiment

    Hi Amber Shea, I just found your site and, while I’m not vegan or raw entirely, I love trying out new vegan and raw recipes. I just ordered the Sunwarrior protein, so I’m excited to try these balls!….um, yeah, you know what I mean. Is there one recipe you have that you’d say is the most popular or best reviewed? Thanks for any help!

  26. Krista Morgan

    Great recipe! I’m always looking for little snacks I can pack on the go!

  27. rawkinmom

    these look so good!!!

  28. Gena

    Great recipe! And so easy to make. I’ll have to try them myself!

    So sorry to hear you’re still not feeling your best. I look forward to when your elimination diet draws to a close…perhaps the added food/nutrition will actually serve to strengthen and heal. Sending good thoughts.

  29. Lindsey

    Love these! Such a brilliant idea… couldn’t locate coconut flour so I subbed in cinnamon. Wow….good this they are such a great post workout snack along with some fruit (cause- lets face it- i dont always feel like having a protein drink….). Easy to make and even easier to eat! Thank you and hope youre feeling better!

  30. livefullblog

    Omg these are the best! I ate it all before I got a chance to roll it into balls. Thanks so much!

  31. Amy G.

    I had the H. Pylori bacteria back in April and it was miserable! Found your blog via Pinterest and love it! Hope you’re feeling better 🙂

  32. vegan_kitchen_nuggets

    I’ve been on low-dose antibiotics for about 6 months now and have cut out most sugar from my diet to avoid candida overgrowth. I’m always on the lookout for tasty sugar-free treats! I just made these (with the Sunwarrior powder, just plain flavor) and they are fan-frickin-tastic! Thanks for sharing! Hope you start feeling better soon.

  33. Liesl

    Spotted these on Pinterest and made them right away. I’m so glad to have found them—there are only so many protein smoothies a gal can eat!
    I use Lifetime Unsweetened protein powder because it has zero grams of sugar. When I made these I added a little stevia to the mixture but after I rolled them out into balls, I realized they could use a little more kick (of sweetness or something) so I rolled them in a granulated stevia and cinnamon mixture. Not bad!
    Thanks for sharing.

  34. veggiekidsblog

    Yummy recipe! I need to get some coconut flour. I had H.Pylori over a decade ago and it was awful. The meds made me feel icky and I decided to research natural remedies. Drinking massive quantities of cabbage juice daily is supposed to do the trick. I can’t remember the others but if you do a little research you should be able to cure it on your own with a little help from mother nature. Good luck!

  35. Dee Levin

    Oh I hope you are feeling better!! I had H.pylori last Oct and the meds they gave me had gluten in them, my insurance wouldnt pay for the gluten free meds…..soo sick for 6 weeks while I killed my bad gut bugs…still feeling some residual side effects of the meds….Where do I find the protien powder and the coconut flour and oil?? Have a great Labor day weekend!!

  36. miriambulcher

    WOW, these are AMAZING! I used Sunwarrior chocolate and it tastes soooooo good. I can’t get over it, and it’s so simple to make! Thank you so much for sharing this, you’re brilliant! 😀

  37. Allison

    Yummy! Thanks, my little ones will love this!! Have you tried using colloidal silver for the h. Pylori? Throw away your sponges too!! Good luck, praying for you!

  38. KalikoKoi

    Drink colloidal silver and take high quality probiotics to rid yourself of H.Pylori without damaging your immunity or irritating your GI tract! Awesome recipe as well! 🙂

  39. Lovey Jane Van Benthusen

    I have a question about these being grain free. Isn’t Sun Warrior made from rice? I’m not familiar with the other brand. Thanks!!! Much love to you!

  40. rachelmadore@gmail.com

    I just discovered that I have parasites based on my metametrix lab and was told that Apex Energetic’s GI Synergy would take care of them. Did you take this for your pylori? I know that pylori is a bacteria and not a parasite but just thought I would see. I have had so many negative reactions to things in the past that I’m afraid to try anything new!

  41. valerie

    Ok, those look amazing. Must. Try.

  42. nouna

    Hi! What can I use instead of the protein powder?

  43. nouna

    thanks for your quick reply :^)
    is it goog?
    It’s so common in France.

  44. Chelsea

    Found this post off of pinterest and wanted to let you know that my computer gave me a warning for potentially bad information and or spamming from your site. I’m on a mac and have very minimal security settings set.

    Thanks for the recipe!!

  45. Corrie

    Hey! I checked this page out because I am always on the hunt for peanut/ tree nut free recipes, as we have that allergy in our house… But I would be negligent to avoid noting that COCONUT is technically a tree nut, and should be treated as such. So to say this recipe is “nut free,” isn’t quite exactly right! However, it looks tasty, and I might try it after my nut-allergies go to bed!

  46. Tanya @ Playful and Hungry

    They look SO good!
    I just wish I could get raw vegan AND affordable protein powder where I live… In Germany, finding vegan protein powder is already kind of a challenge. And ordering it from the US is… expensive 😉

  47. CarolS

    My Sunwarrior was just delivered so I will be trying these soon!

  48. janet @ the taste space

    I was hesitant to try these because they seemed so weird… but they worked!! I used SunWarrior chocolate with great results! Now to investigate making it with unflavoured protein powder and some cocoa, me thinks. 🙂

  49. Anna

    Wow! Those look so good (something I can actually eat too) I have been gluten free for about a year and two months and vegan-ish (eggs once a month) for nearly nine months. There are so many options now, but it has been hard with the number of allergies I have. Besides being gluten intolerant, I am allergic to soy, cow’s milk, mushrooms, fennel, sesame seeds, cinnamon, beef, crab, cantaloupe, pineapple,and goat’s milk. I think it is so cool that you take people with allergies like mine into consideration. I just hope you will make some cinnamon-free desserts!

  50. Kari

    I’m confused…isn’t coconut considered a tree nut?

  51. Michaela

    I bought the sun warrior protein powder and my balls looked nothing like yours and tasted gross 🙁 What did I do wrong?

  52. Rachael

    Quick question-
    My son actually had a life threatening nut AND coconut allergy (go figure!) so I don’t buy coconut oil and/or flour even if it’s just for me.
    Do you know of any good subs for both of these that would work well in this recipe and still stay vegan and gluten free (I’m celiac!) ? :0)

  53. Rachel R.

    Given that this post is over a year old, I sure hope you’ve obliterated the H. pylori by now. But just in case someone else stumbling across this finds this useful…I’ve been researching this myself this week, and discovered a Journal article (Journal of Gastroenterology or something – I don’t recall off the top of my head) that said that several essential oils – most especially lemongrass and lemon verbena – were effective for killing H. pylori.

    I haven’t tried it yet, myself (still waiting on my oils to arrive in the mail), but if it works that sure sounds like a better option than antibiotics.

    As to the cake batter balls: have you tried these with chocolate protein powder, by any chance?

  54. Sherry

    I’d like to know, as well, have you tried it with the Sun Warrior Chocolate?

  55. Tiffany

    Amber, this recipe sounds great! Thanks for posting. Sorry you are not feeling well. Dandelion root tea can help with bloating. It is really strong so I mix it with a bit of juice in the tea. Feel better soon.

  56. Karmen Kelly

    Do you have any idea of the nutritional info on these wonderful things? Carbs, fat, protein & fiber? Thank you, Karmen

  57. Carole-Anne

    I’ve been looking for vegan low carb high protein balls for so long!! Thank you!!

  58. mary lowther

    Hi there,
    I just read this about your taking medication for H Pylori. I was also diagnosed with HP and prescribed medication. I looked it up on the internet and discovered that 75% of the world is infected with HP and that it is common for infants to acquire it when they begin breastfeeding.

    I also read that HP often hides within the stomach cells where anti-biotics can’t reach, so they can multiply again when the treatment stops. Also, HP likes consuming carbohydrates.

    So I didn’t take the medication and reduced my carbs hugely. I also reasoned that introducing fermented foods like kefir (you can make water kefir), sauerkraut and kombucha would help crowd out HP, so I started going nuts with the stuff. This was over a year ago and my stomach pain went away mostly, it only gnaws a bit when there’s nothing in it.

    Hope this helps,

  59. Nicole

    Hi 🙂 I was just wondering if you could help me out with the recipe. They didnt turn out right for me. It wasnt thick enough to roll into balls. I added 7 tablespoons of water before i realized i was only suppose to add 6 at first. So i tried to fix it by adding more flour and protein but it didnt work. But on the plus side they were YUMMY !

  60. nv

    These sounded so good I just had to make them! Followed your instructions and they turned out to be a big gooey mess. Too sticky to roll into balls…not sure why?

    1. Michelle

      Glad I’m not the only one. They taste good but were just a big gooey mess in my fingers 🙁 Will have to try again with another protein I suppose!

  61. erin

    could I use almond flower instead of conconut?

  62. elena

    i think the answer tho this is gonna be no but here we go anyway, since i don’t have any protein powder could i substitute it with anything else? i love coconut personally, have u tried this without the powder with just the coconut? could i skip the powder and just have cocnut balls? thank you very much

  63. Denise

    These are super yummy! The best part is how quick they whip up. And…if you don’t want to be fussy with rolling them into balls and giving them a few minutes in the fridge, they are fine to eat out of the bowl. Oh yea, I ate some & I am not ashamed of it. Thanks for sharing this.

  64. Christine

    please consider rewording your description. These are not raw AT ALL. There is nothing RAW about protein powder, coconut flour or oil. All of those things are highly processed foods.

  65. Tara

    Mine turned out to be a big pile of mush. It was not thick at all and was very runny like cake batter. The only change i did was using regular flour instead. I only used 5 T of water too. Bummed i had to throw it out.

  66. Angela Gilmer

    I made mine exactly as the recipe said, and my mixture was too runny! Eeeeeek! What did I do wrong? I used Gold Standard 100% Whey protein.

  67. Judy

    I made these exactly to the directions and the batter was very runny? I added more protein powder and it was so sticky. What did I do wrong?