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  1. Melissa Dawn Hughes

    Bummer. I don’t tweet!

  2. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    Your book is in my Wish List, but I would not turn down a free copy if it’s in the cards for me to win it!
    I found you website actually doing a Google search for Kansas City vegan blogs. You know my background as a cake decorator/pastry chef and working for a natural health food store. So I started browsing blogs for vegan baked goods recipes as I wasn’t entirely comfortable yet in creating my own recipes that didn’t include eggs, such as in larger-sized cakes. So I found your blog and it was love at first read. <3 <3 <3
    I already 'like' your site on Facebook. 🙂
    I'll work on the other right now…
    No Twitter account, so I'll have to pass on that part.

    1. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

      Okay…just ‘liked’ Vintage Press, your giveaway link on your FB page…and I also shared it on my own wall…AND just liked your book on Amazon. Whew! Now I’m going to go pray to my gods…lol.

  3. Darbi

    I searched Vegan blogs through Google Reader and your popped up!

  4. hungryvegantraveler

    Hmm… I think I stumbled upon your blog while Googling something Kansas City-related, and then discovered that you and I were in the same vegetarian Ethiopian cooking class! I was excited to find a vegan blogger in KC.

  5. hungryvegantraveler

    I already like AV and VHP on FB. (OK?)

  6. hungryvegantraveler

    BONUS! Liked the FB post.

  7. andrea

    I found your blog through twitter and was intrigued since you live in an area of the country that I had just moved from, which is not typically vegan friendly. Love your recipes, so I stick around.

  8. Kat

    1) I found your website a few month ago through a google search and read it for you recipes. 2) I liked both Almost vegan and WH press on FB 3) following you on twitter.

  9. hungryvegantraveler

    Aaaaand I subscribe via email. 🙂

  10. andrea

    I liked both AV and VHP on fb. 😉

  11. andrea

    I also follow you on twitter… @andreacaballer

  12. Robin RJ Jones

    I found your blog through a friend on Facebook. He is a vegetarian/near-vegan. I decided that I would keep reading your blog because I am interested in a healthier way of life. Thanks for all the yummy recipes you post

  13. gorb

    I like you on Facebook 🙂

  14. Jess

    I found your blog through a vegan search on google and I love your honesty and your personality really shines through your blog. 🙂

  15. Charissa (@ColourfulPalate)

    I believe I found you on Twitter!

  16. Jess

    I already like you on FB but now I like VHP as well.

  17. freegorb

    I first found you linking from another blog, I don’t recall which now.. and I loved all your raw recipes so I kept checking in. Then I made the Sugar Free Strawberry Coconut Butter and that’s when I became a devoted reader 🙂

  18. Jess

    Bonus: I liked your FB post on this giveaway

  19. Jess

    I already follow you on twitter @optjess

  20. freegorb

    I don’t tweet but I’m sharing your post on my FB

  21. Jess

    tweet tweet

  22. mike giampetruzzi

    I want a copy! I have liked your book on amazon.

  23. Jess

    liked you on Amazon

  24. Jess

    I subscribed to your blog via email

  25. Desiree Padilla

    I have “Liked” on Amazon and become a blog follower today! My mother and father have considerable health problems, graves disease, diabetes, and hypothyroid. They have FINALLY decided to give me a chance in changing Some of their current eating habits and I needed some new ideas. Thank you for having such an amazing site, whether I win or not, you truly have something amazing going on. I appreciate the freebies you have listed!

  26. Melissa Dawn Hughes

    Found your blog looking for veggie P90X recipes. Thanks for sharing those!

  27. Melissa Dawn Hughes

    Liked Almost Vegan on Facebook AND Vegan Heritage Press on Facebook AND your FB post about the giveaway!

  28. Melissa Dawn Hughes

    Liked Practically Raw on Amazon too!

  29. Melissa Dawn Hughes


  30. Simone

    Amber, I found your blog just a few short years ago when Russell James posted a link to it while you were in his level one class at Matthew Kenny’s academy. My whole family started (and continued) reading your blog because of your sense-of-humor, writing style, photography, and of course, your recipes 😉

  31. martha

    Follow you on twitter!

  32. martha

    FB fan!

  33. Lori

    I “liked” AV & VHP & FB post on giveaway.

    Thank you!

  34. martha

    Tweeted! @martielou

  35. martha

    I can’t remember how I came across your site exactly! I think it was a link from Vegan.com recommending your work!

  36. lorithecook

    I liked AV & VHP & FB post on giveaway.

    Thank you!

  37. Travis Reese

    I became friends with you first on FB through someone else that eas vegan about a year and a half ago. Can’t remember exactly who. I have enjoyed your blog ever since and thoroughly enjoy your cookbook everyday. I can tell you have a true passion for coming up with great dishes!

  38. David DeMack II

    Hi Amber I followed you on Twitter 😀

  39. HC

    I would love to have a copy of your Practically Raw book! I also have this book on my Amazon wishlist!

  40. celeste

    Love your blog – found you through a google search

  41. David DeMack II

    Hi Amber I tweeted about your giveaway 😀

  42. Aparna

    I like AV and VHP on Facebook and your Facebook post about the giveaway 🙂 We met through Love Street 🙂

  43. David DeMack II

    Hi Amber I “Liked” Vegan Heritage Press on Facebook and your FB posts about the giveaway 😀 I already “Liked” Almost Vegan on Facebook 😉

  44. Caitlin

    i’ve been following you for a long time now, but can’t remember how i first found you! probably for about a year and half. i keep reading because you don’t pretend to be anyone but yourself. you are totally awesome and i love all the food you create 😉

  45. Sue Mariconda

    I “like” Almost Vegan, Vegan Heritage Press, and your giveaway post on Almost Vegan on FB.

  46. David DeMack II

    Hi Amber I “Liked” Practically Raw on Amazon 😀

  47. Sue Mariconda (@SeattleHealing)

    I follow AlmostVeganChef on Twitter.

  48. Sue Mariconda (@SeattleHealing)

    I tweeted about your giveway on Twitter.

  49. A Kalani Klaum (@amkkla)

    I discovered your blog about 7 or 8 months ago. I don’t recall exactly how I found it, but your wonderful recipes have kept me coming back for more. (I am addicted to your cake batter balls.)

  50. A Kalani Klaum (@amkkla)

    I liked AV and VHP on Facebook.

  51. Krystina Stamp

    I first found your blog through google while searching for vegan and dairy free recipes after discovering that I was allergic to dairy. That was probably about 6 months ago! I love reading your blog and recipes. I am an aspiring chef specializing in raw, vegan, vegetarian, and foods for multiple good allergies. 🙂

  52. A Kalani Klaum (@amkkla)

    I follow you on twitter (@amkkla).

  53. Angela Allenbach

    Hi Amber,

    I met you around a year ago at Matt’s grandpa’s funeral. I have been receiving your blogs since then. I keep up with your blogs because I so want to get healthier.

  54. A Kalani Klaum (@amkkla)

    I tweeted about the giveaway.

  55. A Kalani Klaum (@amkkla)

    I liked your book on Amazon.

  56. A Kalani Klaum (@amkkla)

    I already subscribe to your blog on email.

  57. A Kalani Klaum (@amkkla)

    I liked your post on Facebook.

  58. Deanna

    Wow. Tall order. I’ve been reading your blog for so long I have no idea how I found out about you! I’m sure it must have been a link from another blog somewhere along the way. What keeps me reading? Your honesty, evolving attitudes towards food and nutrition, and your kick-butt recipes. 🙂

  59. Deanna

    I already liked you on FB, so I liked the press now, too.

  60. alexia

    I liked your giveaway post on facebook, and of course, I’m already a “liker” of your facebook page in general!

  61. Deanna

    I liked your FB post.

  62. Deanna

    I follow you on twitter @themommybowl

  63. alexia

    I found your blog via Uncooking101 (with Eva). She had posted your recipe for the 5-minute raw vegan blondie (which was a big hit as dessert last night for a small group of people). LOVE your recipes!

  64. alexia

    I also already follow you on twitter: @alexiaapollo

  65. Angela

    I found you by googling raw foods, and now am a happy follower!

  66. alexia

    tweet, tweet…just tweeted about the giveaway.

  67. Angela

    I followed both on Facebook and liked your giveaway post. (Oh, I so want a copy of that book!) 🙂

  68. Angela

    I’ve already subscribed to your RSS feed.

  69. Julee

    I like you on Facebook

  70. Angela Allenbach

    I have “liked” on Amazon “Practically Raw”, on Facebook “Almost Vegan”, “liked” on Vegan Heritage Press, and also on you FB post

  71. Julee

    I found you on facebook and have been following you for awhile!

  72. Tatiana F.

    We started eating Vegan in February. My husband started looking more into raw eating and found your website. What made me stay was your Apple Pie Oatmeal recipe. It’s a breakfast favorite of our kids.

  73. Julee

    I liked “Practically Raw” on Amazon!

  74. Julee

    I liked Vegan Heritage Press and subscribe to your blog!

  75. tatfox

    I already like Almost Vegan on FB, and liked your post. I’m now following VH press on FB.

  76. Philippa

    I “Like” Almost Vegan AND Vegan Heritage Press on Facebook

  77. Janel M.

    I like Almost Vegan on Facebook AND Vegan Heritage Press on Facebook as Janel Myers. And (bonus) I like your FB post about the giveaway.

  78. Janel M.

    I like Practically Raw on Amazon (#93).

  79. alexia

    I thought I was already subscribed to your emails, but alas, I was not. Now I am; however, this is the message I get when trying to click the links in your email: “This Connection is Untrusted.” I’m not sure what that’s about…

  80. tatfox

    I now follow you on Twitter @TijuanaAna

  81. Philippa

    I now “Like” Practically Raw on Amazon

  82. Janel M.

    I already subscribe to your blog by email!

  83. Sherry

    I just liked VHpress

  84. tatfox

    I tweeted about the giveaway(I didn’t know if you wanted the URL?)

  85. Claudia

    I can’t remember exactly when I first found your blog, but it was probably at a time when I was thinking about becoming vegan and was searching for vegan blogs online.

  86. Sherry

    I found you when I started juicing back in Jan 2011 and then when I got to meet you at the veggie fair it made it all even more cool:)

  87. tatfox

    I liked Practically Raw on Amazon 🙂

  88. tatfox

    I know get your email updates :). Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Claudia

    I like “Almost Vegan” and “Vegan Heritage Press” on facebook, and I like the facebook post about the giveaway.

  90. Jill J

    Found you via Cooks&Books&Recipes

  91. Claudia

    I am following Almost Vegan on Twitter (ccdouglass).

  92. Jill J

    I like Almost Vegan on Facebook AND Vegan Heritage Press on Facebook

  93. Jill J

    I follow you on Twitter (jilliebean_j)

  94. Claudia

    I have tweeted about the giveaway.

  95. Jill J
  96. maren

    I’ve ‘Liked’ both Fb pages and the post about the giveaway! 🙂

  97. Jill J

    I subscribe via email

  98. Claudia

    I like “Practically Raw” on Amazon.

  99. Caroline

    Liked on Facebook and Amazon 🙂

  100. Claudia

    I subscribe to “Almost Vegan” by email.

  101. wildbluewonder

    I honestly can’t remember who referred me to your blog! Is that sad. I subscribed and kept reading because I love your writing style and your recipes. Great stuff, truly.

  102. wildbluewonder

    I tweeted. 🙂

  103. Linda

    I found you through face book, email and liked facebook and even chatted with you a bit now & then. I would guess three entries and would love your hard back book or paper back book in the give away. Hugs Linda

  104. wildbluewonder

    I already subscribe to “Almost Vegan.”

  105. wildbluewonder

    I follow you on twitter (@bluetamarai).

  106. wildbluewonder

    I also liked the book on Amazon.

  107. wildbluewonder

    And I like both your blog and Vegan Heritage Press on FB.

  108. Melanie A

    i’ve been following your blog for a year or so now, but i honestly can’t recall how i found it! i’m pretty sure i linked through from another blog (could it have been gena’s ‘choosing raw’ blog?). i’ve kept following because you seem to be fairly ‘flexible’ in your approach to the cuisine and are not dogmatic about it. congrats on the book, and i’d love to win a copy! 🙂

  109. Melanie A

    i have already liked your FB page, but just also liked the vegan heritage page.

  110. Melanie A

    and i now follow you on twitter (handle: @melle76a)

  111. tracy

    I found your blog scouring Raw food things and saw that one of them liked you, so i did too! 🙂

  112. mirrandy

    Found you via another blog, went to your site and get your notes via email. Am vegan and interested in eating more raw. Thanks! Kat. S.

  113. Lisa Anderson

    I found you about 6 months ago doing a search for raw vegan recipes. The first recipe I tried was the raspberry filled chocolates and I was hooked on your recipes since!

  114. Micaela Marques

    I found your website through my sister. I just began reading it a few days ago. So far, I’ve continued reading it because I love how you incorporate the vegan foods, but aren’t completely there. Your recipes are different from others, and the ingredients are stuff I usually keep around the house. Love it!

  115. Micaela Marques

    I “liked” both FaceBook pages, and I “liked” the giveaway status.

  116. Lisa Anderson

    I “liked” both pages as well as your facebook post!!

  117. Lisa Anderson

    I “liked” practically raw on Amazon.com

  118. Susan

    Googling vegan/raw recipes and found lots of yummy ones on your website! I am on your e-mail subscription list, but I have added you to my facebook likes too 🙂 Sorry, not a twitter follower though …

  119. Micaela Marques

    I liked the book on Amazon. By the way, I’m so glad there is a Kindle version.

  120. Micaela Marques

    I am already subscribed to your blog.

  121. Kelly

    I think the first time I heard about you was at Vida Vegan Con. I’m still reading because I love your recipes.

  122. Kelly

    I “like” Almost Vegan and Vegan Heritage Press on Facebook. **bonus** I “liked” your post about this giveaway.

  123. Anette Stampe

    I first found your blog reading another blog called detoxinista. It is a few months ago and i read your blog daily. I have liked you and your post and vegan heritage press on facebook and your book on amazon.com.
    Thank you for a great blog.

  124. Brandi

    I already follow you on Facebook and Twitter. I tweeted the giveaway message and liked the page on Amazon. 🙂

  125. Kelly

    I follow you on Twitter. @kellycrochets

  126. Kelly

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  127. Kelly

    I like “Practically Raw” on Amazon.

  128. Kristine Fountaine

    I found your blog randomly because I’m interested in eating a more plant-based diet and I began following you on FB at once. 🙂

  129. Kristine Fountaine

    I’ve already “liked” you on FB 🙂

  130. Kristine Fountaine

    I “liked” Practically Raw on Amazon 🙂

  131. Kelly

    I’m already subscribed to your blog via email.

  132. Megan Hinrichsen (@MBHinrichsen)

    I first found your blog via a Google search in January 2011. I was looking for raw recipes and came across your blog. I’ve been reading it since.

  133. Megan Hinrichsen (@MBHinrichsen)

    I follow you on Twitter (@MBHinrichsen)

  134. Megan Hinrichsen (@MBHinrichsen)

    I liked your book on Amazon!

  135. Lisa Anderson

    I’m already subscribed to your blog!

  136. Lisa Anderson

    I’m following you on Twitter.

  137. Lisa Anderson

    I tweeted..”I entered to win @AlmostVeganChef’s new cookbook Practically Raw! #Giveaway here: http://wp.me/pYLdq-1eG

  138. tracy derry

    I was searching for vegan recipes and your page was one of the first pages I went to and fell in love at first sight =)

  139. cokelush

    I found you from the raw kc group on fb. My daughter is trying to do raw to heal some health issues. Thanks for the giveaway – cokelush at gmail

  140. cokelush

    I liked both FB pages and liked your post. Thanks! My id is robin phillips-knotts.

  141. exquisiteeats

    I found your blog while looking for vegan recipes. Love it!

  142. exquisiteeats

    Already like AV and just liked VHP. And liked your status for the bonus. 🙂

  143. cokelush

    following you on twitter. cokelush is my id – even tho I don’t touch the stuff any more. 🙂

  144. cokelush
  145. exquisiteeats

    Following at twitter #ExquisiteEats

  146. Kim-Sue

    Hi Amber,

    after years of skirting with Raw Food I am finally experimenting through Matthew Kenney’s books. I found your site/blog while searching for Matthew Kenney on Google. I check in every few days for updates and have bookmarked several posts (including your raw Thyroid diet do and don’t’s).

    I find your site and journey very inspirational, so here I am.

    I liked your book on Amazon and it’s in my wish list.


  147. cokelush

    liked on amazon. thanks! cokelush at gmail

  148. exquisiteeats

    I tweeted!

  149. cokelush

    following through email. cokelush at gmail

  150. Kimberly

    I first discovered you through Girl Gone Raw on Facebook, I believe. It was several months ago. I signed up for your emails a while ago, and I love your candor and honesty and of course, your recipes. 🙂

  151. Melissa Dion

    I Follow Almost Vegan on Twitter (@mgonyeo)

  152. Melissa Dion
  153. Melissa Dion

    I “Liked” Practically Raw on Amazon!

  154. Melissa Dion

    I “Like” Almost Vegan on Facebook AND Vegan Heritage Press on Facebook!

  155. Kathryn

    I found your blog on Finding Vegan about a year ago and I kept reading because I loved your recipes and I absolutely love the way you write! You are so inspiring!

  156. Kathryn

    I liked your page on Facebook!

  157. Kathryn

    liked on Amazon!

  158. Megan

    I heard about your blog through word of mouth! I’ve never commented before, but I really should do so more. All your recipes look absolutely amazing! I discovered it almost a year ago, and I keep reading because you always are so inspiring with your amazing recipes, positive outlook on life, and lately, your perseverance through your illness. Best of luck!!

  159. lindseybunny

    I started following your blog during Vegan MoFo. I liked it, so I’ve kept it in my reader feed. It’s nice having some vegan perspective in the middle of the country!

  160. gail

    found you by googling cookbook giveaways

  161. gail

    liked both on fb

  162. Julie Mae Reck

    Okay, I found you yesterday in the comments for Chocolate Covered Katie’s VitaMix giveaway. Almost Vegan pretty much describes me so I clicked on it to get to your blog. After reading your “About Me,” I knew your blog would be one of my new favorites, as I feel very much the same way about my lifestyle and eating practices. In fact, I had already done most of the things asked for in this contest before it was announced and had added your book to my Amazon Wish List! Anyway, I look forward to delving into your site even further!

  163. Julie Mae Reck

    I “liked” Almost Vegan on Facebook AND Vegan Heritage Press on Facebook!

  164. Julie Mae Reck

    I also “liked” your FB post about the giveaway! (Bonus)

  165. Julie Mae Reck

    I followed Almost Vegan on Twitter! @JulieMaeReck

  166. Julie Mae Reck

    I tweeted the message about the contest! https://twitter.com/JulieMaeReck/status/207583259067031553

  167. Julie Mae Reck

    I “liked” Practically Raw on Amazon!

  168. Julie Mae Reck

    I subscribed to your blog by email!

  169. bitt

    I think maybe after you left me a comment on my blog. It was so long ago I forget exactly. Been a longtime reader.

  170. jenny

    I liked your book on amazon

  171. jenny

    I found out about you by searching for vegan fb pages

  172. Emily

    Hope you are feeling well!!!
    I found your blog because a friend on FB posted several pictures of the food she made from your book-I can’t wait to try some of them for myself!!!

  173. Veronica @ Café con Leche

    i think i found you a few months ago via a comment you left on someone else’s blog! (I don’t remember which!)

  174. Veronica @ Café con Leche

    i like you and vegan heritage on fbook!

  175. Veronica @ Café con Leche

    i like practically raw/almost vegan cookbook on amazon!

  176. Joy Rapier

    I am already subscribed to your blog. So many great recipes and ideas! Very inspiring! 🙂

  177. Debbie @ Live from La Quinta

    Okay, Amber, I’ve been following you for so long I can’t really remember what brought me here in the first place. Maybe a “vegan recipe” search? Not sure, but your writing, personality, recipes, and I guess, just reading about your life has kept me here.

  178. chris

    I am already a subscriber to your blog!!!!!

  179. chris

    I :like” Practically Raw Almost Vegan Cookbook on Amazon!!!!

  180. Live from La Quinta

    I already liked your facebook page, but now also like Vegan Heritage Press (and your post).

  181. Live from La Quinta

    Already follow you on twitter (@livefromlq)

  182. Live from La Quinta

    Tweeted 🙂

  183. Live from La Quinta

    Liked Practically Raw on Amazon.

  184. chris

    I first learned of your blog through Pure2Raw blog (and then Coconut Secret website). My discoery of you and your blog was only a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed how simple you kept things and how well you explained yourself. It was not overwhelming to follow along. I also liked how you were not about being “strict” with raw foods and realize that there is a balance. Most intriguing, you revealed that cooking and health should be fun, not stressful! Thank you!!!!!

  185. Live from La Quinta

    Whew, almost there! You were one of the first blogs in my reader. So, done. I actually have a copy of your book already, but I have someone for whom it would make a perfect gift.

  186. sharanya

    I found ur blog through averies blog love veggies and yoga.I have been visiting for like 6 months now.your amazing recipes and stories makex me come back

  187. sharanya

    I like you on fb and also liked vegan heritage press on fb

  188. bitt

    like both on FB

  189. bitt

    liked the post on FB

  190. sharanya

    First off what a fun giveaway,would love to win ur book,I have it in my wishlist on amazon.
    I liked your giveaway post on fb

  191. bitt

    follow on twitter @cherrycobbler

  192. bitt

    tweeted @cherrycobbler

  193. sharanya

    I like practically raw on Amazon.

  194. bitt

    email subscriber

  195. bitt

    liked on amazon

  196. EMC

    Goodness, I have no idea how/when I found you. I suspect it was a link from another raw food blog. I can decidedly say that I kept reading because 1. I liked your premise and 2. I liked your recipes. 🙂

  197. EMC

    I subscribe via Google Reader.

  198. Colin

    Amazon liked, FB Liked, Twitter followed, and Tweeted about the giveaway @ceasom 🙂

  199. Glorianne Garza

    I “like” Almost Vegan and Vegan Heritage Press on Facebook. **bonus** I “liked” your post about this giveaway.And I LIKE you!!!

  200. Jason McLane

    I liked the two Facebook pages and your book on Amazon : ) I believe I found your page by searching “raw” on Facebook. I’d love to win that book!

  201. radioactivegan

    I think I first came to your blog from a comment you left on another blog .. I just followed the bloggy trail!

  202. radioactivegan

    I’m subscribed to your blog (love google reader!)

  203. Ashley

    Found you on twitter. 😉

  204. royalflax

    Found you on twitter!;)

  205. royalflax

    Also follow you on twitter!!

  206. MizzB

    Found your blog through Vegan Heritage Press; loved the recipes and observations so signed up to keep reading.

  207. MizzB

    Liking Vegan Heritage Press on FB

  208. MizzB

    Liking Almost Vegan Chef on FB

  209. MizzB

    Already Almost Vegan Chef blog subscriber.

  210. MizzB

    Liking your FB post about the giveaway.

  211. Stacy

    Already Almost Vegan Blog Subscriber

  212. Stacy

    I found your blog thru the kansas city raw food union last year.

  213. Laura

    I first found your blog when I found your profile on twitter. Your name came up under my suggestions and I fell in love with your blog because I always get excited about healthy recipes!

  214. Laura

    I “liked” Almost Vegan and Vegan Heritage Press on Facebook and “liked” your post about this giveaway.

  215. Laura

    I tweeted about this giveaway.

  216. Laura

    I “liked” Practically Raw on Amazon.

  217. Laura

    I am already subscribed to your blog.

  218. kayla

    I found your cool almost vegan self on Pinterest!!

  219. kayla

    I liked you on FB!!

  220. Aimee Douglass

    I found your blog by a hyperlink from another blog (and now I’m not sure which one it was!). When I finally made the decision to go vegan in January, I bookmarked a lot of sites and read a lot of information, and yours was one of the initial ones I read and bookmarked. At first I thought “Raw vegan? I can’t do that” but the more and more I read of your site, the more I liked it and have dipped my toes into incorporating more raw foods into my diet. Your recipes are wonderful, I love the way you write, and I admire your courage for coming clean about your condition and the information you have imparted to us since the diagnosis.

  221. Aimee Douglass

    I liked the FB post!

  222. Aimee Douglass

    Already a blog subscriber.

  223. Angelique Santana

    @asantana17 just followed you on twitter and posted a tweet that I entered the contest to win your book.

  224. Angelique Santana

    I already like you on facebook

    1. Angelique Santana

      I like your personal page so I just liked Almost Vegan FB page

  225. Angelique Santana

    And I already subscribe to your blog

  226. Angelique Santana

    I liked Vegan Heritage Press on Facebook

  227. Angelique Santana

    And lastly…I liked your book on Amazon.

  228. Brittany B

    I liked both your FB pages; and your post ! I found out about you from researching blogs every morning; and starred your page for their recipes !

  229. Nicole

    Funny story about how I found your blog:
    I was searching out how to make nutmilk myself. I was done with soy milk and found the boxed stuff to taste rather disgusting. I thought to myself, I could make nutmilk, it’ll be great! So I did a google search and the first instructional business I found was yours! I came across this link which contains a hilarious entry about almond milk:
    I read it and new I’d struck raw, vegan, frothy gold. Amber, your blog has continued to make me laugh, warm my heart, and teach me a bunch since I began reading a few months ago.

  230. Tracy

    I first found your website in January from someone elses blog (though I cannot remember whose at the moment…..). I love your blog! You have amazing raw/vegan recipes. When I first started looking at your site I was interested in incorporating more vegan recipes into my lifestyle. In a few short months I have changed my diet to a raw one. The recipes you have created help me to stay creative in my raw eating. Keep up the awesome work!

  231. amber

    I followed you on Twitter – @vegan4one

  232. amber

    I am subscribed to your blog via email

  233. Jade Tapley

    “Liked” your book on Amazon! : )

  234. Tyson

    I liked your book on Amazon, I liked the FB post, I liked both facebook pages, and I tweeted the message.

  235. Rebecca

    I absolutely have no idea how i came about your blog! I think i found it while i was looking for blogs relating to food and veganism!

  236. Rebecca

    I “like” Almost Vegan on facebook!

  237. Rebecca

    I “like” Vegan Heritage Press on facebook.

  238. Rebecca

    I am following you on twitter – @rebeccaablock

  239. NutrionNut

    Just now happened upon your book on Amazon and googled your name. I can’t believe that I’ve never seen your blog before. I’m always looking for raw/vegan/nutritious recipes and judging from the reviews on Amazon it looks as though your book is right up my alley.
    Looking forward to reading your blog too.

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    I signed up for email notification of your blog entries. I found you via a VEGnews newsletter which lead me to Allyson Kramer’s website where she mentioned that your new book was one of her favorites. My interest in your book skyrocketed when I read: easy, good food, and cooked options (my wife likes cooked food, especially in the winter). I do better on raw food as I don’t need pills then for my diabetes. Since we are retired and I’m cheap, I’d rather have a free copy of your book, but if I have to, I will buy it. Wishing you the best!

  259. marissa

    I found your blog while searching for experiences/reviews of the Matthew Kenney Academy. I was looking into cooking schools that provided an alternative to the traditional ones. I can’t remember exactly when that was, but it was called 105 degrees at the time. I stayed because I am intrigued by your healthful approach to food and delicious recipes. Recently, your health diagnosis and journey struck a chord with me, as I have been going through something similar for the last 2 years. It can be daunting at times, so shining a positive light on the whole thing can really help (like your interest in coaching people w/similar problems). I’m really happy for you that you are moving forward with your health challenges and hope that they help you restore your body’s balance.

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