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  1. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    Amber, this sounds very similar to a concoction I make sometimes. I LOVE pineapples and can get them pretty cheap from Sam’s Club (I know, I know…they aren’t organic, but they are good!), and I ALWAYS have cucumbers, limes, and cilantro hanging around. I’ve never tried the limes in my juices though and have some to use up…so thanks for the idea.
    And I had NO CLUE that you could just purchase the Shatto bottles! When I still ‘did’ dairy (I still dream of their chocolate milk…), Shatto was the ONLY brand I trusted, and it’s local and not terribly overpriced for what it offers, but I always returned my bottles for the refund. This is great! I am going to see if I can snag some and use them for my fresh lemonade! When I teach my energy healing classes, many of the clients are very holistic and ‘spiritual’ (meaning they are all about connecting to Mother Earth and the Universe), and they LOVE when I bring snacks like fresh juices and raw and/or gluten-free desserts. The Shatto bottles would probably have some of them in awe. πŸ™‚ As soon as I’m permitted to start purchasing cookbooks from Amazon again (don’t ask…got in trouble with the hubs…it’s the ONLY reason I don’t have your cookbook yet…), I may start bringing it to my classes. One lady asked me one time, ‘how in the world can someone be a raw chef??…what’s there left to eat??…’ Lol.

  2. Sonja Myers

    Thanks for the recipe! I am sooooo glad you will talk about juicing. I just got my new Omega Vert 35oHD and gave it a trial run yesterday. There is no “recipe” book so one is left to one’s own devices. The assembly and disassembly instructions are quite easy to follow but there are no TIPS on know-how of juicing. I did apples and orange juicing and got the unit stuck on the side of pulp exit and also some of it “backed” onto the unit base. On some video’s I saw people pouring water to help ejection of pulp but it is weired that there is no mention about it in the instruction book.

  3. Kelly

    I love my juicer, and don’t feel like it gets nearly enough use. I have a Breville Juice Fountain (The one with the variable speeds), and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it on days I crave fresh juice.

    I think my favourite combo is apple/ginger/beet greens (and sometimes a beet or two)

  4. Kelli

    Sounds delish Ambe! I am going to give this a try in the morning! I actually have everything on hand that you mention. I try to put cilantro into as many juices and smoothies as I can, very refreshing and great for detox! Thanks Amber!

  5. Jess from Midwest Vegan

    Now that sounds like a tasty juice. I love me some pineapple!

  6. Rebecca Tombaugh

    I have a really dumb question, because I’ve never tired to make juice like this. But the limes, are you squeezing them, or just using them all in the juicer. And do you think this would work in a regular-type blender.

  7. Tt in nyc

    Altho i dont have my own juicer (yet) im hooked on a combo from my favorite place- a juice/smoothie hybrid of kale, spinach, apple,blueberries, almond milk and almond butter. Filling enough for a mini meal!

  8. Shu

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    Doesn’t this sound delicious?!

  9. Susie

    Thanks for this delicious sounding recipe!
    Where did you get started for your 7 day?
    I’m soooooo interested in a smoothie with some juice fast in July. I gotta fit in that wedding dress in one month from today !!!
    Thanks for any guidance!!

  10. Michelle {The Lively Kitchen}

    Just made this recipe – YUM!! I love it! I’ve got a dying Breville but my kind neighbor lets me borrow her masticating Kuving. I make 4-5 bottles (old kumbucha bottles, so 16oz) at a time and enjoy the fresh juice for a couple of days. I’m hoping to get an Omega soon.

  11. bitt

    yeah for juice! did any of your symptoms get better while juicing? I keep hoping you feel better soon.

  12. theurbanvegan

    This juice sounds delish, Amber. Reminds me that I should do a juice fast–but since I’m running 45 miles a week I may keep it to one day (I don’t know if I could ever complete a 7-day fast!) Hope you’re feeling better.