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  1. bitt

    I love the clean look of their bottles. Wish every grocery store sold stuff like this!

    I’d love to hear more about your personal side of the juicing, like what detox you’ve had, what else you do other than just drink the juice, etc. Not sure if these companies have recommendations along those lines if you have your own ideas.

  2. Karen A.

    I saw these at Whole Foods the other day and wanted to try them but I have heard that they don’t taste great. How did you find the taste?

  3. Carrie

    I’m curious too as to how you’re feeling after all this juicing!

  4. Playful and Hungry

    I heard a lot talk about these juice cleanser programs lately! Seems to be a US and Canada thing though… There’s nothing like this in Europe…

  5. Charles

    With respect to cleansing, how do you feel this compares to the others?

  6. Hannah

    Bahahaha! Excavation. For some reason, I’m singing that in my head like the U2 (I think?) song: EX-CA-VA-TION!

    That is all. Carry on.


    1. hihorosie

      I think I know what she means. I can hear it somehow… 😉

      1. Hannah

        At least I don’t sound entirely crazy to *everyone* then 😛

  7. hihorosie

    An online friend just started this cleanse. I’ll be interested in her thoughts too. And hey, having a cleanse all ready to go for you w/o having to do anything but open the fridge is my kind of cleanse! One day…

  8. Sue

    Hi Amber,

    glad you enjoyed the blue print cleanse. Interesting: they added one of their greens with the ginger to the excavation line up – that’s great to hear as I going to do another Excavation cleanse in a month or so.

    It is worth the expense to have the juices all ready to go. Less temptation when you open the fridge and no clean up 🙂

  9. Alina

    Hi Amber,
    I’ve been following your blog since I’ve started my studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition…You are such a natural and your recipes are great and easy to make….anyway, my hubby and I moved from New York to Kansas City last November because of his job…maybe we’ll have the chance to meet some time in the future and exchange ideas, swap cookies ..or something else; I am currently working on building my health & nutrition blog so…I’ll keep you posted

  10. Jessica

    I am about to order the cleanse but first wanted to check the Internet for honest reviews like this one. My one question that doesn’t seem to be answered on any blogs is about the side effects of the cleanse. The website says you lose some serious baggage – I’m wondering…does that mean I will be in the bathroom all day?? I really hope not! Did you experience anything like this? I’d like to not have to take off of work just to do the cleanse. Thanks!

  11. Cynthia Schwendeman

    Did you lose weight on this cleanse and if so, how much?

  12. Ashulitax

    but does it helps on loosing a few lbs?