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  1. Veronica

    Recipe looks amazing! Do you have suggestions on storing baked kale chips or do you just eat them all right away? I’ve made them once before and they got soggy inside a tupperware…

  2. amber

    Hi Sweet Amber,

    Hope you’re well!

    I’ve seen A LOT of kale chip recipes (and tried a few) but these are by far the best I’ve seen. What a great recipe. So easy too!

    And that dehydrator. WOW! That is on my wish list. It looks like a full size oven in the picture, so when I went to the link and saw the price I squealed in delight. That’s not bad at ALL! Up there with the high speed blender prices. What a great resource.

    Thanks darlin’


  3. coconutandberries

    These look sooo good. I just finished a massive bag of kale eating raw kale salads which were delicious but I wish I’d saved some for these chips! I do have lacinato kale growing in my garden, would that work instead of curly?

  4. Playful and Hungry

    These look great! Ever since I tried kale chips, I always wanted to make my own… It’s too bad that you can’t buy kale in any grocery story where I live…

  5. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    oh wow – I want to bury myself in that bowl of dip/sauce/coating and not come up for air!

  6. Lori and Michelle (@purelytwins)

    mmm kale chips! it has been a long time since we made any

  7. glutenfreehappytummy

    wow those look perfect! i love the sauce! the flavor sounds magnificent!

  8. hihorosie

    Must make sooooon! I heart kale chips but these look divine! And hello new dehydrator! Looks snazzy and sounds snazzy. I’ll take one of those too. Love the fact it’s quiet.

  9. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    Mmmm. I have yet to try any fancy kale chip recipes, so far I’ve only had them with lemon juice and salt. Must try.

  10. Hannah

    Amber amber amber my love my darling! I have been here almost two weeks and still haven’t had ANY kale. Can I please change my heart’s desire from raw cheezecakes and sweet things to kale chips and kale salad? Can we have kale overload? HEARTYOU! xoxo

  11. JenniferJennifer

    Wow, you weren’t kidding about that dehyrdrator – that is awesome!! I’m going to try these when I get mine, as I’ve not had good luck with kale chips in my oven. They look sooo good.

  12. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    So great you are sharing these! One of my favourite recipes from your book!

  13. theglutenfreetraveller

    I have never tried kale but I keep coming across really yummy sounding recipes like this! Note to self – buy kale at tomorrow’s farmer’s market 🙂

  14. hollyeatsinfrance

    I waited until i had sometime to sit down and really read this recipe and now I’m sad because I had to leave my food processor behind when I moved. I think I’m going to have to break down and buy a tiny one to make these because they really do look fabulous.

  15. Tom Brophy

    Great recipe! Kale chip are the best.

  16. Nikki

    OMG!!! I just took these out of the dehydrater this morning and wow. I have made kale chips before but I chose to try this one out for my 4 year old Son who is allegic to nuts and he loves pizza and I am so excited to say I love them i could not stop eating them. I am going to try them out on Him as soon as I pick him up. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks so much I can not wait to share these with my friends.

  17. Rebecca Stucki

    Ok, these chips are INSANE!! They taste like pepperoni cheese pizza! I ran out of sunflower seeds so used cashews, but WOW! Sadly, not all my chips made it to the dehydrator (they are also good straight out of the bowl! :o) )

  18. Karen

    This recipe sounds delish, but I have 2 questions. You list 188 calories per serving, but I do not see info about the quantity you can eat to equal 1 serving. Also the directions say to dehydrate for 8 hours until crisp, but the temperature is not stated….I could make an educated guess but would like to have the benefit of your experience with this recipe for the best possible result. If I mess it up, I might decide I do not like these and miss out on what might be a yummy treat if I had prepared them correctly. Thanks!!

  19. Rebecca

    What delicious chips; the sauce smells like a pizzeria! Mmmm Only one problem: every time I check the oven to see that they are not over-cooking, I need to snag a few. The final yield just isn’t as much as I would have expected…. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  20. jae

    These are the best kale chips I’ve ever made! I knew i would love it when i red the recipe! All ingredients i love. Lol. My two year old likes them too. I’m buying your book. You sold me! #HighRaw Vegan

  21. Kathleen

    I am excited to try out the recipe this weekend. My question is are they sunflower kernels or the entire seed? I am assuming it’s the shelled part, but I am unsure. Please help!