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  1. Sarah (appifanie)

    All these juice cleanses look great but for some reason this one looks extra yummy. I myself am cool with local uncertified organic farms (b/c i’ve spoken to some of the ones i know of) but this one is still too pricey for me. Alas!

  2. corppromo

    Thank you so much Amber, what is the best cleanse you would recommend then. Did you do the Blueprint cleanse?

    I am in Canada.. And need a really good detox organic..

  3. Melanie Holland Miller

    I have tried pressed juicery and blue print, but would love to try some of the others…will you give an overall favorite?? or rank in some way?

  4. Mallory

    Amber, another fantastic review!

  5. Andie King

    I love all your reviews! I have been wanting to do a cleanse to “restart”, and I would LOVE to try this one but money is really tight right now, I was considering the Master Cleanse since its more budget friendly at the moment but have heard a lot of mixed reviews. Would you recommend it?

  6. Christine

    It’s funny I was going to ask the same thing as everyone else today (which one would you recommend or how they all compare – looks like you have us all hooked!). I’m from Canada as well and really wish we had some companies here that would do these cleanses (hmmm new business venture maybe….), a shame Blueprint is the only one so far that ships here.
    Thanks for the reviews though, always helpful just in case!

  7. tem
  8. esther

    This seems like a very interesting regimen. I’d like to read more about it. Some of these beverages sounds really tasty.

  9. april

    hi…i am wondering if you actually lost weight on this cleanse? I am considering doing it…they have a groupon or living social deal right now. but I see you don’t post any weight loss facts in your reviews. just wondering. thanks!

  10. Marisa

    Is the Nekter Juice Cleanse Cold Pressed?

  11. Crystal

    Can I drink 1-6 ever hour to an hour and a half? Or do I need to wait the full 2 hours?

  12. Kim

    Hi Amber,
    I was wondering if you have tried Beaming Juice cleanse in Del Mar Ca?