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  1. Jennifer

    Woo Hoo! I am fired up about this. I’m going to order it for next weekend. Any advice for a first time juice cleanse, or what to expect? I read their website advice, but I’d appreicate any thoughts you have as well.

    I am going to email Toni right now. Thanks again, Amber, I’m excited!!

  2. glutenfreehappytummy

    oooh watermelon lime!! sounds amazing!

  3. Carrie

    All these different cleanses are starting to blur together. I’m sure you feel the same way, haha! I wonder why they all include that damn MC lemonade? Is it to give it the “cleanse” feel?

  4. Kristina Vera

    thank you so much for these reviews they really help me so much! I cant afford them so reading about them makes me feel right there with you

  5. Hannah

    You know, as soon as I saw the first photo with the vibrant colours I had a feeling I’d like this company. I kind wish I’d been there to do this with you 😛

  6. beadsnwire

    Amber, I am so stoked! I live close enough to one of their pick-up locations!!! 😀 I am having tennis elbow surgery next month…. on a Monday…so I think it would be a great idea for me to do the 5-day cleanse while I recover. This is perfect! Thank you so much for the review, and for the $50 discount! :p

  7. MamaGee

    I had no idea these type of juice cleanse packages were even available – all raw and fresh and labelled in order to drink??! Get out! I’m dying here – I envy your position of ‘testing’ them all out, ah someone’s gotta do it hey? 😉 I enjoy following your blog so much! Hopefully all the juicy cleansing will help your healthy improve more soon too…

  8. Sue

    Good to see more East Coast options, may they keep coming! Glad you enjoyed this, the cashew milk and green juice sounds real good.

    Me being a green juice fan, I wish you could substitute the Ginger Carrot and Beet juices for green, but otherwise this sounds like a good cleanse. Different strokes 🙂

    Ginger and Beets are my kryptonite for the most part (although I can handle the BluePrint green w/ ginger and beets are so sweet they knock me out.)

    Thanks for reviewing these Amber. I hope more companies are around. I’d love to see Pressed open an East Coast branch, I’d try them instantly if they did.

  9. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    Amber, how long will this company be offering the discount? I really like the sound of the ‘milk’ at the end of the day…and the price is reasonable. I’d love to do a juice cleanse in the ‘near’ future…just probably couldn’t happen in the next months–the moving situation…and then not even knowing where we’ll be in a month. :-/ And this is so weird…we’re turning in our application in on Monday for the Library Lofts. But will we even move in? I couldn’t even tell you. LOL………..

  10. Melanie

    I love these reviews and can’t wait to try catalyst! Right now I am “borrowing” all of the combinations and juicing at home. The watermelon, strawberry, coconut water is ah-mazing! I drove far and wide to get some harmless harvest raw coco water because I don’t own a cleaver to open my own!

  11. CJ

    Will you be reviewing Revitalive? Just saw it when looking through a search. They offer juice through the day and a raw meal (salad, soup, dessert) for the evening. Good option for those who might find a day without any chewing too much to handle. 3 or 5 day options.

  12. Lisa S


    I just thought I would let you know that I emailed Toni about the cleanse and the associated shipping costs. She indicated there should be no Ground shipping option for the $33-ish cost you mention above as this takes 3 or so days and by the time the juice would arrive it would be spoiled. Rather the shipping is overnight and for a Houston, TX delivery it would be approx $95 (which is the 3 p.m. time you mention) or for an extra $5 to guarantee a 10:30 am delivery. An Arvada, CO shipment cost I’m sure would be comparable within a few dollars.

    This brings the total price of a 3 day cleanse to approximately $275. Pretty pricey to me and possibly cost prohibitive. This is, of course, without the $50 savings being offered for your blog readers. You may want to speak with Toni directly and update your review, if necessary so potential customers are faced with sticker shock. Or correct me if I have misunderstood shipping calculations.

  13. ReesaS

    Did any of the cleanses cause diarrhea? I am trying to get my mom to do a cleanse with me and that is what she is afraid of