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  1. natureinsider

    Amber, with all those juice cleanses almost every week I was wondering… how do you feel, with more energy or less, did you lose weight, etc. I think other people will be interested too in your personal experience and feelings with all those juices :))

  2. glutenfreehappytummy

    i love the little lunch boxes they give you to keep them cool!

  3. karen kipp

    Amber – I subscribe to your blog and really enjoy it! I facilitate 3-day juice fast retreats for women in the KC area for the last 10 years. I usually host about 5-7 a year in the Spring & the Fall. I have one coming up next weekend (Sept 7-9) and just had two last minute cancellations in an otherwise fairly full retreat.

    I realize it is kind of last minute, but I just saw this posting & realized that you are interested in juice fasts. I would love to invite you to be my guest at no cost to you at the upcoming retreat if it happens to work out in your schedule! We meet at the Light Center in Baldwin, KS and spend a couple of days on a secluded 30-acre farm with other women to share quiet time, fasting, juicing, yoga, meditation and a sweatlodge. You can read more about them on my website: http://www.poweryourjourney.com/juice_fasting_retreats.

    If you decide to join us, just click on the September date to register, and select pay at the door to bypass the payment system. Please note there is a non-mandatory meeting on Wednesday night at 7pm to hand out supplies and answer questions. I think you will find the experience to be completely refreshing and unique compared to doing the fasts on your own. I enjoy both for different reasons! If it doesn’t work for you this time, we can look at the October or Spring 2013 retreats if you are interested.  Love and light, Karen Kipp 913-302-4420 


  4. Sue

    Thank you, Amber, for posting all these reviews of juice fasts. It’s not something I ever considered until you started talking about it, and I decided to try this one (Life Juice). I wrote my own review about it at http://butterflybalance.typepad.com/healthlife-balance/2012/12/review-life-juice-cleanse.html

    It was really a life-changing experience for me. I had ordered it before knowing that I’d be extremely sick with bronchitis when it arrived, and it was amazing to have good nutrition available without any effort for the 3 days. When I finished it, I could not get enough of fresh vegetables and started juicing on my own. It made a world of difference in terms of my mood and outlook on life. I feel totally changed, and I never would’ve imagined that 3 days of juicing could set me on that kind of journey. Thank you for inspiring me!

  5. margie

    but do you lose weight on the 3 days jiuceing