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  1. Chris Doody

    I love Oatmeal and pumpkin! I will be making this comfort food:) thanks!!

  2. bitt

    This looks so good! I read somewhere than Libby’s pumpkin had fillers in it, even though they aren’t listed on the label, do you know anything about this?

  3. Hannah

    Oooh, just you wait. I really broke my seal yesterday 😉

  4. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    I ‘lol-ed’ at your ‘pumpkin usage’ comment. 🙂 My husband always says ‘Brace yourselves, everyone…Trish has pumpkins and she’s going to use them!’ Hahahahahaha. 🙂 I’m so freaking sick of pumpkins before Thanksgiving even gets here because I start using them in September and purchasing canned in August. And I LOVE that you use Libby’s. 🙂 I do try to roast my own when I can find the pie pumpkins on sale, but it really makes me happy to see a ‘proper’ chef using pumpkin from a can.

    I love that your pumpkin oatmeal is so creamy. Have never thought to add applesauce in the oatmeal, although I add it to baked oatmeal all the time.Hmmmm, now I’m thinking baked pumpkin oatmeal ‘cakes’ for this weekend. And the pecans…yum! I love to use maple syrup and coconut palm sugar to sweeten it, and extra maple flavoring. And I’m such a fatty that I top my weekend oats with TrueWhip. Oh, well. Could be eating worse things, I suppose…

  5. Kate Craig (@katemcraig)

    this sounds amazing!

  6. Playful and Hungry

    Oh, I love anything pumpkin! =)

  7. Stacy

    This looked so good I had to make it this morning! Yum!!!! I didn’t have applesauce but chopped an apple really fine in the small ninja and it worked fine, will be a staple for these cold mornings!

  8. Meg Rushbrook

    This looks AMAZING!! What a great idea! I love new ways to eat pumpkin!


  9. beadsnwire

    Mmmmm! I love pumpkin oatmeal. :). I actually roasted pie pumpkins for the very first time this year and made my own puree. I see lots of creamy pumpkin-pecan oatmeal in my future 😀 Thanks, Amber!

  10. Marie-Guy Maynard

    Just made this recipe and it is absolutely delicious. Comfort food!!!

  11. Mia

    This looks so good! I will make it tomorrow for my family… If I am inspired today, I may even bake a pumpkin today!