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  1. Jes

    LOL my husband TOTALLY wanted to have us walking down the aisle or something to F*ck the Pain Away. He’ll be so like “I told you it was OK!” when I tell him you guys had it on your playlist 😀

  2. myhealthychef

    Your dress is so beautiful! At first glance I didn’t think I liked it because it’s not traditional, but it really is gorgeous! And you look absolutely stunning in it :)

  3. Hannah

    And now I’m going to go listen to Rev 22-20 on iTunes.

    Also I need to buy my favourite Massive Attack songs.

    The end.

  4. Craig

    It’s so cool when a couple really puts themselves into their wedding. You’ve created an experience for your guests that can never be duplicated!

  5. bitt

    I love hearing about your unconventional wedding. Regular weddings have started to really bore me. I love when people mix it up and do things for them not just tradition.

  6. sk

    Wow, you played Ulver! And Covenant!

  7. christine

    fantastic – ’tis great that it was truly “your” wedding:) and didn’t you two look stunning???? x

  8. Marsha

    Great play list. My husband and I did the same for our wedding 3 years ago. We had songs that HAD to be played and we had the traditional songs, like the Macarena, on the list of do not play even if asked. I’m impressed to see Wolfsheim, Puscifer, Aesthetic Perfection, and Combichrist. All on our list as well. We did, however, enter (us and the wedding party) to Its like that by Run DMC. We all danced like fools, awesome! I walked down the aisle to the Mortal Combat theme song and the cake cutting was the Dexter theme song. One if my must have songs, that you may want to hear if you haven’t already, was Neovagina by Genital Atech. Fabulous song! I’m a fan of untraditional and I love to see it others as well. I think you and I would get along wonderfully outside the blogger world. During culinary school I ran an industrial night club, 3 years. My ex owned it. I spent so much time engulfed in the music! :-)

  9. Arielle

    This is totally random, but I started listening to Nine Inch Nails after reading this post (had definitely heard of them before, but didn’t think I was into their music), and now I love them! Thank you for (inadvertently) introducing me to awesome music! :)

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