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  1. Bianca-Vegan Crunk

    Yea!! Thanks for the props, lady!! And I had TOTALLY forgotten about filling that coffee mug with gravy at VCC! But that is so me. 🙂 I have most of the books on this list (though High Protein Vegan is a new one on me … must get that!). I’m actually making nearly ALL of my Xmas presents from Vegan Food Gifts this year! And I’m making a batch of everything for myself too (so far, I’ve made the Homemade Kalua, the Vanilla Mint Vodka, the Margarita Mix, the Margarita Salt, the Cheezy Potato Soup, the Masala Soup Mix, the Garlic & Peppercorn Olive Oil, the Mac & Cheese Mix, and the Chipotle Ranch!). And I’ll be making the saltine toffee too! Oh, and the Lemon Coolers tonight!

  2. Hannah

    What a wonderful surprise and delight to have made it onto your list! Thank you so much for thinking of my ice cream book, it’s an honor to be amongst such inspiring authors. I might argue that it’s still a great gift even for those in colder climates- A number of recipes like Cookie ‘n Nog and Peppermint Crush ice cream are perfect for the holiday season. 😉

  3. Mara

    Great post, Amber!

    I will make sure to use Amazon links from your site for Holiday purchasing – and there will be plenty of that very soon (holy moly, too soon!). =]

  4. Joni Marie

    Thanks, Amber! What an honor. I love your book, and I have a few of the other books on your list. Now I have to get the rest!

  5. Heathy

    There is so much goodness here! Most of these books are new to me and Im excited to check them out. Thanks so much for including Raw Chocolate Dream, Amber!

  6. Hannah

    Aw, so many of my friendlings in one post! Hurrah!

    Also, Christmas presents? Purchased AND posted. Slam dunk! (Though, to be fair, I really only needed to get seven presents for family this year 😛 )

  7. Sarah @ This Is What I Eat

    Thanks for the tips Amber! I can’t wait until I get my copy of your book that I gifted to myself 😉 I really need to pick up Vegan Food Gifts! I’ve had my eye on it for so long and the Chocolate book looks great too! I want to check out the high protein book too since I have a feeling I have a lot of food intolerances that are flying under the radar. Thanks again for all of the great tips and reviews!

  8. The Newlywed Chefs

    This is a great list! I’m still doing some holiday shopping this weekend and I think some of these books will make perfect gifts for some of my friends. Thanks for posting!

  9. Hilda

    It’s awesome to see my book on this list with all these other cookbooks which sound great. I’ve been wanting to get Vegan Food Gifts for a while but hadn’t heard of some of the other books, so I’m really glad to know of them now as The Lotus and the Artichoke and Raw Chocolate Dream look like ones I’d enjoy. Thanks 🙂

  10. janet @ the taste space

    Great list, Amber. I like how you’ve included new-to-me authors (along with their blogs). I can’t wait to check out High Protein Vegan and Lotus and Artichoke.. they look right up my alley. 🙂

  11. urbanvegan

    What a fabu list! Does this make you a fabulist? (Sorry, I love bad puns). Any vegan and/or foodie would love any and all of these books.

  12. Mike @TheIronYou

    High-Protein Vegan: brilliant!
    Even if I’m not vegan I’m always on the hunt for alternative sources of protein.
    I’m so gonna ask Santa for it 😉

  13. Jennifer

    What a great list!! There are a few I have (your’s and Bianca’s) and I few I now want to get. Thank you, dear Amber, for fueling my already out-of-control vegan cookbook “problem”. 😉