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  1. Cadry

    This sounds amazing! As if I needed another reason to wish I lived in the Bay Area! 😉

  2. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    Your mint chip shake sounds amazing! Totally going to have to try and recreate that at home!

  3. Ulyana

    These look delish! The nut mylks are such a pleasure after all the juice… nice post :))

  4. Hannah

    Woot woot! Oh my heavens, I still remember how much the mint chocolate chip one blew me away. SO GOOD. I’m all proud ‘n’ stuff of having been in the kitchen and helping you “taste test” 😛 Hurrah for you!

  5. Emi

    Wow! All the juices sound so delish, especially yours. But I live in NYC so I won’t have a chance to taste them. 🙁

  6. Tara

    Oh my! Honestly, trying to keep my bias towards any of your recipes aside, this cleanse sounds the tastiest to me out of all that you’ve posted. And yes… Your drinks sound amazing! They need to ship nationwide! : (

  7. Dayna

    This cleanse makes me pine for San Francisco badly! It’s my favorite city in America AND they get what appears to be the best of the cleanses… Not fair!!

    The flavors you came up with sound AMAZING, by the way. They are so much more creative than the usual cleanse formulas.

  8. Theo

    Thanks to all of your previous juice cleanse posts, I finally tried a (homemade) juice cleanse in September. I’ve been feeling the call to do another one and since I only live an hour’s drive away from their pickup location, I do believe it’s time to treat myself…everything sounds so delicious!

  9. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    I remember seeing the mint-chip shake when you were creating it. Now I want to do a juice cleanse, but only this one. Most juices are too hard on my blood sugar, and I end up being hungry 5 minutes after I have the juice and then feeling like ass an hour later. This one sounds very filling (and good, blood-sugar balancing ingredients being used). And of COURSE it’s located half the country away. Perhaps you can convince the company to sell/trade the rights to sell/ship this cleanse in and out of K.C. Just maybe… 😀

  10. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    That’s so cool that you helped come up with some of the recipes. It makes me wish I lived near San Francisco.

  11. TW

    I’ve been wanting to try a juice cleanse and this one sounds great. And I live in the Bay Area (unfortunately). The coupon code may just be the incentive I need to finally try a cleanse. Thanks!

  12. Soy

    Our company has done the Project Juice Cleanse 2x. I skipped this time around, but we did manage to score some Mint Chip Shakes to sample and share. They are the best, most delicious shakes I’ve had in my life. SO GOOD.