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  1. Caitlin

    the peanut sauce looks awesome! i have all of the ingredients to make it tonight 😉

    and, lately, i’ve been interested in experimenting more with tofu. this press would be perfect for me!

  2. Kelly McGrath

    Pressing tofu is great and this gadget will make it sooo much easier. I’ve toppled over many a heavy can trying to get it to balance on a plate on top of tofu! The sauce looks delicious. Stir fry is my favorite way to have tofu and I can’t wait to try it with your new sauce!

  3. Katie T

    I usually stack a bunch of cans on top of a plate to press the tofu…Usually it crashes. This seems much easier!

  4. Chad Ferguson

    That sauce looks amazing!

  5. Melissa

    That sauce looks great! I love to marinade and bake tofu, so I’ll definitely be adding this sauce to my repertoire.

  6. Sonja

    Mmm…makes me hungry for Asian food!

  7. Kayti

    I didn’t even know they made tofu presses- now I needs one.

  8. Noelle (@singerinkitchen)

    That sauce looks SOOOOO good. Another dinner idea for the toddler and me. 🙂

  9. Ali

    Right now I am obsessed with different variations of curried tofu scrambles.

  10. jennifer

    pan fry the tofu

  11. Christy

    I like to marinate it in garlic and chilli sauce and bake it 🙂

  12. Erin

    Oh my, that sauce looks AMAZING! It will be made RIGHT away. Also, I am dying to try the tofu press! I actually broke a glass last weekend when a giant can of tomatoes toppled over :-/

  13. Laura Martinez

    I didn’t even know they made tofu presses.

  14. Rebekah

    I personally prefer to bake tofu, but since I’m dorm style-microwave cooking only at the moment, I generally just break it up and throw it on top of rice with some confetti veggies. I flavor it with some toasted sesame oil, tamari, ginger, and a little bit of margarine. Occasionally I will add a splash of braggs to the mix too and top it off with some sesame seeds. Super good!

    This gadget looks super useful! Tofu can be good when you freeze it before cooking because it becomes lighter and more airy, but I personally do not like mushy or soft tofu. >_<

  15. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    YUUUSSSSS to the sauce! Don’t enter me in the give-away. You know my relationship to tofu, hahaha. Therefore I have no need for the press. My thyroid will MURDER me if I think about eating it again. (And the tofu hot pot at Po’s was SO good…*sniff, sniff*) Pinning!

  16. Susan

    I’ll have to try this! Looks good!

  17. Caity

    I was just looking at these the other day! Would love to win one since the purchase isn’t really in the budget right now.

  18. Caity

    I love to have tofu in stir frys with lots of fresh veggies!

  19. Tara

    The sauce looks delish but (more importantly to me) thanks or introducing this press. I saw a press before but it looked so complicated that I just normally do the “stack the cookbooks” thing instead.

  20. Jamee Dyches

    I like to make ginger soy tofu over brown rice!

  21. Lucky Hopkins

    Wow, Amber!! Perfect timing. I’m fairly new to healthy eating and have been coming across some great tofu recipes lately I want to try. I’m looking to do a lot of making of things (like almond milk, cashew butter, etc.) instead of buying them to help offset the cost of eating healthy. This giveaway would be something that I’d keep right next to my Vitamix, since I’m sure both will get plenty of work. The Indonesian Coconut-Peanut Sauce sounds yummy, and may be something I’ll try adding to a salad or quinoa.

  22. The Peace Patch

    I love crunchy-crusted baked tofu! Macadamia Crusted Tofu was one of the first tofu recipes I found on the internet and it’s still my favorite. 🙂

  23. Beth

    Yumm I’m bad. I love it fried and crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside and tossed in a stir-fry!

  24. Steph!

    I love to slice tofu and shake it with a bunch of nooch and spices and then bake. Perfect snack!

  25. Deb

    Ooh! Would love to try this with a crispy tofu recipe.

  26. Carolyn

    I love making spicy chili tofu! I’m a lazy presser though, so an EZ Press would help immensely 🙂

  27. Mikaela Sullivan

    My favorite way of making tofu is to get all the water out (balancing a bunch of heavy crap on it…:) and then fry it in a pan so it gets nice and browned. Then toss in a stir fry. YUMM!

  28. Michaela

    Call me crazy but I actually love super-firm tofu raw!

  29. megan h.

    I love pressed (I use two heavy plates and would love a real press!), lightly pan-fried tofu! Peanut sauce is incredible!

  30. Catlyn

    My favorite way is to press the tofu, then marinate it in soy sauce, sriracha sauce, garlic, ginger, and sesame oil. Then bake it in the oven. So yummy!

  31. Jill

    I’ve only used tofu a few times at home because I’m kind of intimidated by it(I usually order it out or buy already prepared from Whole Foods). I think this tofu press would help me with that. Would love to win this, Thanks!

  32. Melissa

    I would love one of these!

  33. suzi

    HOW DID YOU KNOW??? I have been waiting for a recipe for the perfect made from scratch, full on flavor, healthfilled sauce to go with my brown rice, broccoli and tofu! seriously : ) Thanks Amber!

  34. Leslie

    I make something similar to this, but I always just wing the recipe. I look forward to giving this a try, and then possibly make it my go-to recipe 🙂 I also never think to bake tofu — thanks for that reminder 🙂

  35. dorothy mora

    i will eat tofu almost way it can be prepared- my favorite is pressed and marinated, then baked. alternatively- frozen tofu that has been boiled to thawed and then pressed, marinated and baked

  36. Meridith

    I’ve always wanted an official tofu press but could never justify the pricetag. I’d love to win one!

  37. Jennifer

    This looks awesome! I was looking for some easy Indonesian Vegan recipes and this is right up that alley!

  38. Erica C

    I love seared tofu with a teriyaki sauce. MMM

  39. Susan Gundlach

    I always do the balancing act! =P I would love to have this to make the chore a lot easier!

  40. Aimee Douglass

    Simple baked tofu is my favorite – so versatile and yummy. That sauce, however, looks amazing, so I may have a new favorite flavor soon :).

  41. Colleen

    I love anything with PB in it! Have to try this

  42. Dana

    My mouth is waaaterring just thinking about this! But quick Q. When you say that you lightly bake the tofu for a bit (after tossing with some sauce), what temp and how long would that be? I think I’ll have to make this tomorrow…YUM! Thanks Amber! 🙂 Ps. I hope my entry worked. I wanted to leave a comment, but I wasn’t able (?). Hmm.

  43. Dana

    Oh yah, that’s a tremendous help. At least it gives me something to go by—that’s all I needed. You’re a gem! 🙂

  44. Amanda

    I usually just squash my tofu with a paper towel…would love this for my asian stir fry’s!

  45. radioactivegan

    I love baked tofu on sandwiches – although I don’t like the prebaked stuff at the store, strictly home-baked for me!

  46. Erica Wollman

    I love tofu in pho!

  47. Herbivore Triathlete

    I like baked tofu, sort of like tofu nuggets!

  48. kaycee

    SO COOL!!! i always use the towel and heavy plate/saucepan smoosh method… a tofu press would be waay easier.

  49. Johnna

    This sauce sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try it. And man, I’d get a lot of use out of a tofu press. Must get one soon!

  50. Julie

    My favorite tofu is Twin Oaks – from a farm in Charlottesville, VA. If you have a grocery store that carries it, I HIGHLY recommend it!

  51. Hillary

    Love this press….I’ve been toying with making one since I saw yours, actually! Winning is always better (besides, I’m lazy).

    Favorite tofu is crispy fried tofu tossed in a spicy sauce of chili oil, serrano peppers, and a TON of basil.

  52. Jennifer

    That sauce looks amazing! And what a wonderful giveaway. Thanks Amber.

  53. Karen Havling

    My favorite way to use tofu is in stir-fry. I would love that tofu press. It looks so easy to use.

  54. Tanya @ Playful and Hungry

    Oh, that looks so wonderful creamy! I just had dinner, but I’m getting hungry again! =)
    My to do list is getting longer…. 😉

  55. Julee

    Can’t wait to make this sauce!

  56. Veronica @ Veggie V's Vegan Adventure

    I really like my crispy tofu method of pressing, cutting into small squares, cooking in a bit of sesame oil on one side until crispy, then flipping and hitting it with a shot of tamarhi so it can caramelize. Oh man. So good! But, I’m sure it’s great with your sauce, too! I’d love to toss this sauce on some kelp noodles 🙂

  57. Natalie

    I’ve never tried pressed tofu before, but it sounds awesome!

  58. Sarah Lynne

    I can’t wait to try the recipe! My favorite way to prepare tofu is to slice into patties, marinate overnight, and throw it under the broiler.

  59. Pamela G

    We are newly vegan & my BF always complains that the texture of tofu is not firm enough, like the ones we buy at restaurants or WFM. This sounds like it would be the answer, and easy to boot! Anything to keep him eating vegetarian/vegan will be a huge help!

  60. Jessica

    Love tofu cooked up a little crisp and tossed with a little liquid animosity and coated with nutritional yeast

  61. Becky

    Frankly, my favorite way to prepare tofu is to buy it already baked and packaged. I can’t seem to get my own as chewy and delicious. But now perhaps I’ve found the secret!

  62. Sabrina

    My favorite way to prepare tofu is with a simple marinade and stir fry it. My kid love when I make tofu crispies.For this, I cut tofu in pieces and dredge it in cornmeal mixed with old bay seasoning, ten pan fry it in coconut oil.

  63. Sara

    My fave way to eat tofu is in a stir fry, or in miso soup. I CANNOT wait to try this delish peanut sauce!

  64. sally

    Bubble juice has been a favorite of my families since my kids were little (they are in their 40’s now). We lived in an orange grove and would put oranges along with tofu in the Vita Mix and it would make lots of bubbles so the kids called it bubble juice. We could put almost anything in the Vita Mix (berries, spinach, carrots)along with the tofu and it would be a great “to go” breakfast for the kids on the way to the babysitters. Lots of protein,fiber with natural vitamins and minerals. My kids still call it bubble juice today and still drink their bubble juice with tofu.

  65. tom

    I would like to win one of these so my wife does not have clean dish towels on top of the counter along with heavy tomato cans to squeeze the liquid out of the tofu so she can make stir fry tofu.I’d really like to have my counters back. Thanks

  66. Roberta

    I’ve never had tofu,but would love to try it.

  67. Carl

    Looking for healthier ways to cook tofu, maybe with this press I could stop deep frying it!

  68. Carol

    Tofu in any form is just wonderful!

  69. SnowgalUP

    I love it in soups…soaks up the yummy flavors from whatever broth you use.

  70. Robyn

    i love it every which way…baked, stirfried, fresh…but these days, i’m also partial to using it as a “creamy” base to create dips and desserts.

  71. Doreen

    I am new to this and have never tried so this would be the perfect opportunity for me to learn! Thanks Doreen

  72. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    Just an FYI on this delicious sauce, I recently made a triple-batch of it about a week ago and froze the other 2/3 of it that I didn’t use in that night’s dinner. I pulled out one of the containers a few nights ago so that I’d have a quick sauce to throw over some green beans and roasted cabbage. It held together nicely. Flavor was excellent obviously as it had been sitting and developing even further. I will say that it separates a bit, but that can easily be remedied by throwing it back into a blender or food processor. I didn’t even bother. I just whisked back up really well after re-heating and stirred in with veggie of choice. I even stirred some dallops of this into a pile of brown rice and white beans I had randomly leftover in my fridge. Put that mixture on a few tortillas and topped with tomatoes–oh my heavens. SO good.

  73. Andrea

    I think I’m slowly making my way through each one of your recipes lol. This sauce was SO GOOD!! I made a tofu stirfry for myself and my boyfriend made his steak and had some of the veggies on the side and when I was cleaning up he said “I hope you’re not throwing away the extra sauce cause I could eat it like soup!”

    Thanks so much for the recipe, definitely another keeper!

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