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  1. Hannah

    Ah! I’ve still yet to experience this whole “chipotle in adobo” thing. Thanks for the reminder, dear heart!

    P.S. Hoping against hope Matt gets home to you soon. xo

  2. Caitlin

    this looks absolutely delicious! kale salads are my very favorite, but i have yet to add tahini! makes perfect sense though, and i’m sure it adds such an amazing flavor and texture. can’t wait to try this! also, love that you have so many substitutions listed. that is SO helpfuL!

  3. Missy Meyers

    Thanks for the recipe, Amber! I just came across your website and really love your creativity! The cumin and sea salt are brilliant seasonings for kale.

  4. Bianca-Vegan Crunk

    I need to get my copy of Practically Raw off the shelf and make some more stuff soon….including this!!

  5. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    Okay, per our earlier conversation, I won’t shun this salad any longer. As soon as this shit-storm melts (can I say ‘shit’ on your blog?), I’ll trek to TJ’s and get more tahini. If I like it, you’ll be my new hero.

  6. Caralyn @ glutenfreehappytummy

    looks healthy and delicious!

  7. suzi

    what divine timing!! I just put a nice bunch of cleaned/prepped kale back in the fridge for tomorrows salad… this one is perfect and I love it when I happen to have all the ingredients~ thanks Amber!

  8. Chris

    I like the idea of raw kale salads. However, how do you suggest consuming leafy greens for thyroid health? Isn’t it best to cook them? How does the raw kale (greens) in relation to thyroid health pertain to smoothies and juices? Is it still anti thyroid when raw and juiced? What about when blended into a smoothie?


  9. Cadry

    I haven’t tried this one yet, but it’s been on my list! Chipotles in adobo add such a great smoky flavor!

  10. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    You know I have your book. I was actually flipping through it the other day. I really like this recipe 🙂

  11. Sarah @ This Is What I Eat

    Hey Amber! I’m going to try out a completely raw diet for health reasons and I will definitely be looking to your book for lots of inspiration 🙂 This kale salad will be one of the first salads I make! It looks beautiful and easy. I’m planning on staying away from sugar and sweeteners as well… do you think I’ll miss that little bit of agave or should it be ok to omit? Thanks!

  12. Keela

    This looks divine!

  13. Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking

    Oh this looks so delicious!!

  14. Katherine @ Green Thickies

    This looks gorgeous! I can’t get hold of chilies in the sauce here, but I can get hold of dried chipotle chilies. Can I use a dried one instead?
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