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  1. Jessica

    I too have an obsession with roasted veggies and cauliflower is on the top of that list! This cheese sauce looks like THE perfect addition. I’ve been obsessed with topping my obsession with a Tahini dressing. No clue why, but it goes together perfectly. Now I’m hungry lol

  2. Tanya @ Playful and Hungry

    The combination of Cashews and nutritional yeast with a tiny bit of lemon is so “cheesy”, it’s almost scary! Love that this is so simple, too!

  3. Veronica @ Veggie V's Vegan Adventure

    Keepin’ it cheezy 😉

    Looks good. Love trying different versions of cheeze sauce. Wonder how this would work with a raw pepper to keep the sauce raw…probably pretty well 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hannah

    Wait… so it’s the mother of all sauces, but it also has to come to mama? This is messing with my understanding of how procreation works.

  5. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    Amber, Hell Yes. But I am seriously NOT going to eat just 1/3 of a head of cauliflower. We are talking about cauliflower here. I will have to eat the entire thing. Just have to. On another note, I had a reaction to the yeast that was used in the cleanse–my fault, not yours. I knew I was taking a risk with consuming that much and went in head-first anyway. (I was hoping I wouldn’t react as it’s deactivated, but my body didn’t seem to care about that…that estrogen dominance, she’s a bitch sometimes. The sauces and recipes were still fantastic though and will be used in rotation for sure!) So I’ve been off the yeast since but have been craving your nacho cheese sauce from Practically Raw for days now. I think I’ll have to grant myself permission for this one tonight. 😀

  6. Jackie Briere

    This is so good with the roasted cauliflower! When I went to the store to get some yellow peppers for the cheese sauce I had to buy another head of cauliflower :p I love it ! Thanks for the recipe. You rock <3!

    I took a picture. http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/4039/dscn0570rf.jpg

  7. Sarah @ This Is What I Eat

    Cauliflower is one of my all time favorite veggies too 🙂 The cheesy sauce sounds like a perfect way to top it off! Yum!!

  8. amber


    I LOVE this recipe. And we both share an affinity for cauliflower. It’s one of my favorites as well!! And I remember my Gramie serving it with a cheese sauce sometimes…on broccoli too. I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thanks lovely lady and have a fabulous weekend.


  9. Maria

    Looks delish!! Could roasted bell peppers be used, as it would be easier to blend?

    1. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

      Maria, that’s exactly what I did! Yes, it blended beautifully and tasted VERY good.

  10. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Cool idea to use yellow peppers.

  11. Kristy

    This looks so good! Anything with roasted cauliflower, I’m all over! 🙂

  12. Carol

    Mmmm, this sounds absolutely scrumptious, Amber! Thank you; I look forward to trying this recipe soon. And how exciting?! Practically Raw Desserts is almost here! Yay! 😀

  13. Hannah

    Gotta say, as a cauliflower lover myself, I’d be happy enough to eat that cauliflower plain, but I can think of a hundred different thinks I’d like to pour that cheesy sauce on!

    Super excited for your book release too! 🙂

  14. Sarahfae - Addicted to Veggies

    I can’t wait to try out the cheese sauce recipe! I’ll probably do a review of it, if you don’t mind. 🙂
    You’re the absolute most – and cheers to being Cauli-lovin ladies.

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  16. Mandi

    Wow you weren’t kidding! This recipe is dee-lish! I will be using this for my go-to “comfort food” sub after a stressful day at work!

  17. tracy

    Sounds good but I gotta skip the mustard can’t do that part!!!

  18. Jennifer

    This was delicious, my 10 mth old and 5 yr old loved it! Will have to make a double batch next time there were no leftovers. You have a new fan : )

  19. Darlene Frisicaro

    What nutritional yeast do you like most?