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  1. Somer

    I’m one of those strange girls who keeps vegan probiotic powder in my freezer, however…. kudos on using the yogurt. I’m usually too lazy to culture anything and just use the lemon, but it’s not quite spot on, whereas I’m sure this one is! 🙂 DELISH!

    1. Nicole Halbach

      After soaking cashews for two hours, what do you do with the water they were soaking in?

  2. Kat

    Omg, this looks fabulous! Beautiful! I wish I could be such a good cake decorator as you are. I read the post you linked above (on piercings) and it’s crazy how many languages you speak/spoke, can’t even imagine that! I speak Hungarian, but that’s a given (native tongue) and English fluently, somewhat Spanish…I studied French and used to be proficient but sadly I forgot everything. My upper-elementary/lower-intermediate Swahili is sadly also declined to a few words. (Of course I know 5-10 words in many other languages, but that doesn’t count as language learning.) As for theme-parties: I love going to theme-parties, but never hosted one (except for a Big Lebowski theme party, but it wasn’t at my house but we went out to a bowling alley :)). I enjoy dressing up for Rocky Horror as well.

  3. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Beyond stunning. The recipe, the creativity, the flavors, the photography (the squirt bottle step by step shots are like…omg…I want to be there!)

    Truly a gorgeous post, Amber!

  4. Sarah @ This Is What I Eat

    OMG Amber, I love EVERYTHING about this post! I think we all have an inner nerd in us… for example, I’m a MAJOR weather nerd! I can’t get enough of it, I read about it and have lost hours of my life to the weather channel. I loved reading about your off the beaten path tastes and passion for language!

    I’m a huge fan of theme parties and an even bigger fan of the fact that you have theme parties for unexpected occasions! Sounds like you throw a great party and that cheesecake is beautiful! Cinnamon is one of my favorite flavors ever so this sounds right up my alley! Great post!

  5. Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom

    Love your ideas for parties!

  6. Malgorzata

    Wow! Looks great! Is it very coconutty in flavour? I have preordered your book just after I bought Practically Raw 🙂

  7. Caitlin

    i LOVE themed parties! in the last few months i’ve been to a demented fairytale bday party and a mardi gras masquerade bday party. i’m actually hatching a plan to have a great gatsby bday party for myself in the summer 😉

    the cheesecake bars look UNBELIEVABLE! you could totally sell them in a bakery. they look simple enough to make. i really want to try them!

  8. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Those early pics of you are so cute. I think you would have been fun to hang around with then and now, too.

    I took four years of French, but I’ve lost most of it over the years. I wish I had stuck with it.

    Oh, and those bars look scrumptious. I actually keep probiotic powder in my fridge, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying your idea, as well. Genius 🙂

  9. kearsten

    Found you through Averie’s pin! This looks delicious, even thigh I’m neither vegan nor raw, though I do like the idea of both! I mainly came to check out this recipe for my sister in law….she has a lot of food intolerances, but I think she would be able to eat this if soya yogurt was used instead of coconut (something about coconut milk causes vomiting, as do dairy products)! I’ve pinned the link and will be passing this on to her…we will have to get together and try it out! I just hope one of us has w strong enough food processor/blender!

  10. Highball Emy

    YUM, these look tasty! I’m a sucker for cinnamon in anything. BUT I mostly wanted to say that 1. Yes, languages are the BEST. Even if I’m a Germanic and Slavic girl, and you’re a Romance type, we can still get along! 2. I wish I’d been at your Ides of March party! I’m thinking of having a quinoa-themed party soon, because 2013 is the UN-official International Year of Quinoa!



  11. Kristy

    These look amazing, Amber! I love the idea of using yogurt to culture the cheesecake- sounds wonderful!

    I think you and I would have been friends in high school- dressed all in black, wore big Doc Martins, did theater, and always carried a copy of Cather in the Rye with me. Very hippie-nerd-goth. It cracks me up when I look at pictures now. 🙂

  12. Erin

    I took Latin in high school and have to say I didn’t love it NEARLY as much as you! The toga party sounds totally fun, and the cheesecake bars look incredible. Love the idea of culturing with yogurt.

  13. Tanya @ Playful and Hungry

    Thanks for considering those poor people (like me =D ) who don’t have access to all those really cool and fancy vegan ingredients! 😉
    This looks so yummy! I guess agave (instead of coconut nectar) would also work? Coconut nectar is another thing they don’t sell here…

  14. Tessa

    This looks so good. Would it be possible to use this yogurt as a replacement for the probiotic powder in you basic nut cheese recipe? I have not been able to make that yet because I cannot find probiotic powder (non-dairy) anywhere!

  15. Gabby @ the veggie nook

    Wow these are incredible Amber, so creative! I’m going to have to try your trick for getting the cultured cheese taste!

  16. Hannah

    This post is everything why I love you. And yes, I know that sentence is incorrect. I don’t care. It is what my heart says.

  17. Dayna

    Those bars are, seriously, ALL I remember from the party! I arrived, was swept into a toga by Sara and… all I can remember past that is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch(less) goodness, the silkiness and totally spot-on cheesecake tanginess… and then blacking out in between your foyer and bathroom! So let my drunken memories be a verdict to their tastiness; these bars are divine! And in response to a commenter above, I am totally shocked that coconut yogurt was used, as not a trace of coconut flavor could be tasted (I was expecting soy yogurt for some reason…). Actually, I am totally surprised by the igredients… They’re so simple! I was expecting a lengthy “make your own caramel” side-recipe. Okay, now I’m rambling, but anyways: yum. These were heaven!

  18. lilli

    oh! i came for the cheescake and stayed for my two greatest loves: linguistics and food. i love your blog!

    one question:
    i am new to the whole dehydrator thing, can you do that in an oven too?

    greetings from austria

  19. Michelle

    Im one who has the probiotic in the fridge lol
    I’ve loved your blog since I made your 5 minute bloodies…yum
    These look amazing…I don’t have coconut nectar so o might have to get some…I have Vegan honey not sure how they’d work….

  20. Kimberly Louis-Jean

    Food and languages! My two favorite topics. I will definitely have to give this recipe a try. I haven’t been to any themed parties, only because I don’t know anyone that really throws them. Though, I have been wanting to do a Doctor Who party, or a bring-your-omnivore-friends-to-a-completely-vegan-dinner party (the name may need to be re-worked). Perhaps when I have a bigger apartment. 😀

    As far as languages go, I love them. I spent about 3 years studying Spanish in high-school, 2 years with french and I did a semester of Italian because I love romance languages. Unfortunately I’ve lost most of my knowledge of those languages and am left with a few words and phrases and I can understand some Spanish. I actually wish I kept up with Spanish because my best friends are all Dominican and when I visit their families it’s mostly in Spanish. However, I am currently learning Irish. I find the Celtic languages fascinating and have this idea of learning all of the Celtic languages! I also have a smidgen of German, Danish(my friend is currently learning and is passing some words to me)and Haitian Creole. My husband is Haitian so I plan on learning that as well. Sorry, I could keep talking about this. I am actually considering going back to school for linguistics. I spend most of my days reading about languages anyways. haha

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  22. Kathy Lovett

    These cheescake bars are awesome. I made them last weekend. It is difficult waiting so long before eating them. The wait is well worth it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  23. Gena

    Oh, good grief, Amber. These look amazing.

  24. Debbie

    Hi Amber! I found your blog via Vegan Cuts! Holy mole sauce you are a genius. The yogurt completely changes the texture. It’s like actual cheesecake. Brought a few squares to work to share with some vegan and nonvegan coworkers, everyone loved them. I want to try making this with a graham cracker crust. I hope that base wont get too soggy but I want to make it even more like the mouth feel I’m used to, and the filling has the perfect mouth feel and texture. Do you think this is a bad good/bad idea or have other suggestions?

  25. Debbie

    Wow you are really a genius. I will let you know how the graham crust works out with your oil sealing idea. Thanks for your help (and the quick response), you have just made a fan for life! 🙂 <3

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  29. Emma

    Oh my word, these look phenomenal! Just found these via the veggie nook and realized that somehow I’ve become unsubscribed to your blog! Reading through archives now to see what I’ve missed..
    Another languages lover over here- I study French and Spanish at university. My course is mainly literature and language but I’m doing a little bit of French linguistics too.

  30. Holly

    What brand dehydrator do you have? I love the glass door!

  31. tanja

    YUMMY! new N°1 in my family 🙂 loved the creaminess and lightness. i used soya yogurt cause i can’t get any other but it was great (and it had probiotics inside which i hope have multiplied ;)) (however, as i didn’t want to use the filing, i made a date icing on top, so the color wasn’t so cinnamon like, but it was still very good).
    thanks for the awesome recipe! cheers

  32. Chaya-Ryvka


    This one is seriously making me drool. I will be making it – Thank you!

  33. Anja

    I made this recipe Easter Monday for a raw potluck and they were gone in no time. Everyone loved it. I will make it for my hubby’s coworkers soon (today I guess) because his boss loves regular cheesecake. I am excited what he will think about your creation. It is absolutely delicious. I made it with maple sirup only but next time I will try it with the coconut nectar. Thank you very much!

  34. Christine

    Hi Amber,

    I don’t have almond flour, would brazil nut flour work. If not, what else could I use.


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  36. Dee

    Will this work with only Greek style yogurt?

  37. Dana

    WOW, these look amazing! I am making these asap 🙂 First, though, I’m pinning!

  38. Nora

    Hi Amber,

    Amazing looking recipe. Quick question: if we don’t have a dehydrator and use dairy yogurt but leave it out for 8 hrs, won’t it go bad? I live in FL where it is VERY humid so I’d be worried about ruining the batch. Your thoughts please?

  39. Amber

    You are just too adorable and fun! I loved learning more about you! I think it’s great when bloggers share. I am making these bars tomorrow and just can’t wait. I’ve been drooling over the recipe for days.

    In addition to English, we do speak Spanish in our home (but not fluently). Our kids are in a Spanish Immersion school (it’s a 7 years program). My daughter is very interested in also learning French, so you never know.

    And YES I am a big party girl. They might not always be themed, but I love getting people together. Love cooking for people, love entertaining, love the energy and sense of connection.

    Have a great rest of your week and a fabulous weekend.


  40. Nicole Halbach

    WOW! I feel super important! You actually replied in a FLASH! Thanks sooo much! Reason I am asking is because I question myself…I have never soaked cashews before! This afternooon I went to our co-op store and bought all the ingredients for this decedant, amazing receipe of yours and want to make when I get home tonight! I want to make sure I know what I am doing (not very likely) 🙂 Thanks again!

  41. nicole halbach

    Hi, it’s me…right now I mixed yogurt, cashews, etc…its very runny, is that OK>?

  42. amber

    Hi Amber,

    Look how you inspired me lovely lady: http://www.thetastyalternative.com/2013/05/mini-strawberry-cheesecakes-inspired-by.html


  43. Laura G.

    Hi Amber,

    Must try this cheesecake…must! LOL

    Somewhat related…

    I have a question about probiotics. I have your cookbook “Practically Raw” and there’s some cheese recipes I’m so itching to try and I did go to the website you recommened for the probiotics powder and I found Probiotics Acidophilus powder. Is that the correct powder? I’m maybe a yodel when it comes to this and sorry for the silly question but I want to be sure I buy the correct item to use.

    Thank you so much and also for sharing such wonderful recipes with us!!

    Laura G.

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  45. Joz

    you ask: Do you speak (or have you studied) any other languages?

    I used to speak 5 languages. now only 3…the other two – well no one to speak with or to….

    and by speaking so many I can pick up (understand) Portugese and Italian but can’t speak it…need practice..not time for that….

    Do you ever have themed parties? all the time

  46. Kelli

    These were delicious! If I hadn’t told my family nobody ever would’ve questioned it being ‘real’ cheesecake! The top layer of mine didn’t turn that beautiful caramel color though…is that normal? I don’t have a dehydrator so is that what makes the difference?

  47. Leah

    Can I freeze the leftovers? How long will this keep in the fridge?

  48. tiana

    Those look delish! What brand dehydrator is that, I feel that I need one of those in my life. Also, since I don’t have a dehydrator, would it be okay for me to leave it in the oven (off of course) overnight/8 hours?

  49. Vyktoria

    I’ve made this twice and it’s the bomb! I love it,
    Everyone else that’s tried it loves it.
    Thank you so so much, I don’t need to look any further!
    I made one today with one change, instead of the cinnamon top I’ll be topping with a strawberry/chia jam just for something different.
    One happy customer! 🤓