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  1. Bethany

    I’ve really enjoyed all your juice cleanse reviews, Amber! I’d love to do one myself and I feel like you’ve given me lots of information to help me choose the best one for me. Thank you!

  2. Sarah

    Hi Amber,

    Loving these reviews! I was wondering, (and maybe it is stated in your review but I couldn’t find it) are these Vibrant Earth Juices organic? I love the idea of having the nut milk in the middle of the day!

  3. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Love the review and your experiences and why this one stood out. I can totally appreciate the mid-day heavier juice now that I did it…waiting til bed to have that juice, then having it just sit in your belly all night vs. midday so it can digest AND so you can feel some sense of satiation for the 2nd half of the day which for me was a bit grueling, that is such good logic!

  4. Sunny

    Thank you again for all your reviews. With this cleanse, I would say first-time users should try this one. I did my first 3 day cleanse last week with another company you reviewed and although I ended up liking the juices and the experience by day three, I could have used SO much more support! I had to call my assigned coach when an urgent email went unanswered too long. It all worked out fine and she was lovely, but sometimes you get what you pay for…next time, I will spend more money and get everything I need without having to plead for the support. This cleanse makes that “next time” list from your review! Love your blog!

  5. Sarah @ This Is What I Eat

    I love this juice cleanse series!! I have to admit I’m a bit jealous since I don’t have money to try one but I appreciate your review and comments since it will definitely help me plan a juice cleanse (using my juicer) in the future. I love the idea of an almond milk in the middle of the day! Delicious and filling! The cranberry juice also sounds so delicious and interesting. I’m definitely going to have to try something like that!

  6. ClaireRose

    I’ve really wanted to try a cleanse for a while . I think I can handle a 3 day cleanse.hehe… The 5 day to week ones really scare me off.The price does too.Thank you for the discount!!

  7. Hannah

    I am snacking on raw beetroot at this very moment, so I totally know what you mean by “pink” (and I’m not referring to the fact that I took my white pants off before eating*).

    * I’m at home, thus the pantlessness.

  8. Donna

    Hi Amber,
    Thank you for these very helpful reviews.
    I am considering a juice cleanse to lose the last 5 pounds of extra baby weight. What has your experience been in that regards?

  9. Donna

    We’ll see. I’ll give it a shot and see.
    I read somewhere on the website that you trained at Matthew Kenney?
    It is my favorite restaurant in OKC and unfortunately closed a few weeks ago. I loved their food. So sad!

  10. Sarah Young

    Hi Chef Amber,
    I am very interested in trying a juice cleanse, this would be my first time. I have read through all 16 reviews that you have posted but was wondering if you had 1 or 2 favorites that you could recommend. I live in the Midwest and therefore need them to be shipped.



  11. Ashulitax

    does it helps with a kind of jump start to loose weight?/esto ayuda a perder unas cuanta lbs? Mil gracias

  12. Sue

    Hi Amber,

    I am slowly catching up on your many juice cleanse posts. Vibrant Earth sounds like one I might try out.

    Thanks for posting the details about the flax inclusion and vitamin absorption – that is a real eye opener, whether I juice myself or order a cleanse.

    This is definitely one to try out for a day to see how a more fruit based cleanse would work for me. I tend to get the all green and/or mostly green cleanses because I’ve been drinking green juice for a long time and trying to lower my sugar consumption.

  13. Sofia

    Hi! I’ve been searching to do a great 3 day cleanse and it would be my first one ever. I noticed your reviews are from last year but would love to know which cleanse was your favorite and easiest to drink?