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  1. Hannah

    I love the idea of using this (or something like it) in one of your recipes. Though now, really, I’m just dreaming of the insanely good pecan cookies I made while testing from you that everyone fell in love with…

  2. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I’ve seen this on another blog and agree that it has an impressive ingredient list. I’m one of those wondering why it includes both cane sugar and stevia, though. I do have sugar in moderation, but have recently started having issues with stevia (bummer, I know).

    Anyway, congrats again on your new book. I’ve been meaning to get a copy soon.

    1. grace

      Been taking the shake for a while but lately my tummy has been hurting i am allergic to stevia and i think that;s that !

  3. Alice

    I noticed that, too! This said you posted at 3 when I first read it at noon today. LOL!

  4. Mara

    Goodness gracious, Amber, you are a genius! I will be using every one of those recipes as inspiration. This is why yours is one of my favorite blogs!

  5. joel harrison

    Great article, Chef Anber Shea!

  6. Tim

    Will try. Looks delicious.
    Thanks for great post Chef!

  7. BG

    This product was one I purchased in stores and used for a long time, back from before it was big, but I find that this company has lost it’s conscious. They charged my card a restock shipment of over one hundred dollars without my permission and refused to stop the shipment or refund the entire purchase price they charged me once I called. Their customer service representative, Evan, was the most unhelpful person I’ve spoken to on the phone in a while and kept repeating there’s nothing I can do like a broken record. BEWARE ordering from them online because they WILL RIP YOU OFF.

    I used to love this company. I remember the very first days of them starting up when they still mixed these bags of shake in their kitchen, but apparently this company has lost it’s soul like so many bigger corporations. I am truly upset that I got so many of my friends to try this shake and will now be looking for a new health shale alternative that treats it’s customers with a minutia of dignity and respect and does’t attempt to rip them off by sneaking in charges and claiming it was shipped the same moment that it was charged so there is no way to issue a refund for the amount of your unauthorized purchase.

    I warn you DO NOT ORDER THROUGH THEIR WEBSITE. I am highly disturbed at the lack of ethics shown by them and their complete disregard for my concerns.

    1. reighly schoo

      I hated this product and found the company to be a scam. I bought a trial with auto ordering(didn’t realize this right away). They immediately starting charging me and sending me more product. There are not open on weekends to cancel membership, I had to call them over 15 times(if you hit the code for returns, it disconnects you). Then the guy I spoke with was no help, I asked for a manager. He must have forgotten to push mute or hold bc I could hear everything… he sat there making noises with his mouth. He finally said that his manager was unavailable. This company is such a joke. Please don’t waste your time or money!!

    2. Romeo Romeo

      Yes his happened to me too. I’m out $119. If you can’t trust the way they are doing business how could we trust their ingredients?
      Please share on social networks such as fb, twitter, amazon..
      I heard through sources we are not the only ones. About 15 boxes were sent back in the last few weeks. They have change and the taste changed to me as well. I had tried this a few years ago and I really loved it. But I could never afford their product because they never give out samples or sell smaller sample packages. So finally they had a “promotion” that I fell for and tried their product and it was actually disgusting to me. I wonder if they changed their formula too.
      Either way they are not going to get away with scamming people like that!!! Best

    3. michele

      They did the same thing to me now i’m getting hit with overdraft fees and now cannot pay my rent!!!!!! And i never signed up for auto ship. it wasn’t on my receipt i received. I wish i would of never ordered from them.

    4. Megan

      I feel exactly the same way…I was a loyal customer and they totally screwed us all over.

    5. Al

      I agree. I had the same disillusioning experience after ordering with them for years! I felt scammed. It’s a good product, but treating loyal customers like this did not feel good and made me go in search of a different product I can use.

  8. Romeo Romeo

    Buyers beware!!! Be very careful with this product I was just scammed by this company! I’m out about 100 dollars by ordering 1 item through rocknwellness themselves…. By the way when I asked a wf rep about their product they said it did nothing at all, this product was a very expensive treat. I actually didn’t like the taste at all when I recently tried it again. It’s funny because when rnw was actually giving out samples (for once) at this little raw food restaurant in ny I thought it was great that’s why I wanted to try it once again. But perhaps they changed their formula? All I can say is if I can’t trust the way they do business I will not trust their ingredients and claims. Dear rock n wellness people will know your intentions the fact that your all about $ and scamming your customers! How disgusting and disappointing that you take advantage of trusting people like that! How sad!!!! By the way as per further sources I wasn’t the only one scammed. I heard there was 15 boxes returned a day for the last few weeks!!!! I never thought these guys would scam people like that but they did. I fell for their claim too. Please beware!!! . Order at your own risk and do your own research before you spend $ on their overpriced product.There are in fact better products out there. Best

  9. jay

    You guys can purchase I would just read before you hit click. Not to hard. And the formula doesn’t change its all real food so the taste will always vary. If you call customer service 15x on the weekend. That’s just silly. Customer service is closed on the weekend. Duh. Great product amazing quality. Read before you just buy something.

    1. Romeo Romeo

      For your information, I did read the info! The additional cost that was in the terms and condition link should have been on the damn price page… Your quick to judge when you really don’t know the full details.. Karma will soon tell. I gauruntee there will be something wrong with the product. Their business is dirty they are a scam! We will see what the attorney general says. If one thing comes out of this people would have been warned!!! By the way I called and called yesterday. It took 20 minutes and having to say I was going to purchase something for someone to actually pick up. What’s your excuse for that? Thanks for input and judgement by the way!!!!! Product sucks and it’s a scam! There are far better products out there!

  10. jay

    I never had the problems you had. And I’ve been drinking it for 3 yrs. Helped me lose 25lbs and is and chrohns. Just order it and drink it and you won’t have any problems

  11. kim

    Before I hit order I also selected one time purchase option and didn’t sign up for the VIP program.

  12. to

    I ordered the sample week supply for 14.99. It didnt really appeal to my taste but I figured it was only $15 so no big deal. Two weeks later they sent 3 bags and charged my card for 119$! I DID NOT ORDER.

    I called right away, left a message and wrote an email. Nothing for 4 days, then an email reply saying that I had to call and speak to someone in person. I tried calling everyday for TWO WEEKS (during their stated buisness hours) and left 7 voicemail messages. NO one answered or called back for two weeks.

    I also ‘liked’ rockn wellness on facebook and saw that someone updates their FB page daily. I wrote a post saying that I have been trying to reach someone for two weeks hoping the FB administrator would help me get in contact with someone.


    I then get an email saying that I have to complete a form and will be charged to ship THE UNAUTHORIZED ‘order’ AND A 35$ RESTOCKING FEE!

    This company while it promotes positivity and wellness has buisness practices that are anything but, they are flat out WRONG. AT this point they stole 120$ from me and shipped me something that I did not want and they are also wanting to charge me an additional 35$ to pay them for stealing from me + shipping.


  13. evutek

    Same here. What a rip off! They enrolled me into a program without my consent, charged my card and the product was NEVER delivered. When called I was read out a program policy script by a very condescending customer rep. and was advised to call Fedex to investigate the missing shipment, really??????Apparently it’s the customer’s responsibility to opt out as you are being automatically enrolled into this scam of a program and to find the fictitious shipment that was never delivered. Filed complaint with BBB and opened up a case with my credit card as well as blocked them from future charges.

    1. Nicolemel

      You have to make sure that you order the bags that are not on auto ship, yes they are more expensive if you buy them one at a time but you have to just have to be aware of what you’re ordering when you do. I have ordered this yummy shake sporadically over the last few years and feel a big difference when I use it consistently (replace breakfast with a shake) and when I had order the auto ship on accident, I never had a problem contacting anyone, but then again I am very courteous when I need someones help, and they’ve always canceled the next order. I’m super excited to try your cookie recipe this afternoon!

  14. Kathy

    I’ve ordered from them twice and have not had any problems. I went to Whole Foods to buy ONE bag and they wanted $72.99 for it! ONE bag! So I went back to ordering via offers they send my email. 3 bags for about $90.00. LOVE rocking wellness! Love the taste! The ingredients are awesome and now my husband is hooked too!

  15. Suzette Sanborn

    I have really been wanting to try this,I have gastroparisis and can’t eat much, I get full easily after a couple bites of food. I usually drink meal replacement shakes to try and get nutrients.although I know they really aren’t healthy. My only issue is I can’t really have fiber because it just bloats me as I don’t easily digest fiber. Just wondering if I could easily digest this.

  16. Robin

    I’ve been using Rockin Wellness for over 2 years straight. I mix one scoop with half an apple, half a frozen banana, either a handful of kale or spinach, Greek yogurt and recently coconut water ( I have used coconut/almond milk in the past). I mix it in my nutribullet and have it for breakfast every morning during the week. I actually feel sluggish when I don’t have it. I love it and will continue to use it. I’ve never had problems ordering it or getting too much either.