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  1. suzi

    Hi Amber ~ this looks yummy but one question before I attempt… mustard seeds brown or does it matter?

  2. amber

    Now this is my kinda recipe! Thick with a nice depth of flavor. I have to say, I love roasting my cauliflower before using it in soups and such. Split peas are so delish. Great recipe, Amber. Another one on my list of “to make.”


  3. Caitlin

    this looks AMAZING! i love that you put your curry roasted cauliflower in there! i can’t wait to make this.

  4. Hannah

    The only other thing I could ask for is it be eating this with you right now.

    P.S. Did my text get through? No stress about replying; just not sure whether it’s working across borders right now 🙂

  5. Little Sis

    Yum! Love me some curry, but have never added cauliflower. Can’t wait until the ones out back get big!

  6. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    This shall be made VERY SOON in the loft over at 10th and Wyandotte, or at the corner of John’s-Big-Deck hell. 😀

    1. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

      P.S. I also love curry powder as a ‘cheat’ ingredient in real curry dishes. Nobody has to know…

  7. Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today

    It’s never too late for stew 🙂

  8. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    Finally made this tonight. HOLY YUM. That is all. 😀 No, that’s not all actually. I’m also making coconut-curry biscuits to go with it. (I should be sleeping, but I couldn’t resist!). I didn’t have light milk on hand, so I just added 1/2 C of the full-fat stuff, and it was PERFECT. Not TOO creamy…Vic doesn’t dig the flavor of coconut-curry so much. So it’s a great balance for both of us. Yes, I added tons of garlic. :-p And frozen green peas. And lots of love. Can’t wait to dig in tomorrow for lunch. <3

  9. Jill

    Recently discovered your site. Wow, amazing!! I’m eagerly awaiting my copy of Practically Raw.

    Its winter here so made this the other day, Devine, even better the next day. I’m not so brave with the curry so halved it. I will also add potato next time to bulk it up a bit for my son.

    Amber, for the past 20 years I have been lost in the I HATE COOKING wilderness. So thankyou for inspiring me to start cooking beautiful food (I have made several recipes). My son thanks you to as I am now cooking more than the same 3 boring meat dishes over and over, even if it is vegan(his lament). Luckily, I can cook to only please myself, pleasing him is a by product lol