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  1. janet @ the taste space

    I have been dying to make this, Amber, but my only hesitation has been the small springform pans (since I do not have them). Is the batter firm enough to be free-formed into circles, do you think?

  2. Caitlin

    oh wow! this recipe is so much different than any raw carrot cake i’ve seen! it looks phenomenal and the ingredient list is awesome! i can’t wait to try!

  3. Abbie

    This looks AMAZING! I really want to try and make this carrot cake at some point! If I’m not extremely concerned about making a gluten-free cake, can I sub the coconut flour for regular all-purpose flour?

  4. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    This is definitely one of the recipes that made my eyes pop out when I saw it. Interesting that coconut flour is so different. I’ve still got my eye out for it, someone told me my local grocery store has it so I’ll pick some up on my next visit.

  5. marquis @realrawkitchen

    Thanks for sharing! I love this, I’ve made a raw carrot cake before and though the taste was spot on the texture was a bit moist. I enjoyed it but I had hoped for something a bit more cake-y. I didn’t know this about coconut flour so I will definitely add some in next time! Also, thanks for sharing your info on the spring form pans. I actually really do not like using the full pan because I find I make just too much dessert at a time. What a simple solution to get a smaller one!!

  6. Emma

    Oh my oh my! This is the recipe I’ve been most excited about making from your book since I saw the pictures. Love that it uses coconut flour unlike most nut based recipes (not that I don’t love those too, it’s just nice for a change). I’ve just ordered the book (it came back in stock on bookdepository.co.uk. Can’t wait to be done with finals and have the summer for plenty of fun time in the kitchen…

  7. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    Yay! So glad you shared this recipe. I’m also one of those who got sucked in like a laser beam with the picture. I hope to have the book soon, but for now I’m happy to have a snippet.

  8. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Stunning cake, Amber! “no, you cannot substitute any other flour in its place.”<– thank you for being adamant and holding firm on that. People will try to substitute grass and leaves for things if they could, I swear 🙂 Nice to know you feel that strongly about it. And yes coconut flour DOES absorb many times it's weight in liquid!

  9. Sarah @ This Is What I Eat

    This is one of the recipes I’m most excited about trying!! It sounds AMAZING and looks gorgeous! Definitely will be one of the first recipes I try 🙂 Now that I’m home from vacation I’m looking forward to picking some recipes to try! Yum!!

  10. Alex

    Dear Amber,
    I have been reading your blog for a while now and have to say that all your recipes are really spot on! my oh my, the cheesecake with cinnamon frosting that you have published not so long ago, out of this world and totally diffrent from other raw cheesecakes. do I am happy to tell you that I have ordered both of your books two days ago and pretty soon your cakes will be on Croatian tables 🙂 Thanks for the bonus preview with the carrot cake!

  11. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    This is pretty incredible Amber – thanks for sharing it!

  12. Nora

    Speechless! Quick question: Is this 8 servings between both springform pans? What if we have on springform pan – is it four pieces in the first batch then four pieces in the second batch?

  13. Heidi

    That looks fabulous! I can’t wait to try it. I need to ask for your book for Mother’s Day!

  14. Crissie

    So I have to say that I LOVE carrot cake, and I love that you took the time to have nut-free variations. I can’t tell you how much the nut thing keeps me from being as raw as I want to be sometimes. And sometimes, a girl just wants dessert!

  15. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I can see why everyone is raving about your carrot cake. I also know what you mean about coconut flour. There really isn’t a perfect substitute for it.

  16. Chris

    What can you use instead of dates and apples? I cannot have them. Thanks!

  17. Little Sis

    Wow, that looks fantastic!

  18. Heathy

    Yum yum this looks gorgeous and Im sure it tastes as great as it looks! Hope my copy of Practically Raw Desserts arrives in the mail soon 😀

  19. Chris

    What is the purpose of the dates? Sweetness? Binding? Would a fruit purée work?

  20. Hannah

    Do you know what else is lip-smackingly good? YOUR FACE. xo

    1. Hannah

      Wait. Lip-licking. Your face is that too. Stupid non-slept brain.

  21. emaliah82

    I’ve got this baby in the freezer firming up and the quick frosting in the fridge…simply cannot wait to put it all together later on and enjoy it tomorrow! THANK YOU!!!! P.S. – any chance a kindle edition will be coming out soon??

  22. Marlies

    Could I freeze these for longer periods of time (to prevent gobbling it all at once 😉 )?

  23. Joycely

    This looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for that!
    Can the coconut powder sold in Indian groceries be used instead of coconut flour ?

  24. Heather

    Could this batter be made into cupcakes?

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  26. Stephanie

    This looks amazing, Amber! Thanks for posting- it sold me on your book, which I just ordered yesterday from Barnes & Noble. I’ll leave a review, too (I still need to do that for your first book). I plan to make this cake this weekend, too!


  27. Sarah

    Amber – What is the function of the probiotic powder in the frosting and is there a sub for that?

    Recently picked up both of your books and making my way through them – really enjoying them both (especially the desserts!) 🙂

  28. Sarah

    Ugh! Nevermind! I am mixing up two of the recipes in the book! Dang – could have made this over the weekend after all!

  29. Star Khechara

    My copy just arrived today! I am drooling already and planning my next ‘unbaking’ session. Nice to meet a fellow raw rock chick too <3

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  31. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    LOVE carrot cake – Can’t wait to try this one out. Yum!

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  33. Nutritarian Aussie Girl

    I dont like to use Stevia or any type of sweetners do you think it would make too much difference if you left out the Stevia in the frosting? I wonder if you couldn’t if Coconut cream would work as a frosting as well. Thank you in advance

  34. Nutritarian Aussie Girl

    Great thanks Chef Amber I will let you know

  35. Jasmin

    This looks amazing. I just made it for an event I have tonight. I only have one of those spring pans. I was afraid that I wouldn’t have enough time to chill both of the parts of the cake, but then it became a non-issue because the whole cake fit into the one pan — so that pan is currently in the freezer. I guess it won’t be a layer cake, and maybe I’ll have too much dressing (not a problem, since I’ll happily just eat it straight). But I am wondering if you see any issues with the fact that I followed your recipe exactly and the whole thing will be one flat cake, as opposed to a layer cake? Also, would you describe this cake as raw, high raw, or something else? THANKS for the carrotspiration.

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  39. Sunnie@ModernGirlNutrition

    Cannot wait to make this! It looks like the real thing! Dates are the best 🙂

  40. ray

    Made some “cupcakes” out of this recipe. It still turned out too moist BUT I still enjoyed this healthier alternative to carrot cake.
    I omitted the lemon juice and used almond milk instead of water. Also, I added about 1/2 cup of chopped almonds to half of my mix which made that batch SUPER delicious. As for the topping, I used this new greek yogurt cream cheese that I found at the store (mixed with a packet of stevia).
    I’ll definitely make this again and play with it a little more.
    Thanks Chef!

  41. Jennifer

    Perfect for my son, he is allergic to eggs..thx i’ll do it this weekend..if you have more egg free recipies, i’ll be very gratefull

  42. Holden


    it would’ve been really great if you actually mentioned somewhere in the recipe that the batter should be dried somehow since the cake is really tasty but really moist as well and that doesnt make sense, especially when you compare it to the almost fluffy cake in the picture.

    What gives?


  43. Holden

    LOL. I love the blender advice :)) Cake balls sounds like a blast.

    Thnx, Amber, I’ll let you know what I did in the end 😉


  44. Fran

    Hi Amber,

    Thanks for sharing your recipe! I found it on Pinterest and made it today with the shredded coconut and raisins added in; my first ever raw recipe. Turned out great. Since I had regular cream cheese icing in the fridge I used that, but can’t wait to try your recipe for a change. Maybe I’ll try other raw recipes….

  45. Keita

    This looks incredible. I can’t wait to try this!

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  49. Lyf

    I made the cake without the icing because I have yummy yogurt to go with it and I love the fluffiness and texture of the cake. The taste I wasn’t keen on. I added some agave and shredded coconut for some improvement. I will wait to hear what other tasters have to say.

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  51. Cherie

    Hi I just made this and it was ok the icing was amazing but my cake was a little strange. It was too much carrot and not enough apple. I grated the carrot with a cheese grater on the course teeth. Next time I will defiantly use a little less carrot and grate it on the fine side of the grater or put it in the blender too. Also I would use more apple, the recipe called for one large or two small but i didn’t have either so I used one medium and thru in an extra 1/8 for good measure But I think it wasn’t enough so next time I would try 2 medium apples. What do you think amber? Where did I go wrong? Can you possibly give a weight measurement for the amount of apple?

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  53. Debbie

    I am making this tomorrow for my best friend who’s coming for coffee. She is a baker and cake decorator. I’m using the single pan method, I have no springform pans and am new to whole, raw food preparation but am quickly becoming addicicted to the concept and the quality of food. I’m very excited.

  54. Maria

    I’ve never worked with Coconut Flour, do you think Almond Flour would work fine as a replacement? That’s what I have on-hand.

  55. Veronica

    Hi Amber,

    Your carrot cake looks absolutely delicious and I will definately try it out! I am so happy you use store bought coconut flour since I have a big bag in my pantry! 🙂 It is a little difficult to just replace all- purpose flour with coconut flour and almond flour so I appreciate that you use both in your recipes.

    I am just about to order both your Practically Raw cook books from Amazon and I can’t wait to receive them! Oh, and you will be happy to know that your Devil’s Food Cupcakes made their way to a Swedish dinner table yesterday! :)(and today 🙂 ) Yum! I didn’t have any ripe avocados so I tried to use bananas instead. Did not work, the frosting was more like a sauce than a topping, but I added some coconut flour to it and it worked out but I will try it with avocados next time! 🙂

    Have a lovely day!

  56. Veronica

    Hi Amber,

    Your cookbooks can be ordered in Swedish online bookstores! 🙂 I have not read PR yet, I started with PRD and it is wonderful! I can really recommend it to anyone that likes desserts!

    I think it’s great that you include a ‘Back to basics’ chapter and I love that you leave the reader with a feeling that “..even if you don’t use raw, organic, made-from-scratch-ingredients it is still good enough.” I do want to use all those perfectly fresh raw ingredients and make my own nut milk from pre-soaked nuts, but sometimes (read: “too often!”) it is just so overwhelming to do all that, in addition to everything else that that demand your attention, that you end up doing nothing, or buying a carrot cake at the local store. So thank you so much for making it a little easier to be healthy and still enjoy a cuppa and something sweet to go with it! 🙂 Did I tell you that Iove your instant nut milk recipes?

    I usually buy rawfood bars for my kids. They can eat them when they get home from school, or for breakfast so I will definately try your breakfast bar recipe. But I think bananas have a distinct flavor that can be a little ‘too much’ sometimes, especially when dehydrated. Maybe I can replace them with apple sauce?

    What do you suggest I use as a basic recipe for a breakfast-/ snack bar that I can then vary with different dried fruits, nuts and/or superfoods? (It would be so good for my finances to make my own bars, they are not cheap to buy!)

    Thank you!

  57. Kelly Lehman

    Practical, Flexible, Healthful, Delicious these all words perfect match your recipe. A chef ability to be good at a range of course, Have extensive experience of specialty diets and food preparation.

  58. Vickey Hickey

    Can I use the shredded carrots left when I use my juicer?

  59. 88donothing

    I am so excited to try this recipe and I hope it turns out well! But if u wanted to make this recipe as cupcakes would the molding process be different? Could you keep it in the cupcake liners?

  60. Erin

    I’m at the stage where you put the cake in the freezer – the batter is yum! This is my new favorite raw carrot cake recipe 🙂

  61. Tracey

    Looks like you could add some pineapple chunks, walnuts and raisins. Awesome looking carrot cake.

  62. Erika NW Heimendinger

    Amy, I love all your raw dessert recipes. They have helped me make many a believer out of those who swore they would never like raw vegan foods.

    I made this recipe for a potluck this week and it came out perfectly with a few of my own tweaks. I just wanted to say that you can totally make this without spring form pans! I used a six inch pot that I rubbed very lightly with coconut oil and then put a doubled strip of aluminum foil under the batter. Because the foil strip extended out on both sides, a gentle tug after freezing lifted it right out. <3

  63. Steven Greenlaw

    Can I use coconut oil instead of coconut flour?

  64. Samantha


    This look really good. Can I substitute dates with raisins?