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  1. Stefanie Newcomb

    I recently sampled this at a Vitamin Cottage and took home two bottles. We love this milk, definitely saves a bit of time in the kitchen with not having to make a double batch every morning

  2. Janet Roberson

    Looks yummy. I would love to try this!

  3. Kayla

    I love almond milk! Sounds delicious 🙂

  4. Tenaya

    Almond milk is my favorite, or organic soy milk if almond isn’t available. These flavors look amazing!

  5. Kevin Ramirez

    My favorite nondairy milk is the Almond Breeze Unsweetened Chocolate. Creamy and Rich :]

  6. Linda

    They sound great. I need to keep an eye out for these next time I’m shopping.

  7. Cat ~ The Verdant Life

    You had me at toasted coconut!

  8. Deb

    I recently tried the plain unsweetened almond milk from Califia Farms–a new favorite and would love to try the rest!

  9. Kristie Davidson

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the toasted coconut Almond Milk!!! I could not start my day with anything else!! mmmmm

  10. ladywild

    coconut milk is probably my favorite non-dairy milk. I don’t have a lot of experience, but I’m learning fast.

  11. Tania

    I just switched to Califia Almond Milk and I love it!

  12. Lily S.

    Was hopeful at first, but seeing that they contain carrageenan, I will skip trying this brand. Would love to see a store-available almond milk without all the additives for when I don’t have time to make it!

  13. Lindy Hankins

    I love the almond milk!

  14. Aimee Douglass

    I love almond milk and have been dying to try this since I first read about it.

  15. TC

    almond milk

  16. Ty

    Those all sound great!

  17. Sharanya Ram

    I love almond, hemp and flax milk

  18. mary

    I haven’t seen these in my stores yet – can’t wait!!!

  19. janet @ the taste space

    Soymilk is my favourite.

  20. Kim

    I love almond milk. It’s all I drink and I’m switching my triplets over to it. So good!!

  21. Sonja

    Almond milk is my fave, followed closely by oat!

  22. Katherine Earnshaw

    I can’t live without unsweetened almond milk! However, I prefer to cook meals and bake with unsweetened soy milk. I love using almond milk for granolas, simply drinking a glass full, and smoothies.

  23. yvonne

    lovely! califia farms’ products are so yummy =)

  24. Candy Guerra

    I first discovered Califia Farms Almond Milk at Raley’ s supermarket and then later at Whole Foods. I did not like almond milk until trying Califia. I LOVE this stuff. My favorite is the unsweetened. So rich tasting and low in calories!

  25. Misty

    Oh blessings <3 I have longed to try this milk. So many have other additives but this is said to be simple and delectable. ;)- Well wishes to all.

  26. heather williams

    Mmmm…just discovered Califia this past weekend..new fave hands down! My son & I are so in love w/ the toasted coconut & the vanilla flavors!! Thank you so much for the super generous opportunity!!! ~H♥~

  27. Laura Martinez

    Almond milk

  28. Aubrey

    I love almond milk and can’t wait to try this brand!

  29. Brande Wells

    I love Almond Milk. Will definitely give this a try.

  30. Diane

    Sounds good! Thanks for the review and chance to win.

  31. ALLI

    YAY!!! my FAVORITE is coconut almond, i saw this brand via pinterest, but i have NO idea where to buy it tho, im glad theirs two brands because if almond breeze stops making it i will just up and die (figuratively speaking of course) YAY!

  32. Jaime

    These sound so yummy! The coconut would be yummy in a tropical-flavored smoothie. I’ll definitely have to keep my eye out for them! 🙂

  33. Caity

    I mainly drink almond mill, but my fiancee really likes hemp milk

  34. Rachel S.

    I loooove Califia Farms! Thanks for a great giveaway. 🙂

  35. michele

    I love almond milk and would love to try these.

  36. matt

    Would love this!

  37. matt

    Like always, commented too soon. Honestly, coconut milk is my absolute favorite, but almond milk is a close second.

  38. Kiersten

    I love making almond or cashew milk

  39. Kathe Hoffman

    Almond is my favorite nondairy milk!

  40. Susan

    Looks good!

  41. Tessa Willis

    Almond milk is tha shiz.

  42. Rachael Ann

    Yum! I hope they’re decently (cheaply) priced. The world needs more milk alternatives!

  43. aespinoza

    i LOVE this brand!!! discovered them at my local health-food store a month back! the toasted almond coconut is amazing!! its hard to find it in stock now!!! the logo is beautiful too! the bottles are like genie bottles and the taste can’t be beat! love everything about them!!

  44. Sarah @ This Is What I Eat

    OMG thanks for the review! This is actually a HUGE deal for me to see that it is fortified with Vitamin D! I am extremely deficient in vitamin D so I’m always looking for ways to get it and this would be so helpful! Almond milk has always been my favorite non-dairy milk and the flavors sound delicious! I have a feeling I’ll be going for vanilla and toasted coconut first 😉 OMG toasted coconut in coffee?! Can’t wait to try it!

  45. Sandra

    I’d love the toasted coconut!!!

  46. charj

    Almond milk is my favorite nondairy milk.

  47. Alayna @ Thyme Bombe

    That toasted coconut flavor sounds sooooo good! I hope I can find these at my local WF.

  48. Susan G.

    I’ve seen this at the store and have been wanting to try it! Thanks for the review, looks so delish! =)

  49. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    unsweetened vanilla almond milk! We go thru TONS!

  50. Lacey @ Life Hands you Limes

    Unsweetened vanilla almond milk is my go to for everything (except savory food, then i need plain), but I once had chocolate hazelnut milk and I swear it was like drinking nutella -so good!

  51. Mary Earley

    My favorite non-dairy milk is Silk Pure Coconut. It is DELICIOUS in iced coffee.

  52. Courtney

    Looks like a great product~ would love to try!

  53. Earlene

    I first found out about Califa Farms through instagram and I’ve seen it at my local Target and contemplated on buying. with you reviews i’ll definitely buy it next time Im at Target 🙂

  54. Meg from The Empowered Way

    Wow! This brand looks awesome! LOVE the packaging. My favorite non-dairy milk is coconut milk!

  55. Eileen T

    Almond milk!

  56. Mara

    Almond! Unsweetened or unsweetened vanilla.

  57. Amy W

    I would love to try this!

  58. Kristin Pratt

    Chocolate almond milk, mmmmm…..

  59. Hannah

    I really love the sunflower milk I buy in Toronto, but Imma looking forward to our hemp milk (or this Califia?) coffees in the morning soon, my love!

  60. Margarita

    Almond Milk! So glad to hear this brand is yummy in coffee!

  61. Micaela Marques

    Probably cashew milk! So yummy in coffee and smoothies.

  62. Noelle (@singerinkitchen)

    I actually like the almond coconut blend. Yum!

  63. Jill

    I love Vanilla almond milk. I hope to see these at Target soon!

  64. Melissa

    I like almondmilk for the calorie content, coconutmilk for the flavor and soymilk for the texture!

  65. Laurie Clement

    I love Vanilla Soy milk because its not overly sweet. My favorite non flavored milk is unsweetened almond milk…perfect for baking:)

  66. saniel

    It contains Carrangeen in it very bad preservative ( cancer) and its not sprouted or organic. No thanks better off making my my own.

  67. Julie

    My favorite type of non-dairy milk is coconut milk but I would love to try these almond milk varities, they sound great!

  68. Pamela Holder

    It’s such a happy event when healthy, delicious new products become available for purchase!!! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

  69. Hannah

    Almond milk is my favorite, and I’ve been dying to get my hands on this since I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews. I hope it becomes available in my neck of the woods soon!

  70. Helen

    I would like to try the coconut one. That sounds amazing!

  71. Shannon

    I hope they come to Target!

  72. Shannon

    Oh, and I like almond milk!

  73. Janet

    I make my own soy milk. Would love to try other non-dairy milks!

  74. Kelli

    One more reason I need to make the trek to the closest whole foods! The coconut one sounds like it would be great in coffee 🙂

  75. chris

    Definitely a mix of almond and coconut milk!!!!!

  76. elyse

    this looks awesome, i’m glad they’re about to be sold in target!

  77. Ellen Lederman

    Definitely almond milk—and not just saying this because of the giveaway. Didn’t really like soymilk. Almond milk is what enabled me to switch from cow milk. I do like to use rice milk occasionally in some recipes that call for a very plain milk taste.

  78. sherri

    Almond Breeze vanilla unsweetened is my current favorite, but the Cali Farms Almond and Coconut milk looks amazing!

  79. Jess

    My favorite non-dairy milk is Silk Pure Almond unsweetened vanilla! It has just enough flavor to compliment cereals and smoothies, but not too overpowering for tea! But for chai tea, soymilk tastes best!

  80. vickie blotter

    Love almond milk in everything from soup to smoothies.
    Love the package look

  81. Kristy

    *Love* the idea they are coming to Target……These almond milks look wonderful!! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  82. Pam

    you always give such useful info, Thanks. Currently drink Blue Diamond unsweetened almond milk. But it does’t pass the coffee test.:(. No Whole foods near me but there are 3 target stores.Can’t wait

  83. MelissaW

    I’ve been using soy creamer for my chai lattes, but thankfully only soy I drink. Really don’t like the watered down version of almond milk out there, so excited to try Califa.

  84. Giveaway: Califia Farms Almond Milk via Chef Amber Shea | Vegan Perks

    […] Enter at Chef Amber Shea here! […]

  85. jody

    i’ve been using almond milk, mostly from trader joe’s

  86. Kelly

    Unsweetened almond milk all the way! It’s definitely my favorite.

  87. Elizabeth Fiorentino

    My favorite is plain unsweetened almond milk!

  88. Katie @ Yarn Love

    I don’t have a favorite. I’ve just gone on a Raw diet for health reasons, and I’m busy learning all I can and tasting new foods.

  89. Erica Wollman

    Almond milk is my favorite!

  90. Tyme

    I usually buy unsweetened Almond Milk, in an attempt to reduce my sugar intake. (Bit of a sugar fiend.)

  91. Barbara Gabbe-Harris

    Oh MY! How exciting – I am an almond milk lover and usually make my own at home or when in a pinch buy Silk brand Almond Milk. The new brand Califa Farms Almond Milk you mention sounds yummy! and I especially like that it is pure without alot of other ingredients in it. I would love to be a winner and will defintley look for it at Whole Foods. Thanks for the chance to win and for the informantion. Barbara

  92. Bethany

    Ooh, I’m excited they may be coming to Target! I’ll definitely check this out.

  93. CS

    Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is what I find out here. I’d love to win these! The Roasted Coconut sounds pretty good! 🙂

  94. Sarah C

    Sunflower seed milk!

  95. Julie Mae Reck

    I love almond milk, so having the chance to try a new brand would be awesome! Even if I don’t win, I’ll be on the lookout for these to try!

  96. Lenka @ Healthy Fit Goddess

    I absolutely love the design of these milks! And I’m excited to try something with a creamier texture.

  97. Melissa

    I usually just buy the Trader Joes brand unsweetened almond milk, but it does NOT pass the coffee test. I’m excited to try this brand, especially since I can now use it in coffee/chai!

  98. Jana

    I love the vanilla and unsweetened flavors…

  99. Emily

    my favorite type of nondairy milk is definitely almond milk! although i do like coconut milk if i’m feeling decadent (;

  100. Kristy

    I would love to try these almond milks! Delicious 🙂

  101. Kristy

    My favorite non-dairy milk after almond milk is coconut milk!!

  102. Michelle Jones

    Unsweetened vanilla almond is our favorite.

  103. Venessa

    My favorite non dairy milk happens to be Almond. I can’t wait to try this kind.

  104. Paula Orr

    I love this almond milk & the toasted coconut is my favorite!

  105. MJ

    By far, my favorite non-dairy milk is Almond Milk!!

  106. Hallie

    I like to make my own Almond Milk (which is my favorite non-dairy milk), but I am very curious to try this as it would save me so much time!

  107. Sami

    I love almond & coconut milk! <3

  108. p.jean

    Thanks for this giveaway… these look delicious would love to try them!!!

  109. Gabby

    The bottle couldn’t be any cuter. I’m sure it’ll taste good just because of that!

  110. Cindy

    I like almond milk and coconut milk… blended together is great too!

  111. Christy

    definitely unsweetened almond milk 🙂

  112. Kaya

    I wish we had that brand in Poland :(…
    I totally felt in love with your website and recipes :)! Also I’m waiting for your cookbooks :). I can’t dicide on which I want more, so I ordered both! I hope I’ll found ingredients without a problem. Regards from Poland :)!

  113. j.o. miller

    I have almond milk on my oatmeal every morning, and these sound great. I love the packaging. It’s beautiful.

  114. Lacey

    I saw this stuff at mothers today and I was really excited because I can’t seem to find any milk substitute without carageenan and low and behold this also contains carageenan! What is going on? Just as harmful or dangerous as high fructose corn syrup, MSG, or color adatives now they are sneaking in carageenan.

  115. Lydia Claire

    I love the combination of almond and coconut milk!

  116. Miranda

    My favorite non dairy milk is the almond coconut milk by almond breeze. It’s wonderful.

  117. April Deters

    I have yet to really try all the different possibilities of dairy milk but I really enjoy almond milk

  118. Claire

    This was the best almond milk I have ever tasted when I sampled it at the Natural Products Expo West 2 years ago with my daughter!

  119. Elizabeth Charbonneau

    Almond is my favorite type of nondairy milk. I like the So Delicious brand.

  120. Anna

    Almond milk or coconut milk are my favs

  121. Trina

    I am torn between silk and almond breeze almond milk.

  122. Patricia Tipton

    Califia Farms, you have a new fan, I LOVE your almond milk!
    Thank you for such an excellent product!! And only has almonds and filtered water, none of those weird ingredients like other brands.


  123. Allison G

    These look sooooo good but I have a concern. They contain carrageenan and I thought that wasnt good for. Would like your input on that cause sometimes I think we overthink things.
    Thanks Amber

  124. Diane F.

    Almond Milk

  125. Katy

    Almond milk! I recently tried coconut milk, and while I like it in my coffee, I just couldn’t do it straight up. My 11 month old likes it though 🙂

  126. Rachel H

    I’d love to try this almond milk!

  127. KarenS

    My favorite is Trader Joe’s Vanilla Rice Milk.

  128. Leslie

    The taste of Trader Joe’s Vanilla Unsweetened Almond milk is the best I’ve tasted to date! I am so looking forward to trying this new brand. It sounds yummy!

  129. Lorraine

    Almond & coconut milks are my favorite!

  130. Hanna

    I love this almond milk! Especially the coconut flavor. My mom occasionally buys it, but immediately writes “MOM” and “DO NOT DRINK” all over it and won’t share because it’s so expensive.

  131. Rock Southward

    I just opened a new bottle of the Almond Coconut blend milk and shook it up before using. I noticed chunks of white stuff floating in my coffee. There are lots of these small white chunks in the milk. I am concerned because the previous bottle did not have any of these chunks. I assume it is coconut.