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  1. Averie @ Averie Cooks
  2. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts

    Thanks for hosting the give away and for this recipe, which looks and sounds divine. It’s winter here but I want it anyway 😉

  3. Katie of Vegan Noms

    Dang, that ice cream sounds amazing! Need to get an ice cream maker…

  4. Kate

    Rum raisin!

  5. Heather

    Now I wish I had an ice cream maker! My favorite flavor is red velvet.

  6. Sonja

    Mint chocolate chip and cookie dough 🙂

  7. Angel (Shanghai Monkey)

    Raw vegan double dark chocolate is my all time fav!!

    So glad to see GF vegan books out there now ^_^

  8. Karen Beth Martin

    Peanut butter cookie dough banana freeze… DELICIOUS!!!

  9. Shannon Rose

    I love her blog and first book. I’m so looking forward to this new one!

  10. Shannon Rose

    I forgot to mention my favorite flavor of ice cream – Oops! It is mint chocolate chip.

  11. Mysha George

    Black English Walnut has to be my hands down favorite flavor ice cream!

  12. Amanda J.

    Mmm… ice cream. It is BALLS HOT down here in Florida. Ice cream sounds AMAZING.

  13. Marie Nielsen

    I can’t pick just one favorite… there are SO many delicious recipes 😛

    Put somehow I all ways end up with the raw vegan double dark chocolate!

  14. Caitlin

    my favorite ice cream is butter pecan!

  15. Kirsten

    I love mint chocolate chip!

  16. amanda

    my favourite ice cream is plian vanilla! 🙂

  17. Ines

    Wow! The recipe you shared was so simple but looks delicious! I hope they’re all like that!!!

  18. Jill

    The recipe looks awesome! My favorite ice cream would have to be pineapple coconut! Yum!

  19. JessLyn

    Cookie Dough!

  20. Amparo

    I love homemade strawberries ice cream… Delicious!!!

  21. Eileen

    Butter Pecan is my favorite! Great giveaway!!

  22. Makaela

    I love half baked frozen yogurt from Ben & Jerry’s and Coconut Chocolate Milk Ice Cream!

  23. Kelly C

    I love mocha almond the best.

  24. Carol S

    This looks yummy! Definitely have to look at this cookbook. Unfortunately I’m away from my computer for a while and I’m unable to enter the giveaway on my kindle 🙁

  25. Laurel

    Mango ice cream and I only have one in the fridge. I am now officially frustrated. Must buy mangoes. Must eat mango ice cream. Actually, I’ve been planning on making some for several weeks but they haven’t come out the way I’d prefer but now I’ve got Allyson on my side I’m golden.

  26. Jessica Eagle

    My favorite flavor of ice cream is definitely dark chocolat & hazelnut…miammm !!!

  27. TC

    Favorite is chocolate, but I had basil ice cream recently and I’m dying to have more!

  28. Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    Oooh, I’m so excited about this book, and I don’t have it yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Katrina

    Mint chocolate chip, all the way!!

  30. Elizabeth Fiorentino

    My ice cream flavor of choice is mint chocolate chip or strawberry.

  31. Tanya


  32. Mel

    Vanilla, simple, and perfect!

  33. Wendy

    My favorite flavour of icecream is nectarine vanilla. So yummy anytime of year.

  34. Kim

    This book seems to be amazing. I have only heard delicious news about it.

    My favourite flavour of ice cream is probably coconut or cherry. Preferably both together.

  35. Laura

    Right now my favorite flavor of ice cream is coconut chocolate!

  36. iris

    wow, thats just the kind of cookbook I like!

    personally I’m having a fruity ice creame phase. mango and raspberry are my favourites …

  37. Yvonne

    The cookbook sounds incredible! Thanks for having this giveaway!

  38. birrrd

    hm, i can’t decide. vanilla is all time awesome because it’s the best with berries. but caramel and chocolate are best on their own. pieces are something i really like onside my ice cream. and i once had licorice ice cream when i wasn’t vegan and it was really really good!
    my favorite flavor is “ice cream”. yeah!

  39. Bethany

    My favorite flavor of ice cream? Is there a flavor of ice cream I don’t like? (answer: no) Something with chocolate probably!

  40. Emily

    My favorite ice cream flavor would have to be cookies and cream…mmmmmm :p

  41. Shannon

    I like pistachio ice cream.

  42. Sonja Hilton

    sounds delicious.. would love to win!

  43. Sonja Hilton

    jamocha almond fudge

  44. Bobbie {the vegan crew}

    I actually love vanilla – plain or dressed up with all the toppings. Beyond vanilla, it’s hard to beat chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!

  45. The Peace Patch

    I love French vanilla…the rich custard-y kind of vanilla. Lately, covered with blueberry and fig compote. Yumza! 🙂

  46. Ashley

    It’s been cookie dough (lately)…thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Helen

    This looks fabulous! And very inspirational in terms of digging in to a bunch of fun new recipes.

  48. Becca

    Vanilla with chocolate syrup!

  49. Jennifer K

    My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough

  50. Sasha

    My all-time favorite ice cream is a rich chocolate with a peanut butter swirl! Delish!

  51. Carol S


  52. Tish

    UuughhhhI hope I win, this! It sounds amazing! My favorite flavor is Ben & Jerry’s coffee Heath. By if I go to DQ its vanilla with heath Oreo mixed…..yummy

  53. Hannah

    Black sesame.

    P.S. I like this post; your writing is light-hearted happiness. xo

  54. Cassie

    Favorite ice cream flavor? I haven’t thought about that since I was a kid…I guess it’s still the same. Chocolate chip mint. 🙂 Really anything with chocolate chunks, though.

  55. Venessa

    My favorite ice cream flavor is mint & chip. Thanks for this giveaway!

  56. Ali Seiter @ Farmers Market Vegan

    I LOVE So Delicious’ Green Tea Coconut Milk ice cream–the best!

  57. Janet

    This sounds spectacular! I’ll freeze mango and some of the coconut milk in cubes to make in Vitamix I’ve loved for 33 years now. My faaaaavorite, though, is Chocolate Burnt Almond.

  58. Clemma

    My favorite ice cream flavor is coffee.

  59. Clemma

    Coffee is my favorite flavor

  60. chris

    Allyson is awesome! I have her first book, and I truly recommend it!!! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  61. Billie Jean

    I love Luna and Larry’s Cherry Amaretto! Amazing! And I just bought a Vitamix and am so excited to make my own ice creams now!

  62. Karen D

    I really like vanilla…a clean palate for toppings and add-ins

  63. Ivy

    This recipe would be great with coconut. Will definitely trying this out!

  64. Brittany Henderson

    Vanilla ice cream is probably my favorite as well….you can make almost any flavor with delicious toppings!

  65. Jennie

    I have always been a cookie dough fan!

  66. Pamela Holder

    Mango, coconut, and rum! How can we go wrong? Thanks for the great recipe pick!

  67. Beth

    My most favorite ice cream is peanut butter chocolate!

  68. Caity

    I love mint chocolate chip ice cream!

  69. Christy

    vanilla or chocolate chip mint

  70. Julie Mae Reck

    My favorite ice cream flavor is probably chocolate chip cookie dough. Next favorite would either be pumpkin or pistachio! Also I totally want this cookbook & her first one, as I’ve been wanting to wean off gluten as well!

  71. Stacy

    My favorite flavor of all time will always be vanilla. 🙂

  72. Mara

    Vanilla! With caramel!

  73. Catlyn L

    Mint Chocolate! : )

  74. bitt

    chocolate chip cookie dough

  75. Maria

    I have two favorites. Green Tea and Blueberry Waffle Cone.

  76. Cthulhu7

    My favourite flavour varies slightly from either mood or time of year. So I’d have to say chocolate cherry chip; matcha; or a good blueberry almond crunch.

  77. Rose

    I love lemon flavor and strawberry cheesecake ^_^

  78. Sharanya Ram

    Love cookie dough ice cream!!

  79. David P

    my favorite is mint chocolate chip

  80. Stacy

    Sea salt caramel is one of my favorites. One of many.