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  1. Sue

    I signed up for the Coracao mailing list. Would love to win this! Thanks for letting us know about them.

  2. Lauren

    Great Giveaway. It all looks delicious. Signed up on the mailing list.

  3. monkie

    entered! mouth is watering 😀

  4. stephanie

    Looks amazing!!! I just signed up and am happy to learn more!

  5. Rebecca

    It is only 9:30 in the morning and already the thought of this chocolate is making me swoon!

  6. Angie

    I entered! Love good chocolate!! 🙂

  7. Sara Bozzelli

    I’ve signed up for the mailing list – yum. These look absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to try them.

  8. Heather

    I just spent so much time ogling their website! I’m all signed up for the mailing list!

  9. Lisa

    Signed up for chocolate giveaway. What can I say? Oh my goodness, Mmmmyummm!!!

  10. Lara

    I’m all signed up & pouring over their website!

  11. Linda

    I don’t usually eat cacao, but as an occasional treat, they’d be amazing.

  12. Beth Durham

    I signed up but I somehow missed the putting “Amber” part… Oh well!! I’ll still share the giveaway with others. Bummer!

  13. Mandi

    I signed up for the newsletter! These look exceptional. This is absolutely what’s missing from my life. 🙂

  14. Mandi

    I signed up for the mailing list. Sounds awesome!

  15. Whitney

    Man, why does everything I want to put in mouth have to have coconut in it?!?

  16. Nicole

    I entered! These look wonderful and after I’m finished here, I’m totally going to take a look at the chocolate of the month club. Mmmmm.

  17. Amanda J.

    I signed up!

  18. Amanda J.

    PS. These pictures are STUNNING. Holy cacao…

  19. Roxanne

    Awesome giveaway! Gluten and dairy free… I would be in heaven!

  20. Debbie

    Ooh, these look yummy:) Thank you for sharing.

  21. Michelle W

    I followed all your steps and even shared on FB! 🙂

  22. Kevin P

    Subscribed to them!

  23. Corey

    These look so awesome. I might have to sign up for that chocolate of the month club. I signed up for the mailing list!

  24. Giveaway: Coracao Confections raw chocolates via Chef Amber Shea | Vegan Perks

    […] Enter at Chef Amber Shea! […]

  25. Dyanne Spease

    I signed up for Coracao Confections’ mailing list. I want to try these so bad. They look awesome!!!! Hoping to win…..

  26. Lizzie

    I signed up. 🙂 Those caramel bars are killin’ me! Must have!! 🙂

  27. Michelle

    Just signed up!

  28. rebecca

    I signed up for the mailing list–sure hope I win!

  29. Mel

    I’m signed up! Those all look and sound amazing; I think I might end up with some amazing raw vegan treats whether or not I win them!

  30. Robin Rosen

    These look amazing. Sweets are my downfall, and I love the idea of having healthy raw sweets!!!!

  31. Adie

    Signed up! 🙂

  32. Bianca- Vegan Crunk

    Dude. THOSE LOOK AMAZING!!! I just read the directions carefully (haha) and signed up for their newsletter. I’m usually not a fan of newsletters, but this stuff looks so good that I’m willing to let it fill up my inbox for a chance to win. And if I don’t win, maybe seeing that newsletter will remind me to order some!!

  33. Kaycee @ FitFace

    Holy foodgasm galore. even though I can’t win this since I’m not in the U.S. I signed up and plan on taking a good hard browse at their online store! I sure hope they ship to Canada 😉

  34. Natalie

    I am in urgent need of chocolate! 🙂

  35. Cecilia

    What gorgeous and amazing sounding chocolates! I signed up for the mailing list.

  36. Laura Martinez

    I signed up for the mailing list!

  37. Kayla

    looks amazing! Love the health benefits of cacao 🙂

  38. Kayla

    and i signed up 🙂

    1. Mia

      Oh my…… I need these. I’m new to your site and I gotta say,damn I missed out. Lol. Not really I have A lot of catching up to do. I think I did all required to enter.

  39. Joe

    Coracao Confections Registration complete! Thanks for sharing the great information, fingers crossed. 🙂

  40. Mia

    Oh my…… I need these. I’m new to your site and I gotta say,damn I missed out. Lol. Not really I have A lot of catching up to do. I think I did all required to enter.
    Sorry wrong e-mail..

  41. Sheila

    signed up! Hope I win, they look delicious!

  42. Elizabeth

    I signed up! My mouth has been watering since I saw this at 3 this morning when my fifteen month old woke me up an wouldn’t go back to sleep….

  43. Annetta

    I’ve successfully signed up for Coracao’s mailing list. Thank you — they look UHMAZING.

  44. Shannon @ moveeatcreate.com

    I have successfully signed up for the email list!

  45. Anna Malone

    I signed up. These look delish

  46. Ladywild

    I signed up

  47. Tiffani Darner

    Signed up from my phone hope it worked!! I’m going to order some even if I don’t win!! Gotta try them.

  48. Kandi

    I signed up

  49. Emmalynn

    MMmmm…raw chocolate!

  50. Laura

    Just signed up for the mailing list. Love me some raw chocolate!

  51. Terri Cole

    I subscribed to the Coracao email list. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  52. Kathy R.

    Oh that looks awesome and I’d love to win. I singed up for the mailing list too.

  53. Janel M.

    I signed up for the mailing list.

  54. Lauren

    I was already signed up!

  55. Pamela Holder

    Super yummy looking confections! I signed up and definitely will get some! Thanks for the info!

  56. Janine

    I signed up! *fingers crossed*

  57. Sherry

    These sound amazing!! I’m entered … 🙂

  58. Debi

    Everything looks so amazing. I am signed up for the mailing. 😀

  59. Christie Jensen

    I signed up, really need to try this treats!

  60. Abigail

    1)allllllll signnned upp

    2) Love you Amber!!

  61. Kristine

    I may have drooled on the keyboard looking at that chocolate! I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a choco-holic and eat it daily… and often… again, no shame! Haha

  62. Kristine

    Ps- I’m signed up and how awesome, Coracao Confections automatically enters everyone in their own $25 gift card giveaway 🙂

  63. Debbie @ Live from La Quinta

    First, OMG those look fabulous!

    Second, I signed up for the newsletter.

  64. Sara Floyd

    These look wonderful! I signed up for their list

  65. Ashley @ AlmostVegGirlie

    I signed up for their mailing list. I love raw chocolates and these look incredible!

  66. Michelle

    Thank you! I signed up for their mailing list 🙂

  67. Lisa P

    I subscribed to the newsletter.

  68. Adrienne

    isigned up. looks yummy.

  69. Sharaya Geishert

    I signed up for the Coracao Confections mailing list! Their chocolates heavenly!!

  70. Lacey @ Life Hands you Limes

    These look so delicious!! All signed up and ready to go!

  71. Sonja

    I am already signed up for their mailing list 🙂

  72. Hailey W

    Signed up for the newsletter! These looks so good!!

  73. Perry

    I signed up for the mailing list. These chocolates look awesome!

  74. Jordan

    Entry completely, crossing fingers and toes!

  75. Tracy Davis

    Signed up for mailing list! Excited about trying these!

  76. Marisa B

    You better bet I signed up for the mailing list. I need to be in the loop about all things chocolate related. AND I would love to win this prize, too. Rawmond Butter Bar looks amazing.

  77. Cassie

    Oh boy! I signed up for their newsletter right away 🙂

  78. Amanda T.

    I successfully signed up for the mailing list.

  79. Melissa

    Signed up for the mailing list!

  80. Amanda

    I signed up for the mailing list! Glad to hear about the company.
    All of the chocolates please!

  81. Melissa

    Woops, I put in the wrong email in my first comment. This is my correct email and it’s the one I used to sign up for the mailing list.

  82. Candice

    I joined the mailing list. Yummm!

  83. Emily

    just signed up! looks delish (:

  84. Beth

    Signed up!!

  85. Karen

    Signed up – their candy looks delicious! But what heck is the Rafflecopter widget?

  86. Sharon

    I signed up and would love to win something. Everything sounds yummy!

  87. Gwyn

    I signed up for the mailing list!

  88. Jill

    I signed up! Looks awesome!

  89. Gina

    I signed up but seem to be having trouble getting the Rafflecopter to open up.

  90. Marshana gill

    I followed instructions. :0) Neat giveaway!
    I hope this chocoholic foodie wins!!!!! Thanks!

  91. Harmen

    Yum!! Signed up!!!! Ready for some chocolate!

  92. Meredith Yates

    Those chocolates look amazing!!! I hope I win. 🙂 I signed up for the email list.

  93. Jordan D

    I signed up for the newsletter! These chocolates sound incredible, thanks for the giveaway!

  94. Sarah Dickinson.

    I signed up!

  95. Helen

    The rawmond looks amazing. I signed up to get updates about more goodness.

  96. Tish

    I wish I could be a fly in your kitchen….there is always something yummy brewing

  97. Aimee B.

    These look totally amazing! 🙂

  98. Troyce Sneary

    The candy looks great, don’t really eat a lot of chocolate, but these look so inviting and yummy.

  99. Aimee B.

    I forgot to say that I signed up for Coracao’s mailing list. Thanks for sharing these delectable treats with us. <3

  100. Julie

    I signed up for the email list (although I do already get the mailing lists, so I updated my profile and put in ‘amber’ from where I heard about it). Great giveaway…would love to try these (gluten-free, dairy free, etc – awesome!)

  101. Barbara Gabbe-Harris

    Very exciting! would love to winand get to sample these exquisite chocolates.

    when asked who referred me I put you entire name instead of just “amber” hope that will be okay.

  102. Lydia Claire

    I joined the email list and listed you as how I heard about them. =)

  103. joanne

    I signed up for the mailing list; however, I submitted before I realized to write your name.

  104. Cait C

    Signed up!! Everything looks delicious!

  105. James

    Signed up. Very easy. Have had their chocolate quite a few times, and I have to say, it maybe the best raw chocolates on the market.

  106. Kevin Naylor

    Wow these creations looks delicious.Thanks for sharing.

  107. chris

    I successfully signed up for the giveaway! I subscribed to the appropriate newsletter, but i put “Chef Amber Shea” rather than just “Amber.”


  108. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    I signed up for this mailing list, but I have to admit to messing up last time. I could only find the link for the mailing list for the last one in the Rafflecopter. The links in the text seemed to only go to the main page and I was afraid you wouldn’t get credit for me signing up if I took that route. Good idea to put this one in the text. I didn’t miss it this time.

    I’ve been wanting to try these chocolates for a while now. Fingers crossed 😉

  109. Laura

    These chocolates look divine! I also put Amber Shea on ” how did you hear about us” !

  110. Leslie

    This is a mailing list I just might regret: regular reminders of amazing decadence that I can’t have regularly might be too much to bear. I’ll have to settle for the eye candy for now while I enjoy my raw avocado chocolate mousse from time to time 🙂

  111. Lorraine

    I subscribed to the Coracao Confections mailing list. Like some others, I also typed in “Chef Amber Shea”. I sure hope that doesn’t disqualify me if I am chosen!

  112. Hila

    I subscribed to the Coracao Confections mailing list. Thanks!

  113. Aimee Douglass

    I signed up for the list but used “Chef Amber Shea” instead of just “Amber” (guess I didn’t read the instructions fully before going to their site).

  114. Kiersten

    I signed up for the mailing list. These chocolates look heavenly!

  115. MaryBeth

    These look amazing. Thanks for introducing them to us!

  116. Rachel

    I already signed up for the mailing list. I hope that still counts!

  117. Sherrie

    I signed up, everything looks delicious!

  118. Lina

    I signed in for the mailing list. How could I not, when both my little one and I were drooling over your photos???? You are killing us!
    Thanks for your commitment to bring us healthy alternatives!!!!

  119. Jan Logan

    I signed up for the mailing list. It all looks wonderful!
    So glad you find all these wonderful yummies

  120. Lily S.

    These look simply incredible. I signed up for the mailing list and I’m definitely going to try these!

  121. Tara

    Wow, those all look and sound amazing. I may just have to order one of their blondies, as that is my current dessert obsession ; )

  122. Dayna

    They are so beautiful! Oh the temptation! When you come to my housewarming party, I’m going to have no furniture, because I will have spent all my money on monthly chocolate.

    Oh, and I signed up for the mailing list, of course. 😉

  123. Kristie

    I signed up! How exciting to find out that there are treats that I can eat!! Having to stay away from dairy and cane sugar makes chocolates difficult. I usually have to make them. Thanks for letting me know!

  124. Melinda

    Hm. I already signed up for the email list when you posted about Caracoa earlier, so it won’t let me sign up again and show “Amber” as the referral.

    That being said, I hope I am still eligible to win as the blondie I got from them was fantastic! I’m just waiting until the weather cools down a bit over here in the Southeast before I order some of the other chocolates that look soooo tasty. 🙂

  125. Melinda

    Er. Coracao!

  126. Cheryl

    Mmm, mmm, mmm. Right up my alley! I wanna win!

  127. michelle

    These raw chocolate bars are so good

  128. Ashley

    I signed up! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway

  129. Micaela Marques

    Oh. My. Goodness. These chocolates look simply divine!!!

    I signed up for their newsletter.

  130. Julie Mae Reck

    I signed up for the Coracao mailing list after salivating the whole time I was reading your post about them!

  131. Eric

    I’m signed up & super excited!

  132. Tiffany

    I signed up for the mailing list. Those look AWESOME!

  133. Jill

    I signed up for the mailing list – thanks for sharing this company – everything looks delicious!

  134. Stephanie

    Signed up! These look so awesome!

  135. bitt

    I was already signed up but I switched to your name.

  136. Megan G

    Signed up successfully!

  137. Jennifer

    I think I did it right. What beautiful chocolates (drooool)! Thanks for the giveaway

  138. Brittany Henderson

    Signed up and ready for chocolate!

  139. Gaby

    Wow those chocolate look mind blowing! I’ve signed up for the newsletter!

  140. Cheryl

    I also signed up for their mailing list.

  141. Rebecca

    I was able to successfully subscribe to Coracao Confections’ mailing list. Their product looks great. Thank you

  142. Heidi McReynolds

    I subscribed to Coracoa Confections mailing list.
    Loving your books BTW!

  143. Mara


  144. Michele

    I’m salivating just looking at these photos! I NEED THESE!!!!

  145. Sherry

    Thanks for the info about Coracao Confections! I can’t wait to try some delicious AND nutritious chocolates!

  146. Chloe

    Oh my gosh. I am a vegan and love eating as much raw food as possible so these would be perfect!

  147. Chloe

    Oh, and I signed up for the mailing list too!

  148. Kimberly Lipscomb

    It looks so good. I can’t wait to try them.

  149. Mary Kulla

    just entered. Hope i win!

  150. Mooinca

    Signed up for mailing list, gave you credit for the one who turned me onto to these chocolate, and fingers crossed I’ll win!

  151. Heathy

    I neeeeed to try these chocolates!!! I’ve heard about them so many times… will tell my man.

  152. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt


  153. Sharon

    Love your site.. Would love to try the chocolates!

  154. CassieRed

    New to your site and newbie with raw food. Thanks for your inspiration! Signed up on Coracao’s mailing list per the giveaway directions.

  155. Beth

    Wow! On my first visit to your website I see the most entrancing chocolate. I have both Practically Raw and Practically Raw Desserts and decided to stop by after seeing your comments on the Purely Twins website.

  156. matt

    Now this might get my wife to come on board to Paleo!!

  157. Kristine

    I signed up for the mailing list :). Yum!

  158. Elizabeth Fiorentino

    I signed up for their mailing list….hope to win…these look great!

  159. Carolina de Lorenzo

    Just signed up for the mailing list, and followed the instructions per the email. Thanks!

  160. Elizabeth

    We (my 9 and 3/4-year old daughter, the Chef in the family) LOVE you for your wonderful recipes, and for all the inspiration – Thank you much! Elizabeth and Lena

  161. Jill

    I signed up. Coracao’s chocolates look divine. Love their packaging too.

  162. Claudine

    I signed up for Coracao’s mailing list. YUMMMM. I am also new to your blog, which I found through Amazon when i ordered 2 of your cookbooks a few minutes ago. I have a 7 year old omnivore stepson, and my own picky 2 year old is vegetarian like mom. My fingers are crossed that your recipes will make my life of mealtime fights easier. Thanks for turning me on to these chocolates!

  163. Marcie

    Yes, I registered to win. Todays my birthday so hopefully this will bring me luck. Fingers currently crossed!

  164. Heather P

    Signed up:) thank you for the giveaway!

  165. marlice

    Wow! That look alike the most amazing chocolate in the universe, I NEED to have this very very soon!!!

  166. marlice

    I did sign up BTW…

  167. Isabel

    Signed up. want to eat all the deliciousness pictured! yummm

  168. Jessica @ OrganicallYou

    I subscribed!

  169. Jennifer White

    Beautiful chocolates! I’m all signed up!

  170. Jennifer Smith

    These all look so yummy! Thanks for sharing, I just signed up 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  171. Carrie Hughes

    I am so excited about this giveaway! I have been wanting to try their chocolate for soooooo long!! I joined the mailing list! Thanks!

  172. Kiere

    I signed up per your instructions! I hope to win. Yum!

  173. Katalin

    I’ve signed up and thank you for this giveaway–it would be lovely to win this box of chocolates!

  174. Ines

    signed up! they look delicious!!!

  175. Mary

    Done. These sound awesome!

  176. Debbie

    I subscribed to Coracao Confections!

  177. Dee

    Looks so good

  178. Venessa

    I successfully signed up for their list. Thanks!

  179. Marianne

    I signed up and followed your instructions! Thank you!

  180. val

    I signed up for your mailing list

  181. Patricia Van Duerm

    Followed the instructions — Looks positively delish!

  182. Belinda Heflin

    I followed all directions. I must run to check out the chocolate of the month club. Thanks!

  183. Ilona

    I signed up! Hope to win this tasty raffle!

  184. Xe

    I signed up for the mailing list.

  185. Madeline

    Entered, but the screen went away before I could type, “Amber.” Oops

  186. Latesha

    I initially signed up with another address but then had to use this one because i didn’t realize that i forgot to put in your name for the “how did you hear about us?” part! But i’m all signed up and i hope to win…i looooooooooove chocolate and i will be sure to share with another fellow chocolate lover that loves it even more than me!

  187. Stephanie

    I signed up and now all I want for dinner is vegan chocolate.

  188. Ruth

    All signed up. Can’t wait to try your chocolates. 🙂

  189. Jennie

    I signed up for their mailing list! They sound amazing! I want to eat everything!!!!

  190. francene kilichowski

    followed your instructions and I’m signed up for the newsletter…. my mouth is watering for those chocolates !

  191. Nicole


  192. Martha

    All signed up. The descriptions and pictures made me soooooo hungry! (And drool-y!)

  193. ariela rubin

    I successfully signed up for your mailing list! Your chocolates look amazing! Also love the fact that they’re low glycemic!

  194. Sara S

    Entered but didn’t put Amber, as I obviously didnt follow the rules 🙁 sorry, it says Will Travel for Vegan Food, as Kristin is the reason I heard about it!

  195. Rick

    Subscription signup successful !!!

  196. Purnima Barve

    I signed up for the newsletter.

  197. Elizabeth

    I signed up for the mailing list. Looks great!

  198. chris ashley

    Your food looks amazing !

  199. Debbie Y

    Hi Amber
    I have been following you for about a month now and I have thoroughly enjoyed so, so many of your meals particularly the cheese cake. I had been working up to the goal for couple yrs. now of healthier eating preferably raw but I was a little nervous because I thought it was going to be boring. I had recently tried many other recipe’s but found they were as I feared boring missing flavor as this I am big and then I ran across one of your books and must say been hooked ever since. Your doing a fabulous job. I’m totally enjoying and as result I have family and friends on board as well. Keep up the good work and I did sign up for newsletter for chocolate company.