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  1. Emma

    Pecan cream?! Scrummy! pecans are phenomenal but I don’t use them nearly enough. Great idea to use hot water to soften the nuts for a quick creamy sauce too.

  2. Megan G

    YUM, thanks for the inspiration. <3

  3. Katie of Vegan Noms

    Holy YUM, this looks fantastic!

  4. Tami @Nutmeg Notebook

    Since I am new at eating a plant based diet I have never made a sauce like this but it sounds intriguing. It’s looks so easy too.

  5. Sarah

    Preparing this as I type for lunch, but making roasted broccoli to serve alongside…I hope it is as delicious as it looks!

  6. Chelsea

    This looks INCREDIBLE!

  7. Michelle W

    YUM! A sauce made with pecans or walnuts, I don’t seem to have a problem eating either of those, Btw, question: (are cashews, pecans and walnuts all in the nut family?) I will make this recipe tomorrow, methinks. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  8. Michelle W

    Btw: This pecan (or walnut) sauce would be awesome over vegan bisquits for scrumptious, comforting Bisquits and Gravy dish, too, I bet! 🙂

  9. Food Concessions

    I will definitely add this pecan to my menu of vegan diets. Many thanks for sharing, Amber!


  10. Sarahfae - Addicted to Veggies

    Gah! I totally wanna try this! I’ve been using warm (not boiling, but it still speeds it up by a few hours) water for soaking nuts too. I thought I was the only one!

    Hooray for pasta, and you!

    xo – S

  11. amber

    Oh man, I’m such a sucker for pasta…this looks so creamy and delicious!! You have me drooling over here.

    Hope you’re well lovely lady.


  12. Kay ren

    Made this yesterday, had leftovers for lunch today, and I absolutely love it. I will be obsessed with this, and variations, for a while… Made my box lunch for tomorrow with what was left of the sauce and I think I will be dreaming about it…

  13. Ceara @ Ceara's Kitchen

    This looks delicious! “Cream” sauces are one of my favourites! Yummy!

  14. Nik

    JUST made this… & WOW!

    Left out the oil & salt… luv Luv LUV!!!!

  15. Matt Trammell

    Ok,so I just made this recipe with a minor tweak of roasted mushrooms in the sauce and wow this was great. Thank your for this recipe I have been looking for a rich and creamy sauce ever since trying to limit my dairy intake.