About Me

Hi, I’m Amber Shea Crawley.

I’m a 30-year-old linguist, classically trained chef, and cookbook author in Kansas City, Missouri.

My specialty (and passion) is health- and happiness-promoting food. I don’t believe in labels, diets, or food dogma—my simple, non-stressful goal each day is to eat predominantly unprocessed, organic, conscientiously-produced, TASTY, real foods, with room here and there for a less-healthful or more-processed treat as I see fit.

I was classically trained in the art of gourmet living cuisine at the world-renowned Matthew Kenney Academy, graduating in 2010 as a certified chef. In 2011, I earned my Nutrition Educator certification at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. I was also named Hot Raw Chef of 2011 by Living Light International.

As raw food is a special hobby of mine, I’ve written two raw vegan cookbooks.

My first book, Practically Raw: Flexible Raw Recipes Anyone Can Make, debuted in March 2012.

My second cookbook, Practically Raw Desserts: Flexible Recipes For All-Natural Sweets and Treats, was released in April 2013!

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Thanks for reading!