Culinary School

In 2010, I attended the Matthew Kenney Academy (formerly known as the 105degrees Academy), graduating as a certified chef.  You can browse though my culinary school training experience in the posts below.


Level I

Week One
Day 1: Pesto-stuffed beet ravioli
Day 2: Kimchee, lasagna, nori-daikon handrolls
Day 3: Coconuts & too much kale
Day 4: Pad thai, sushi, ice cream
Day 5: Seaweed salad & chocolate bars

Week Two
Day 1: Irish moss, Tribest blender
Day 2: Kimchee-cashew dumplings
Day 3: Tacos and pizza!
Day 4: Chocolate chips, Reuben sandwich
Day 5: Truffles, cookies, burgers, tarts

Week Three
Day 1: Cheese-making, CC cookies
Day 2: Cheese & bacon
Day 3: Yogurt & crêpes
Day 4: Calamari, crackers, falafel
Day 5: Crab cakes, chocolate torte, & a challenge

Week Four
Day 1: Crackers & secret stuff
Day 2: Another teaser
Day 3: Final menu revealed
Day 4: Last-minute prep
Day 5: Level I graduation


Level II

Week One
Day 1: Kombucha, citrus-fennel salad
Day 2: Coconut veggie wraps
Day 3: Spring mix salad
Day 4: Guacamole & pho
Day 5: Nigiri, Mexi-salad, gelato
Day 6: Tomato salad & chili

Week Two
Day 1-2: Strawberry tarts
Day 3-4: Creative cheeses
Day 5: Academy Specials!

Week Three
Day 1-2: Fancy cheese platters
Day 3-5: Caprese salad, et al.

Week Four
Day 1-2: Lots of hummus
Day 3: Level II graduation
Introducing … Chef Amber Shea!


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In 2011, I also completed the 103-hour nutrition program at the
Living Light Culinary Institute, graduating as a certified nutrition educator.
Though I didn’t document the content of the classes in depth, you can
click here to browse through posts about my time at Living Light.