Enlightened Carrot Cake

Click here to view the recipe for Enlightened Carrot Cake with Quick Cream Cheese Icing from Practically Raw Desserts!

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  1. harmony gates

    I made this cake for my birthday and fed it to 30 fellow dancers. They raved about it. It was moist, flavorful, and the icing was nice and tangy. (I actually used a coconut yogurt to culture the icing) I also used a little grated fresh ginger juice in the icing.

    I actually didn’t cut the cake myself, but I must say that it totally just crumbled…Don’t try to slice this cake in thin wedges! Otherwise, this is a yummy yummy alternative to baked Carrot Cake.
    (By the way, I’ve been a professional baker and cake decorator. My diet is NOT vegan or raw, but I am avoiding gluten.)

    I have serious fiber issues, so I didn’t eat much of this cake. A note to those with fiber digestion issues, coconut flour is SUPER HIGH in fiber and can cause distress or gas.

    love to you,

    Thanks so much for the recipe, Amber