The REAL FOOD Cleanse (ebook)

All about my brand new ebook:

Are you ready to clean up your diet,
reset your cravings,
settle your digestive system,
and maybe even lose a few pounds,
all in just 3 days
without starving, juicing, or spending loads of money?
Then my new ebook is exactly what you need.

The REAL FOOD Cleanse!

Everywhere you turn nowadays, you hear about radical and extreme approaches to “detoxing”—sweeping the junk out of our bodies by living for days on nothing but juice, lemonade, etc. While these methods appeal to our hope for quick fixes and magic bullets, the reality is that they can be extremely difficult to complete, not to mention expensive, dull as dirt, and unlikely to result in meaningful, lasting dietary changes.

So instead, I say to you: let’s cleanse on REAL FOOD! We won’t feel hungry or deprived, we won’t have to go seek out crazy ingredients or buy expensive equipment, and we’ll be giving our bodies ample protein, fiber, healthy fats, and micronutrients every single day. If you want to transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle but you don’t know where to begin – or even if you do know where to begin, but you’ve found yourself struggling and/or failing in the past – then my new program is here to give you just the kickstart and guidance you need.

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The REAL FOOD Cleanse is a 3-day diet wherein you will allow your body and cravings a chance to “reset” themselves by cutting out many heavy, pro-inflammatory, allergenic, or digestion-irritating foods. Instead, you’ll eat delicious and satisfying breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts filled with nutritious fruits, vegetables, seeds, and legumes. In this fashion, you’ll trim calories (and, very likely, your waistline) without trimming nutrients or feeling deprived.

All the recipes in the cleanse are dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, nut-free, oil-free, and sugar-free, but are packed with flavor and superior nutrition. Since you’ll be eating full meals of real food all three days, you may be shocked at just how effortless it is to complete The REAL FOOD Cleanse!

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What’s included in The REAL FOOD Cleanse ebook?
• 60 full-color, information-packed pages
• A complete shopping list for the cleanse
• Menus and recipes for all 3 days of the cleanse
• Detailed advance prep task lists for each day
• Full-color photos of every breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert
• Nutritional info for every delicious recipe plus full day totals
• Frequently asked questions and answers
• Post-cleanse instructions and dietary guidance
• And much more!

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Here are some other perks of The REAL FOOD Cleanse:
Every single recipe is food-allergy- and special-diet-friendly, being 100% free of meat, dairy, eggs, gluten, grains, soy, nuts, oils, and sugar.
No juicer or other fancy equipment is necessary—only a food processor (or blender) is needed to prepare the recipes.
I provide you with a full shopping list that’ll stock you up for all three days of the cleanse and that won’t leave you with a bunch of leftover produce at the end.
I point out every step of advance prep you need to do and when you need to do it, so there’s no guesswork and no overlooking any steps.  There’s no need to worry about thinking/planning ahead.
I’ve built every day of the plan to be nutritionally complete in and of itself and to balance each of the other two days perfectly. Again, no guesswork!
All the recipes in the cleanse yield just a single serving, so there’ll be no wasted food or leftovers lying around. That said, all recipes can also be easily doubled if you’d like to do the cleanse with your spouse or a friend!
The recipes in this cleanse are all truly simple and quick to prepare. You won’t need to spend hours in the kitchen or dirty tons of dishes.
I’ve provided a “Bulk It Up” version of the plan for those of you that want or need to consume a greater number of calories than what I’ve built into the cleanse.  This will allow you to ratchet up the calorie count to wherever you need it to be.
By purchasing this ebook, you’ll also earn free access to The REAL FOOD Cleanse Facebook group. This is a private forum on Facebook where cleansers can swap tips, share ideas, ask questions, and provide each other with motivation and support.
Once purchased, the ebook is available for immediate download. You could start the cleanse tomorrow if you wanted to!

Click here to purchase The REAL FOOD Cleanse

But what do REAL PEOPLE have to say about The REAL FOOD Cleanse? I’m glad you asked! Even I was blown away by just how fantastically well my test group fared on the program and the awe-inspiring results they experienced. Here are just a few of the enthusiastic testimonials I’ve received from past cleansers…

“Although it’s short, this cleanse really works. I lost 7 pounds during these 3 days!! Amazing for 3 days to have a total of 7 lbs lost! I was very excited about the weight loss, but also that I felt better and had so much more energy, especially by the end of the cleanse. The recipes are fantastic and you get breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert each day. You can also have some snacks if needed on her ‘Bulk It Up’ version, so I did not feel deprived at all. As far as portion control, the portions of these recipes are large since they are mostly raw, whole foods so I had no problems with that. I truly LOVED the recipes and they are unbelievably simple but so delicious and fresh. Amber also gives guidelines on how to continue on this healthy eating path after the cleanse, which is exactly what I plan to do.“
– Michelle M.

“I’ve always been intrigued when friends have tried cleanses, but I hear what they are forced to drink and think “there’s no way I can survive on juice for a week!” As soon as I heard of The REAL FOOD Cleanse I hoped it was my chance to get the benefits of a cleanse without feeling deprived. What I didn’t realize is that the cleanse would make me feel much more energized, help me lose weight (4.5 pounds in just 3 days), and make my taste buds happy all while leaving me completely satisfied! Amber’s recipes were easy to follow and introduced me to foods that I hadn’t previously given a fair shot (like dates – yum!). Eating real, whole, mostly raw foods felt great and is something I will be able to keep up thanks to her delicious and simple recipes.”
– Carolyn L.

“I have completed my cleanse! I weighed in this morning and I lost almost 4 pounds. I feel lighter, have a noticeable amount of extra energy, and I feel as if I could continue.
I was very grateful to have found The REAL FOOD Cleanse. I am an emotional eater who loves foods that are crunchy, sweet, soothing and easy to prepare. I got all of those in the 3-day cleanse: from the very first day until the last day of the cleanse, I can honestly say I was satisfied. I didn’t have sugar cravings because I was eating natural sugars from the fruit. My crunch craving was satisfied from the sunflower seeds or veggies, and the creamy texture I like came in the form of delicious dressings for the salads and other meals. I woke up energized everyday. If I started to crave something, I knew it was time for my next meal. I felt completely motivated and still am motivated! For me the 3-day cleanse isn’t just a 3-day cleanse, so to speak. It is a lifestyle change!”
– Christine D.

“This cleanse was just what I needed to jump start my lifestyle change towards healthy eating. It’s made it infinitely easier to pick healthier food menus. It never left me hungry, nor did I crave beyond what I was allowed to eat. Most of the meals I still eat sometime throughout the week just because they taste so yummy. I love the banana chia pudding and I crave the cherry banana whip for dessert. My whole family loves the dressings for the salads, and shopping for a mainly raw diet is much easier. Altogether I lost 5 lbs in 3 days doing this cleanse, but I continued to do it partially for another 3 days and lost another 2 lbs. I love this cleanse! I am still nursing my 11 month old and my milk supply was not affected at all; if anything, it increased. I simply did the entire “Bulk It Up” version and voila, perfecto! I give this cleanse 5 stars!”
– Lacey R.

“I absolutely loved The REAL FOOD Cleanse. Amber’s system is comprehensive and easy to follow. I particularly enjoyed the amount of food you ate while on this cleanse. I was never hungry. The meals were simple to prepare. I was able to make my family’s meal, my own meal, and still be able to eat together. During the cleanse I lost over 3 pounds. After the cleanse I’ve used Amber’s cookbook, Practically Raw, as a guide to help me continue eating real foods. In one week I lost a total of 6 pounds. I feel amazing, I have more energy and clarity, and my cravings have disappeared.”
– Rebekah M.

Click here to purchase The REAL FOOD Cleanse

“When I first heard about The REAL FOOD Cleanse I was sort of skeptical, but I was equally excited to try it out! I’m a very active person and am lifting weights or doing bootcamps 5 days a week. Cleanses always make me leery since they usually center around juices, but I was looking forward to a cleanse with actual food to fuel me for my workouts. The first day, I was scared that it wouldn’t be enough food, but I was soon able to see that it WAS able to propel me throughout my day AND my workouts. Such a relief! To my pleasant surprise, there was never a shortage of food, and the recipes were so simple to prepare and always delicious. The 3 days flew by and the morning of day 4 had me down nearly 4 lbs with 2.5 inches off of my waist! This was obviously the kickstart I needed to get my nutrition back in check!”
– Kelly M.

“I’ve been wondering why I am so full eating this food, when I know I ate way more volume of junk before. I’m thinking it has to be because I’m eating Real Food and my body is so happy with it that it’s not asking for more. This just encourages me even more to keep this up even after the 3 days are over!
After only 3 days my tastes have changed, and I credit Amber’s recipes for that. Any other diet and they want you to eat a dry piece of toast for breakfast, cottage cheese for lunch…no wonder people don’t stick to those kinds of diets. I can do this kind of eating forever!”
– Julee L.

“After the holiday season, I was feeling lethargic and malnourished. As a result, I ate sugary snacks and caffeinated beverages all the time to compensate for my lack of energy. I challenged myself to complete The REAL FOOD Cleanse because it was short (3 days), the meal plan was vegan, and the recipes were simple to prepare. After cleansing, I felt fantastic! I I wasn’t bloated, I didn’t feel the urge to consume caffeine or sugar in excess, and most surprisingly, I found myself following the cleanse guidelines. This was my first time cleansing and I didn’t feel deprived because the recipes were extremely satisfying, thus making it easier to stay on track and avoid cheating.”
– Adeline R.

“Amber’s 3-day cleanse is absolutely genius and so easy to follow. Her recipes and daily menus are truly inspired, leaving nothing out and somehow managing to feel as if you are being treated rather than cleansed! At the same time, by the end of the 3 days you feel lighter, healthier, fitter – and cleaner! I can’t recommend this program enough, especially for those who may have tried all-raw cleanses and failed. For me, having a little bit of very clean cooked food made all the difference in terms of looking forward to meals and also managing to follow the plan through to the end.”
– Zoe F.

“When I first learned of Chef Amber’s 3-day cleanse, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I thought maybe it was a bunch of fancy foods/products that I had never heard of. Boy, was I wrong. I was able to find all the ingredients in the grocery store near where I live, and the food was great! It was the easiest menu to prepare, and I loved how she had the prep for the next day all figured out for those of us that work outside the home. There was so much food, and I loved that my body was detoxing while I was still able to eat and not drink my nutrients (compared to a juicing cleanse I had previously tried). I lost 4.5 lbs by the end of day 3, and I feel great! My face is so much clearer than it has been and I have not had one rosacea flare in the entire three days. I have so much energy, and it has definitely helped me get back on the journey to better health!”
– Rena S.

Still need convincing (or some more details on the food)? Read Bianca‘s complete account of her experience on the cleanse here: DAY 1 // DAY 2 // DAY 3

60-page instantly-downloadable .pdf ebook

Only $14.99

That’s less than $5 a day to change your diet, health, and life for the better.

Buy Now


You have nothing to lose—except perhaps some excess weight, food cravings or addictions, digestive discomfort, troubled sleep, irritated skin, or depressed mood…

Embark on The REAL FOOD Cleanse and make today the beginning of the rest of your long, healthy life.

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  1. Chad Ferguson

    Got it! Look forward to trying it out next week. 🙂

  2. Bianca-Vegan Crunk

    Awesome! I’ll remember this when I need a cleansing boost. One question: Does the three-day plan account for leftovers or does it make small servings of things…since if I do it, it’s just gonna be me eating everything.

  3. Ursula

    Juhuuuuu, I got it!
    Dear Amber, this is simply unbelievable!
    Just half an hour ago I was THAT desperate about my eating habits at the moment; being vegan, yes, but having NO idea how to seriously try to work on a healthy diet, how to get going for spring — there you were!
    I´ve purchased the Cleanse RIGHT AWAY and guess what: I´ll start tomorrow!
    Thanks so much — in my case you´re much more than a vegan chef — maybe a guiding Angel!
    Huggies from Austria,

  4. Trish @ MyBigFatBundt

    OMG…(in my snotty teenager voice)…I’m nearly crying tears of joy! I just clicked on the link and the PRICE! Thanks for being so generous. I’m ordering this TODAY and hope to get started over the weekend. As you know, I’ve been working straight through most weekends, so this is PERFECT for me. I don’t have time to eat/prepare real meals anyway, so this will be a breeze for me to complete on busy days. This is awesome. Hopefully all goes well and you can start writing 7-day, 10-day, etc. <3

  5. TW

    One question – is this plan easily substituted? If there is something I don’t like in one meal, can I just sub in a different meal option from the plan? For example, I detest cucumbers (I’ve tried to get past it, but I just can’t choke them down). If I encounter cucumbers, can I sub in another veggie, or if they are a main part of the meal, a different meal from the plan?

  6. Heathy

    This is awesome Amber, congrats! It looks beautiful, what a great sounding plan for people – I like the real food idea while cleansing!

  7. Jennifer

    Wow, Amber, you have outdone yourself with this project! It’s not only visually beautiful, but the information you’ve presented looks like it is easy to follow (as do the great looking recipes). I’m so impressed and I can’t wait to start this next week.

    P.S. Is there a way to work in that bolognese sauce into a future version? I’m still loving that stuff. 🙂

  8. Alyssa Vetter

    I’d like to purchase the cleanse, but don’t want to use Paypal. Do you have a way I can pay just using a credit card?


  9. Hannah

    This is so exciting! I have to try it. I’ve tried regular juice cleanses before and have always failed miserably. I get migraines often, and I’ve found the best way to prevent them is by eating regular meals. The last juice cleanse I tried made it only 12 hours before I had a headache.

    So this is PERFECT! Thank you for putting this together

  10. Nikki, Eating Vibrantly

    Hi Amber,

    Thanks for creating such an awesome resource – it looks fantastic – so practical and thorough. I’ll definitely be sharing this one around.



  11. Manie

    I just bought your book and cant wait to try it out being a vegan and firm believer of raw food but someone that craves for tasty/spicy food. My question is how safe is the 3 day cleanse for pregnant woman in her final trimester?

  12. Venessa

    Hi Amber,

    This sounds like a great plan. I am wondering if the recipes include avocado as an ingredient? I find that many raw recipes have avocado, and I suffer from severe hives if I eat them.


  13. Amber

    Hi, this looks really awesome. I do have a question…what do you do after the 3 day cleanse? I am vegan, but my eating habits are still not great. I am trying to learn to do better. Thanks.

  14. Amber

    Wonderful! Thanks so much! Love your site and your name is pretty awesome too! 🙂

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  16. Julia

    Wow, I hadn’t kept up with you since you were at 105 in OKC – life just got crazy I guess. But a friend is going vegan so I just sent him a “share” to your Facebook page… and I noticed your three books, two of which are on Amazon. Will the 3rd book the raw Clense diet book be on Amazon too? Or am I just missing it on Amazon?? Thanks!

  17. Cheryl

    Amber, your entire site is amazing…colorful, informative, educational, everything! You’ve done a fantastic job on it. Your books are AWESOME!
    Very impressive, emphasis on VERY!

  18. Kaycee St. Pierre

    oh boy, this is VERY VERY exciting! I would love to do this cleanse but I have some questions first.
    I am currently breastfeeding my 7 month old daughter, and know that I need extra calories and nutrients every day to keep up my milk supply (the CONSTANT hunger pangs tell me its true. lol) would this plan be suitable for me in this situation? I read that it can be “beefed up”, but I’m just not sure if it would be enough. what do you think?

    Also, I eat a generally very healthy diet that includes animal products. I am not vegan or vegetarian… I’m not sure if it would be safe to cut out all animal products so suddenly and still be able to keep up my milk supply.? thoughts?

    Thanks SO MUCH in advance for a reply, i’m excited to hear what you think!

  19. katie lou

    Just started and I can’t believe how much food I get to eat! It’s all delicious too. I couldn’t find medjool dates. Are other varieties okay to use? I’m not on FB otherwise I’d write on the page. Thank you so much for this cleanse, it’s exactly what I wanted!

  20. Melissa

    How many calories per day do your meal plans add up to (on the cleanse). Thanks!

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  22. Christina

    Hi Chef Amber,

    I have now purchased all three of your books. I received the Dessert one and have made a couple of items. They are VERY easy and I appreciate that. I look forward to more of your books. PS: Just curious about your opinion for those of us with autoimmune illnesses, fibro, etc. if this way of eating is appropriate. Not asking you for medical advice. It just gets confusing with autoimmune Paleo recommending NO NUTS, grains, etc. and raw/almost raw says it’s ok to consume them… Thank you!

  23. Rachel

    Hi Amber! I just purchased your Practically Raw cookbook last week and I gotta say, I’m so inspired to start a raw lifestyle! However I also gotta say, I’m really overwhelmed by it all and I don’t know how to start exactly. I’m coming from a paleo diet lifestyle but I’ve recently gotten into a cooked vegan lifestyle (this is all so new to me). Right now to ease into vegan, I’ve discovered the Engine 2 diet SOLELY because it offers a month long meal plan and grocery list.

    What I’m basically trying to say is that I would LOVE to see something similar from you. It would just make easing into a raw lifestyle so much easier. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the information and all the stuff you need to do. I just know from the outside looking in, it’s all kinda confusing and I’m sure a lot of people would agree that we basically need a raw-vegan-meal-plan-and grocery-list-for-dummies! I really think this would help so many people who really want to get into raw veganism but end up just going back to their old lifestyle because it’s just easier, you know?

    Anyway, for now I’m gonna try to 3 day plan 🙂 I’m so glad I found your cookbook, you’re amazing!

  24. Claudine

    i am pregnant, almost out of my first trimester. i am MOSTLY vegan (small amounts of dairy) already, and fairly healthy. I want to try your 3 day cleanse because the 3 day menu with a shopping list is appealing. I am not worried about the caloric intake, but have you ever heard if someone in my position is OK to do a quick cleanse? I understand you are not a doctor, but I am sure this topic has come up in at least a conversation or two. 🙂 Thanks!

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  26. Jessi

    My question is about how much are the groceries for the three days? I’m a grad student and money is tight, but I do spend about 100 a week since eating healthy is at the top of my financial and general priorities. Is it doable with that kind of budget? I probably have a few of the ingredients already (I know chia seeds is one and I have those for example), as I currently eat a whole foods vegan diet (no grains, refined sugars or processed food, as I have pcos and it’s like poison for my body).


  27. Jessi

    Hi Chef Amber! It’s Jessi again. So today I started the 3day cleanse and I just have one question for you, I have PCOS, so I’m sensitive to sugars and starches (it’s like poison for my body, esp the processed kinds, which is why I no longer eat anything processed or refined). I just wanted to ask you if you think the amount of natural sugars in this cleanse is OK for women like me. Thanks! I just had the fruit bowl and it was delicious! It also happened to be my favorite fruits to mix together 🙂

  28. The Fountain Avenue Kitchen – Velvety Chocolate Mousse and a Guide to Unrefined Sweeteners by Chef Amber Shea Crawley
  29. Jolly

    I was intrigued by your three-day cleanse, however after reading Bianca’s account with what is included for each meal on the three-day cleanse I’m concerned with my food sensitivities. I know that we can substitute ….. But just in the three days of examples, I am sensitive to many of the ingredients. Including chickpeas, cherries, avocados, cauliflower, apples, and finally sunflower seeds. Would there be assistance for me in substituting all those ingredients? It seems the fruits would be easy to substitute, but I was mainly concerned with the chickpeas and avocados that are main ingredients. Thank you!

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  33. Chris Akins

    OK – Im sold! Ive been looking for a way to cleanse and improve my diet overall, and while I like smoothies and juices, 3 days without solid foods is always tough for me. After reading the comments Im going to try it out.


  34. Ginny

    Hi Chef Amber!
    I did your cleanse a couple of months ago (loved it!!) and am gearing up to do it again. The only thing is, I didn’t care much for the nutrional yeast and ended up leaving it out. Is there something else I can substitute in its place? I would join the Facebook group but I’m not on Facebook anymore.

    Thanks so much!

  35. JoAnn

    Is this cleanse an Alkaline cleanse to get rid of the Acid in your body?

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